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Looking for the Best Digital Marketing Consultant in Bangalore to Grow your Business?

Alok Badatia is India’s Leading Digital Marketer and Digital Marketing Consultant in Bangalore. He has a vast pool of expertise that comes from working with 100+ Mid and large-size companies with his 15+ years of experience in this industry. He is here with his expert advice and suggestions on making a revolution in the Digital Industry.

India’s Best Digital Marketing Consultant in Bangalore!

After the 2020 pandemic, the world has come to realize that remote work is here to stay and that it’s possible to make a living online — doing work you actually enjoy from wherever you want and retiring early.

Also, recent stats reveal that working professionals, Agency Owners, and Freelancers who have upskilled themselves with AI-enabled digital marketing skills have secured High Paying Clients and jobs despite being beginners.

And Alok Badatia is the best digital marketing consultant in Bangalore with 15 years of experience in this industry is here to speed up his Proven track record to fast-track your career & help all-size companies reach success by making you a Digital leader.

So whatever your goal — whether it is to become a YouTuber, a Blogger, or any other type of internet entrepreneur- it’s more achievable today with the help of this global Internet veteran Sensation.

For your success we consult on the below areas:

Alok Badatia is the best digital marketing expert in bangalore not just consults; He partners in achieving greatness. Let's dive into the exciting possibilities he will transform you with:







Build a Lead Generation System

Ready to turn curiosity into conversions? Alok the best digital marketing consultant in Bangalore helps you craft a lead generation system that doesn't just capture attention but transforms it into actionable results. It's time to build not just leads but relationships that last.

Digital Marketing Strategy for Service Business

Our digital marketing strategies are not just about visibility but about creating an undeniable presence. Your success story starts with a best digital marketing expert in bangalore who helps to tailor strategies for service excellence.

Content Marketing Strategy for Ecommerce Brands

We don't just create content; we engineer narratives that resonate. From eCommerce dynamics to service nuances, let your brand's voice be the symphony customers can't resist.

Digital Marketing Strategy for IT & SAAS Company

Alok the digital marketing consultants in Bangalore help you craft strategies that align with the fast-paced world of IT and software. It's not just about code; it's about decoding the path to success in a digital era.

Digital Marketing Strategy for Education Industry

Our strategies aren't just about reaching People; they're about creating an impact. Let's redefine education marketing and shape the future together.

Digital Marketing Strategy for Real Estate Industry

Our strategies are the keys to unlocking your property's potential. From virtual tours to market domination, let's make your brand the address of choice with a digital marketing consultant in bangalore.

Meda Planning, Budgeting & Team Building for Marketing

Transform your marketing into a masterpiece. We don't just plan; we orchestrate. From budgeting to building a powerhouse team, let's create a symphony of success in the world of media.

Personal Branding Strategy for Business Leaders

Become the leader people want to follow. Personal branding is more than a logo; it's about authenticity and influence. Let's sculpt your personal brand into a force that inspires and leads by example.

Video Marketing Strategy for Brands

Lights, camera, action! Craft compelling visual stories that captivate your audience. From studio setup to the right mindset, Get the roadmap to a video marketing calendar that resonates with your audience & gives you results.

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Digital marketing has become the breath of this industry. Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or a Fresher entering this industry you have Digital Marketing skills as a Power who helps you win this digital game without any Lifelines. Alok Badatia India’s best digital marketing expert in Bangalore with the biggest influence on the internet holding a massive community can be the biggest mediator to help you achieve your desired goal faster than you could ever believe with his 15+ years of experience and influential Persona.

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4.9 Rated


Hello everyone 👋 I want to share a good news with you guys. I got a Job as Content strategist in Delhi 😊 and I finally relocate myself. It won’t be possible if @Alok Sir sir teachings and guidance was not there. Till now I have achieved my goals all my goals as sir taught us on the ” Sunday Classes and how to set goals ” thankyou @Alok Sir Sir for all you teaching. I know it’s just a beginning but got a mentor like you and applied your teaching I know I am much more capable to achieve more. 😊 Thankyou @Arpit Vishwakarma , @Baljit Singh sir for your guidance and teachings. And always looking forward to get Alok sir’s guidance like this.

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Anushka Choudhury

4.9 Rated


Hello, Guyz I have good news to share. I got a project for social media marketing, Video editing and website yesterday. I am thankful to the team aadme and Alok Sir. Special thanks to Alok sir because Baithak does magic. Thank you Universe. Thank you, Lord Krishna.


4.9 Rated


Nobody likes to share the secretss that actually made big difference in one’s life. I appreciate the each and every little thing Alok sir is GIVING us all, which we should take alll that seriously and follow blindly. Soo much of efforts in polishing each and every freaking corner to bring wholesome impact in one’s life🙏🏻 THANKYOU🙏🏻 The More We Give The Multiple It’s Comes Back.. Wish you tons of BLESSING from Universe 🙂

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Darshana Sawant

4.9 Rated


Today I had a discovery call with one of the largest recruitment firms from India and he was very much impressed by the presentation and knowledge I shared with them. I owe all this to Alok Sir, Pradeep Sir, Arpit Sir, and the entire team of AADME. Thank you @Alok Sir Sir, for your continued guidance and encouragement.

Akhtra Ansari

5.0 Rated


I got a Job for Digital Marketing Executive position. My core work will be of lead generation.

Thankyou so much @Alok Sir and AADME team for your guidance and support. 🙏🙏

Yadu Gurjar

5.0 Rated


This session was an eye opener in every aspect It feels so good I learned how i can be patient why I should have gratitude for everything It helped me to clear my vision 💪💪 Thank you alok sir for such an amazing session It feels really good

Mehak Pathan

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