Top 10 Digital Marketing Courses in Raipur with Fees, Reviews [2024]

Digital Marketing Courses in Raipur

Are you looking for digital marketing courses in Raipur? Is it hard for you to choose the best one from the plethora of digital marketing institutes in Raipur? If so, you’ve landed in the perfect place.

You’re not the only one! 7 out of every 10 digital marketing enthusiast in Raipur faces a similar dilemma. But worry not because after reading this blog all your doubts will be cleared and you will be able to choose one of the best digital marketing classes in Raipur.   

I have listed the top 10 digital marketing academies in Raipur, along with their course details, syllabus, fees, and contact information. But before that, you will be guided about the factors to keep in mind while choosing the right course.

So, let us start by understanding the scope of digital marketing…

Bridge the Skills Gap: Demand for Digital Marketing Courses in Raipur on the Rise 

Chhattisgarh has been ranked among the top 5 states in ease of doing business. Being the capital of the state, Raipur has become a major business hub in central India.

In today’s digital era, the significance of digital marketing in business operations cannot be overstated. Raipur boasts vast opportunities for digital marketing professionals, reflecting the surging demand for their expertise. 

Consequently, the field has witnessed rapid growth, offering abundant career prospects for individuals seeking to enter this dynamic domain. 

According to The Times of India, there exists a deficit in the supply of digital marketing expertise compared to the growing demand in the field.

Source: Times Of India

See this data of ‘Google Trends’ showing the rise of search volume of “digital marketing job’ search terms on Google

When I searched Digital marketing job requirements on LinkedIn. I got amazing results which the screenshot mentioned below.

Source: Linkedin

Decoding the Future of Digital Marketing Courses in Raipur

Future of the digital marketing courses in Raipur is very promising, with the evolution of the digital age, more and more demand is growing in this field. Here below are some of the reasons why I’m saying this-

  • Worldwide Reach: The rise of the digital era will continue to lead to an increase in online digital marketing courses, providing students with the opportunity to select and enroll in top-notch digital marketing programs offered by prestigious institutions globally.
  • Industry Integration: Digital marketing requires practical application, emphasizing the significance of industry-linked institutes. Expect a rise in courses offering live sessions, internships, and projects addressing real-world issues for an enhanced learning experience.
  • Emerging Channels: As technology evolves, numerous new digital channels emerge for modern marketing. Innovations such as AI-driven strategies, voice-optimized search, and Virtual Reality marketing are shaping the forefront of digital marketing
  • Rising Demand: Raipur is a thriving business hub with rising demand for digital marketing professionals due to increased recognition of its power among startups and enterprises, resulting in more job openings in this field.
  • Lifelong learning: This field evolves alongside technology. Courses must adapt to updated topics. Many now offer auto-upgradable modules to stay current with emerging tech, avoiding static content.

Who can join this course?

The majority of digital marketing courses in Raipur typically mandate minimum eligibility for a bachelor’s degree in any discipline. However, there are also courses available in digital marketing tailored for students who have completed their 12th or 10th standard.

No matter your background, you have the opportunity to delve into this field. If you seek an escape from monotony or desire a career shift, nothing should hold you back from joining the digital marketing academy in Raipur.

Below people may consider joining  Digital Marketing Institute in Raipur.

  • Student
  • Freshers
  • Businessman
  • Freelancers
  • Agency Owners
  • Housewives
  • Graduates
  • Working Professionals
  • Marketing Enthusiasts
  • Content creators

Skills Required for a Successful Digital Marketing Career 

No matter which Digital Marketing courses in Raipur you select, to thrive as a digital marketer and advance your career, acquiring highly sought-after digital marketing skills is essential.

Whether your aim is personal growth or business expansion, honing the following skills will be immensely beneficial to you.

  • Search Engine Optimization 
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social media marketing 
  • Content marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Pay-per-click ads
  • Webinar Marketing
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Display Marketing and Remarketing
  • Analytics and Data metrics and more

Begin by grasping the fundamentals of these skills from the best digital marketing institute in Raipur, and subsequently, focus on mastering one or two skills based on your interests.

Apart from these technical skills, you will also need some soft skills to become an expert in digital marketing which are-

  • Creativity
  • Problem-solving Skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Thinking Ability
  • Strategy Building
  • Continuous learning

Comparison of Online & Offline Digital Marketing Courses in Raipur 

If you’re uncertain about whether to choose an online or offline course, I can simplify your decision-making process by comparing the two options.

Online Digital Marketing CourseOffline Digital Marketing Course
Location Learn from Anywhere, AnytimePhysical presence required at center location
FlexibilityLearn at your own timeClass attend on their time
Learning EnvironmentSelf placed learningFace to face learning in classroom
Course MaterialsDigital platforms like Recorded videos, zoom, eBookPlaybook format like textbooks, notes
Mentor AccessAccess to mentor through email, zoomDirect access to mentor on institute

How to Choose the Best Digital Marketing Courses in Raipur?

