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Are you someone who often feel left-out when it comes to generating quality leads using the most advanced social media or search platforms?

Do you think that despite spending thousands of rupees you are still nowhere when it comes creating a marketing process that helps you generate leads round the year?

Don't Worry, You're are at RIGHT PLACE!

We understand your pain-points, your goals, your budget & advice you the best fit digital marketing strategy that helps you meet your business objectives like a pro..

Maximize your business leads by engaging with us. Get all the solutions to your problems in your digital marketing strategy.

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Why Us?

✔️Dedicated Strategic Support for Marketing Campaigns

✔️Budget Planning & Forecast

✔️Team Building Guidance



✔️Manpower Support for marketing team

✔️End-to-end Execution Support

✔️Timely Growth & Process review with corrective action plan


✔️Business Roadmap & Target setting support

✔️End-to-End Digital Marketing Coaching Support

✔️Business Mindset Coaching



Why Us?

There might be many of you who are thinking that what is the need for a digital marketing Consultant in Bangalore as we can handle our marketing issues by ourselves but here comes the misunderstanding of ignoring the concept of digital marketing that is well know by a digital marketer so here are some reasons behind hiring a digital marketing consultant.


  • It’s a cost-effective and time-saving method of consultancy because no party needs to meet with each other as there is no physical communication involves each and every
    problem could be solved with a phone call.
  • You can get various sales and digital marketing strategies for your business that can help you in generating more leads as lead generation depends on the kind of digital marketing strategy you are applying to your business funnel. 
  • The digital marketing Consultant in Bangalore helps you in analyzing business performance and derivation between planed goals and implementation of your marketing goals, how your others digitalize marketing work is going on like website analyses, SEO, Facebook ads, Google ads, email automation, social media optimization and provide some great methods to generate more profit.
  • Understanding of digital marketing basis and execution is a must as digital marketing involves various sales strategies and plans depend on the type of business you have because based on that campaigns are run, website optimizes, social media profiles form, and marketing automation
    tools are used.

Digital Marketing Consultant In Bangalore has great digital Marketers who are experts in all these fields and know how to generate more profit for your business with minimum cost and maximum utilization.

Digital Marketer Consultant

If you are one of them who are really interested in maximizing the sales and profit of your business then you should go for a well experienced and well know digital marketing consultant.


digital marketing consultant in Bangalore should be a person who has in-depth knowledge of Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Email Marketing.


 So here is your consultant who has the solutions to all your problems.


 Mr. Alok Kumar Badatia, he is in this industry for almost 13 years and knows all the in and out of it. 


His digital marketing consultancy in Bangalore has solved the problems of many business firms regarding their sales and marketing strategies and help them in gaining profit as profit is the ultimate goal of any business. 


 He is accompanied by all the analytical, problem solving, and leadership skills that help you in knowing your faults and then solving it.


I am basically an engineering student who has been trained by Alok Sir. He is best trainer, consultant, and mentor I have ever came across. His classes are awesome I never get bored instead I not only get theoretical knowledge but also practical knowledge in his session.
Nida Firdose
Sales Funnel Builder
Hey, I am a digital marketer practicner seeking taking from Alok Sir, the way he teaches is very helpful and marvelous that changed my life incredibly. So I suggest you if you want to do digital marketing please meet him before taking any decision.
Randhir Kumar
Digital Marketer
I am a student of Jain University Bangalore, I am a trained digital Marketer under Alok Badatia sir, he is an expert in digital marketing who helped me in enhancing my interest in digital marketing. He is a trainer who doesn't end relationship after completion of course but also guides and encourages throughout the lifetime.
Nishath Ahmed
Digital marketer
Hello, I am Somya, few days ago I have completed my digital marketing course and now I am too a digital marketer so according my experience if you are really want to learn digital marketing who should definitely contact to AloK Badatia sir, they teach me about the skills that are required to be a digital marketer.
Somya Ahuja
Content writer

Our Services

End To End Digital Marketing Coaching (Individual & Group Now manage your own business digitally or help other businesses to grow. You know the demand for digital marketers is increasing so we not also help individuals to be digital marketers with our beginner to an advanced digital marketing course.

Advertisement Services Create brand awareness through a well creatively designed advertisement with our digital marketing ad services that include PPC (Paid Per Click) advertising, Mobile Advertising, and Remarketing Advertising services, and so on.


Lead Generation Services Now get leads, buyer’s information, clicks, and conversion with our pro lead generation techniques that help in getting more sales by our digital marketers as we provide you the pro techniques to get leads.

Search Engine Optimization Services Rank your website on the first page of SERP with our SEO services which include SEO audit report, On-page SEO, Off-page SEO, complete website analysis, Keyword research and monthly reports, etc.

End to end Digital Marketing Strategy and Budget Fixing Advisory 

Digital Marketing Strategy helps your business in achieving your desired digital goals within your timeframe. Digital marketing strategy involves many actions or a complete process that requires proper consultancy for the execution of plans.

Content & Social Media Strategy 

Get high quality content writers as content is the essence of any website. Expand your audience and followers through social media. Build your network and create brand awareness. Get feedback on your products and services from customers with our digital marketing strategy



Website Design & Revamp Service 

Seek the attention of your leads through our digital marketing consultant in Bangalore with an integrated website marketing strategy for the effective functioning of your website to target cold and retarget warm leads.


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