Digital Marketing Salary in India 2023- A Job Seeker Guide!

With the flood of digital marketing jobs in the market, people are curious about the Digital marketing salary in India 2023 that various digital marketing roles have to offer in 2023.

As the digital space provides the opportunity for businesses to build a brand as well as advertise and market their products or services, the need for skilled professionals who can do that is on the rise more than ever.

Thus, it would be great to know the digital marketing salary in India 2023 if you are someone who is:

  • Freelancer looking for a high paycheck
  • Working professional Hungry for a better career opportunity or career switch, or
  • A newbie who is still clueless about where to go?

You can’t miss looking at these stats

As a matter of fact, the demand for digital marketing skills in the industry has captured a huge market & to evident our statement Below is the screenshot from Google trends report showing how beautifully digitalization has captured the Indian market also cleary displays its growth.

Digital Marketing Salary in India 2023

In this article, we will break down the digital marketing salary in India 2023 which will not only guide you about the salaries of digital marketing professionals at various years of experience but also answer the most frequently asked questions on digital marketing career growth.

Digital marketing salary and career growth of a fresher:

By definition, a fresher is someone who has completed all their academic education and is out there looking for a job as the next step in their career.

So, if you are a fresher and looking to start a career in the digital marketing industry, you can expect a digital marketing salary for fresher in the range of 10k-25k per month.

You can also get a 30k per month digital marketing salary for fresher if you prepare well for the interview, have your fundamentals clear, and are graduated from a good institution. 

To improve your chances of getting a better job as a digital marketing fresher, do not upload your resume with zero years of experience. Try doing internships before applying for a job. 

  • Good news: 

The good news is that today industries are facing a crisis of skilled digital marketing specialists not only in India but all over the world.

Salary of Digital Marketer with 2-5 years experience:

One of the main reasons why a digital marketing career is so exciting is because this field is constantly evolving.

Thus, making digital marketing manager roles more lucrative & challenging too.

Digital marketing professionals with 2-5 years of experience can easily expect a digital marketing salary per month in India in the range of 50-60k per month.

The biggest issue that digital marketing professionals in this salary range experience are that they feel that they are stuck in this salary range forever.

They fear that their career growth has become stagnant and get a lot of anxiety because of that.

You need to understand that digital marketing is evolving with each passing day and you need to evolve too. 

There is a need for constant up-gradation of your skills if you want growth in your digital marketing career.

Indeed digital marketing managers are paid a handsome salary but you are saying the right thing: with a great salary comes great responsibility as well.

Along with the revised digital marketing salary in India 2023, It also gives you a special reason to embrace this field by becoming a digital marketing manager but it also demands you to be king of multiple skills like 

  • Management skills, 
  • Good operational skills, and 
  • Unmatchable team management skills

You can go to our Youtube channel where you will get various videos explaining how you can upgrade your skills in Digital Marketing to get the salary hike you deserve.

  • Note: 

Of course, whichever company you choose to work on the digital marketing salary per month in India will be solely dependent on the skills, knowledge, experience & presence of mind you possess as a digital marketing manager.

Salary of a digital marketing professional with 5+ years of experience: 

Digital Marketing professionals with 5+ years of experience are a very rare breed of individuals.

And since they are rare, they are paid a hefty lot of digital marketing salary in India in 2023.

Yes, if you are a digital marketing professional with 5+ years of experience and have:

  • Good people management skills,
  • Good operational skills, and
  • Good team management skills

Then you are sitting in a gold mine, my friends.

Anyone with the above-mentioned skill set and experience can expect a digital marketing salary per month in India in the range of 20-30 lakhs per annum.

All you need to do is select the right company you’re working for. 

Our suggestion would be to go for a mid-size startup that is backed with decent funding because they won’t hesitate to pay you.

  • Note: 

Of course, whichever company you choose to work on the digital marketing salary per month in India will be solely dependent on the skills, knowledge, experience & presence of mind you possess as a digital marketing manager.

Non-marketing professionals with 10-15 years of experience:

A lot of non-marketing professionals with 10-15 years of experience inquire about changing their field to digital marketing and what digital marketing salary in India in 2023 they can expect.

To be honest, if you have non-marketing experience and you are just switching to marketing, you can’t expect a high salary like the one you were getting in your previous job.