Are you unsure about the parameters for selecting the best digital marketing institute in Raipur? Don’t worry, as I’ll share important factors to consider when choosing the best digital marketing courses in Raipur.

1. Setting Objectives

You need to first define your goals clearly, before any of your searches for a Digital Marketing Institute in Raipur, why do you want to do this course? 

Whether you want to enhance your skill set, or you want to change your career, or you want entrepreneurship support? Identify your objectives, it will help you to narrow down to the right digital marketing courses in Raipur.

2. Experienced Mentors

Ensure familiarity with the institution’s instructors and trainers. Are they capable of imparting the necessary skills, offering practical solutions, and nurturing your knowledge? Reputable digital marketing institute in Raipur often showcase their faculty on their websites for applicants’ reference and information.

3. Updated curriculum

The digital platform is highly adaptable and subject to frequent changes. A reputable digital marketing institute in Raipur must integrate all recent advancements into its courses to offer students the most pertinent information and knowledge.

4. Course Duration

Seek a course allowing ample time for thorough coverage of essential topics.  But keep in mind that your schedule should fit according to it.

5. Trial or Demo Classes

See if the institute provides any Demo or trial Classes or not. If yes, then take advantage of it and assess their teaching quality. 

6. Applicability

The best digital marketing courses in Raipur go beyond theoretical knowledge and provide students with step-by-step, proven processes that they can use to generate real and measurable results.

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7. Alumni Success Stories

One more quality check, look for the Alumni success stories or alumni’s case studies. And try to see the success-to-failure ratio of their total enrolled students if the data is available.

8. Placement Assistance

 Check if the institute offers placement assistance. A good digital marketing academy in Raipur should help you transition into the workforce seamlessly. Placement support can open doors to job opportunities

Top 10 Digital Marketing Courses in Raipur

1. Aadme

AADME (Alok Academy Of Digital Marketing Education) is one of Asia’s leading Digital Marketing training programs with live classes focusing on the overall development of an individual and provides courses on all aspects of digital marketing.

It is one of  Asia’s 1st A.I. Enabled Digital Marketing and agency Business Leadership Lifetime Mentorship Programs specifically tailored for freelancers, agency owners, and working professionals.

The institute was established by “Mr. Alok Kumar Badatia”, who is the backbone of the institute. He has 15+ years of experience in the industry. And it’s first International batch went global in 2018 and was endorsed by 100 Plus, Digital marketing leaders

Then in 2019, the institute was recognized as the Most Reliable Online Coaching for Digital Marketing and launched the World’s Most Extensive LMS for Freelancing and agency-building.

Followed by in 2020 they Launched their Online Digital Marketing Course and Business Leadership Program.

Then in 2021 another game of success! They got featured in multiple renowned press releases like Hindustan Times, ANI, etc.

Then in the year 2022 The house of AADME! Turned 50,000+ as a most inspiring community of leaders.

Finally, AADME was also Awarded as the Most Trusted Digital Marketing Learning Platform in 2023.

Course Syllabus

AADME is included with these majorly 10 Modules that you will get access to through a Personalized LMS(Learning Management System) with these live and Practical Digital Marketing courses in Raipur.

  • Go-To-Market & Business Fundamental Leadership
  • Brand Building & Advanced Social Media Selling
  • SEO In-depth for Marketing Leaders
  • E-commerce marketing in-depth
  • Paid Advertisement and Marketing Automation Leadership
  • Agency and Entrepreneurship Mastery
  • Business Growth Hacking
  • Webinar Leadership
  • Personal Branding
  • Copy Writing Mastery

Course highlights

  • Guaranteed Internship: Assurance of practical experience through a hands-on internship at the end of the course
  • 100% Job Assistance: Commitment to supporting graduates in securing employment opportunities.
  • Work Experience Letter: Upon completion of internship you will be granted a work experience letter.
  • 100+ Tools Training: You will learn more than 100 plus automation tools increasing productivity.
  • 7+ International Certifications: Attainment of globally recognized certifications for professional credibility.
  • Build Your Agency in 90 Days: Empower individuals to establish their digital marketing agencies within a three-month timeframe.
  • Lifetime Mentorship: Continuous guidance and support from experienced mentors throughout one’s career.
  • Nations’ Best Trainer: Learning from a recognized and esteemed expert Alok Badatia
  • Personalized Training: Tailoring education to individual needs for a customized learning experience.
  • Easy EMI Options are Available: Providing flexibility with convenient and manageable EMI payment options.


AADME provides you with world-class, top-industry professionals, as faculty to teach the various topics in the subject.

Digital Marketing Consultant in Bangalore

Lead Trainer: Mr. Alok Kumar Badatia
Trained more than 50,000+ students, Co-founder of Aoneapps
Have more than 1,00,000+ learners community on YouTube.

Others team members & faculties


AADME provides you with 7+ international certifications upon completion of the course. These certifications will demonstrate your skills and knowledge to potential employers. 

Alumni Success Stories

Check out numerous success stories of AADME’s Alumni, working in top-notch companies and many created their venture with success.  

Marketing Manager

Gunjan Vaidya

Earn 1.8 cr PA



Media Activation Executive


Cracks 4.5 LPA



Digital Marketing Expert

Neha Kumbhare

Cracks 4.8 LPA



Digital Marketing Manager


Cracks 11 LPA


Agency Owner (Digital Affluent)

Tushar Lale

Earn 10+ LPA


Agency Owner (Nezler Technologies)

Gaurav Kumar

Earn 12+ LPA


Course Duration & Contact Details

The Course is 4.5 months in duration. 

Contact Number 

Contact Details: +91 8548846108

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Asia's 1st A.I. Enabled Digital Marketing Course & Agency Business Program

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2. VIDA by Vaya Media

VIDA, a digital marketing institute in Raipur prioritises the core of your learning experience and provides real-life case studies, individualized attention, and teachings from the sharpest marketing experts in Raipur.

Empowered by VIDA’s platform, you can revolutionize business operations. With their guidance, you master marketing: the skill of promoting yourself and your product worldwide through digital channels.

Course Syllabus

  • Digital Marketing Overview
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Content Marketing
  • Website Development
  • Google Analytics
  • Understand Acquisition & Conversion
  • Google Search Console
  • Social Media Marketing and Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing: Google AdWords
  • Conversion Tracking Tool
  • Remarketing And Conversion

And more…


 The institute charges ₹35400/- for Advanced digital marketing courses in Raipur.

Course Highlight

  • 3 months course duration 
  • practical skills
  • real-life case studies
  • doubt clearance sessions.
  • 100% placement assistance 
  • one-to-one career counselling 
  • 20 industry tools essential 
  • industry experts for guest lectures
  • final presentation in front of industry experts

Contact information

Address: Office no 801, Orange Hive, Mowa, Vidhan Sabha Road, Raipur, Chhattisgarh, India 492001

3. WebFame digital marketing academy

WebFame is a leading digital marketing academy in Raipur catering to corporations, Professionals, Entrepreneurs, and Students. The academy specializes in delivering comprehensive live classroom training.

Their core focus revolves around empowering marketers with the expertise to effectively engage with their targeted audience while significantly reducing the cost of acquisition.

Course Syllabus

  • Introduction to Digital Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Introduction to Website
  •  Website Best Practices 
  • Google Ads
  • Display Ads- Creation and Campaign Setup
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Campaign Analysis and Reporting
  • Web Analytics and Tag Manager
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Competitor Analysis and Strategy Formulation
  • Affiliate Marketing

And more…

Course Fee 

WebFame organises digital marketing classes in Raipur at ₹25,000/-

Course Highlight 

  • end-to-end practical and industry-oriented course
  • 5.5 months of live offline and online classes 
  •  25 premium tools 
  •  internship 
  • 8+ industry-valued certifications. 
  •  booster classes for ex-students
  • live projects, 
  • mock interviews 

Contact Information

Address – 3rd Floor Next to ITM Office, Shyam Plaza, Opposite Pandri Bus Stand, Raipur, Chhattisgarh 492001
Phone – +917000383953; +918871147740

4. ThinkMuse Academy 

Despite finding skills in people, ThinkMuse Academy started with a vision towards Digital India to help them develop the skills that the industry demands. They are not just creating employees but are creating employers to build employment opportunities. 

You can deep dive into this Digital Marketing world with Industry Experts and get complete knowledge of how you can build a successful business with India’s Best Digital Marketing institute in Raipur.


  • Short-term program (duration – 1 month)
  • Advanced level program (duration- 3 months)

Course Fee

  • Short-term program- ₹10,000/-
  • Advanced level program- ₹25,000/-

Course Highlights

  • One-on-one support system
  • Live classes
  • A team of experts and experienced faculties
  • 25+tools
  • Paid internship
  • Earn while you learn
  • Mock interviews
  • Agency building support

Contact Information

Address- YD-3 Yashi Vihar, Old Dhmatari Road, Raipur
Phone no.– 99098284822, +91 7974599237
Email address–

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5. Easy Digi Academy

Easy Digi Academy, Raipur’s premier Practical Oriented Training Institute, aims to ignite Chhattisgarh’s progress. They aspire to empower people with digital marketing knowledge, leveraging cutting-edge technology, and supporting the ‘Make in India’ initiative.