But guess what?

Digital marketing salary guide has opened the door for every working professional who is looking to switch careers after years of working experience in another field.

The digital marketing field is so diversified that it gels up with every possible field or profile present on this globe.

If you have a hint of sales and marketing experience in your previous profile, you should immediately go for digital marketing. It will give your career an exponential boost.

You can start your side-hustle by starting your online tutoring business, 

So if you are a non-marketing professional, find out your passion, your hobbies and teach that to others by starting your online tutoring business.

You can also learn digital marketing and start making passive income by creating a blog, making affiliate commissions on different products, and even by becoming a digital marketing consultant in various niches.


Indeed digital marketing is the hottest career option today but it too demands specific skills in order to get paid a decent salary.

So, if you’re looking for a career switch the right suggestion for you always would be to first:

  • Go for a good digital marketing course online
  • Learn the basics & advances of that field 
  • Adapt the skills by practicing it in the internship & 
  • Experience the change & then decide 

If you’re still in dilemma then to clear those heavy clouds from your mind you can go through this video:

For the better understanding of our readers here is the estimated digital marketing salary guide designed for 10 years on the basis of experience & skills you have:

Experience Job Title Salary Range Per Month
0-6 monthsInterns Rs 5,000 – Rs 10,000
6 months – 1 Year Executive Rs 15,000 – Rs 20,000
1 Year – 2 Year Sr Executive Rs 30,000 – Rs 40,000
2 Year – 3 YearAssociate LeadRs 45,000 – Rs 50,000
3 Year – 4 YearTeam LeaderRs 50,000 – Rs 60,000
5 Year – 6 YearAssociate ManagerRs 65,000 – Rs 80,000
6 Year 6- 10 YearManagerRs 1,00,000+

This is the estimated salary or the information according to the marketing research & flow but there is always a space for negotiation & getting higher if you possess some extra skills & are flexible to provide some extra efforts to gain the maximum for the company you are working.


We hope that this blog helped you gain clarity in your mind regarding the questions you have about the digital marketing salary in India 2023.

But these numbers above are not set in stone. The real influencer of your salary is the skills you possess, the specialization you have attained on them & how quickly you can grow yourself & your company both by adapting & incorporating those skills.

If all of the above seems interesting to you & ignited the urge of learning these skills with the veterans of this industry then:

Come let’s explore it today!

Whether it’s:   

  • Thinking out of the box,
  • The ability to discover creative ideas, or 
  • Just finding smart strategies.

At AADME we help students, working professionals, entrepreneurs, and housewives to acquire digital marketing skills for their personal and career growth.

If you are interested then you can download our curriculum by clicking here.

Start the premium qualification, launch your career and Equip yourself to lead the way in the fastest growing sector in marketing.

Some frequently asked questions:

What components affect your digital marketing salary in India 2023?

Just like we love some additional benefits on everything we buy our employers too, prefer applicants who have some:

  • Additional skills, 
  • Work experience (in case of freshers internship will be a good option), 
  • Better job title, 
  • Company (mostly mid-size & big brands don’t hesitate to pay you well), 
  • Specialisation in the job profile you want to work for

What is the future scope of digital marketing?

According to the report of Goldman Sachs, The digital marketing career scope in the Indian internet industry alone is going to be worth $160 billion by 2025. 

57% of companies are shifting their focus from traditional marketing to digital marketing while the rest are already there.

Is digital marketing a good career option in India?

According to LinkedIn reports digital marketing is still a young profession comparatively.

And this is increasing every year, paying a decent salary & has the most job vacancies in India making this profession highly in demand among businesses to acquire new customers & retain them.

How to get a high-paying digital marketing job?

Well, there is no shortcut to this other than honing multiple skills you can or getting a specialist in any skill. 

Because be it any industry the high paying job always demands multiple skills & in-depth knowledge to handle the responsibilities with ease giving maximum results.

Digital marketing highest salary in India?

As we said earlier there are no such conditions where the salary is a rigid issue. You can always get the ball in your court by honing multiple skills or getting specialization in any skill . 

But if we talk about digital marketing highest salary in India then an executive-level position, the highest salary in digital marketing is approximately INR 5,00,000

Whereas for the manager’s role, the average highest salary is INR 10,00,000 plus.

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