Their goal is to uplift Chhattisgarh’s digital marketing learners, fostering their skills and knowledge by organising digital marketing classes in Raipur. We provide a platform for growth in digital technology, encouraging and supporting individuals to excel in this field within our state.

Course Syllabus

  • Introduction to Digital Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Website Planning & Creation
  • Google Analytics (G4)
  • Social Media Marketing and Optimization 
  • Google Ads/Search Engine Marketing
  • Display Network/Image Ads
  • Video/YouTube Ads
  • Lead Generation For Business
  • Content Marketing
  • Online Reputation Management (ORM)
  • Email Marketing
  • Graphic Designing

And more…

Course fees

Easy Digi Academy provides  digital marketing courses in Raipur at ₹30,000/-

Course highlights 

  • 100% Placement Assistance
  • 100% Practical Based Session
  • 10+ Certification 
  • Learn Latest Technologies & Tools
  • 1 Year Membership
  • Career Oriented Advanced Course Content
  • Flexible Batch Timing
  • Micro Match Size For Better Learning
  • 1 Month Free Internship
  • Student Portal/Mobile App
  • Guidance For Startups/Freelancing
  • Free Sub-domain For Website Creation
  • Attractive Referral Program

Contact information 

Address: 2, 2nd Floor Raheja Tower, Fafadih Chowk, Raipur (C.G.)
Phone: +91 74409-40001 
Online Support:

6. Technogaze Raipur

TechnoGaze Edu Skills is one of the most reliable digital marketing institutes in Raipur that offers advanced digital marketing courses in Raipur as well as specialized training in its core modules. 

They aim to elevate the digital standards in non-metropolitan areas, enabling family-owned local entrepreneurs and others to establish a notable online presence. To accomplish this they empower every student to excel in digital marketing, making them proficient in the field. 

Course Syllabus

The course has 51 modules which include-

  1. Digital Marketing Overview
  2. Website Planning 
  3. Search Advertising 
  4. Display Advertising 
  5. Video Advertising 
  6. Email Marketing 
  7. Affiliate Marketing 
  8. Freelancing Techniques 
  9. Google Plus Marketing 
  10. Web Analytics 
  11. Social Media Marketing And Optimization 
  12. Online Reputation Management
  13. Search Engine Optimization 
  14. Content marketing


Technogaze organizes digital marketing classes in Raipur at  ₹20,000/-. 

Course Highlight

  • classroom and live online classes 
  • Access to the online Learning Management System (LMS) 
  • doubt sessions and unlimited backup classes
  • practical exercises and real-world projects.
  • specialized sessions on interview
  • free tools 

Contact Information

Address– 29, Indravati Colony, Off canal Linking Road, Raipur, 492001
Phone No.– +91 9074118254
Email address–

7. The Digital School  

The digital school aims to equip individuals with the essential skills vital for success in the realm of digital marketing by organising digital marketing classes in Raipur. They aspire to bridge the void of skilled resources, empowering individuals to become self-sufficient and proficient in the dynamic field of digital marketing.

At their institute, you will be trained by experienced professionals who have worked in the industry for over 10 years. The team has a wealth of experience in digital marketing and is passionate about sharing their knowledge with students.

Course Syllabus 

  • Digital Marketing Overview
  • Graphic Designing Using Canva
  • Website Development
  • SEO Mastery
  • Blogging
  • Google Analytics
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Google Ads Mastery
  • Social Media Optimization (SMO)
  • Online Reputation Management(ORM)
  • National & International Freelancing
  • Mobile Marketing

Course Fee – The Digital School provides digital marketing courses in Raipur at ₹38,000/-

Course Highlights

  • one-on-one doubt sessions 
  • live training sessions 
  • hands-on practical exercises
  • Access to a Learning Management System (LMS) for an entire year
  • Refer and Earn 
  • Receive comprehensive assistance with five job interviews, including the preparation of a USA-standard resume. 
  •  mock interview sessions conducted within 24 hours before your scheduled interview 

Contact Information

Address- The Digital School, Rajshree Tower, 2nd Floor, Pandri Canal Link Rd, Opposite to Indravati Garden, Indravati Colony, 492001
Phone No.– +91 9691913333

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8. Webcademy

Webcademy, a Digital Marketing Institute in Raipur, offers vital online marketing expertise to the new generation, crucial for businesses transitioning online. With diverse courses and certifications, it ensures industry-aligned training, preparing students for industry demands.

Webcademy provides many topic-wise courses, industry-wise courses as well as full digital marketing courses in Raipur. The team of immensely skilled professionals has built a robust reputation for delivering exceptional services. 

Course Syllabus 

  • Introduction to digital marketing
  • Website planning and development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • google analytics
  • Content marketing
  • Google Ads
  • Email marketing
  • E-commerce Website Development and Marketing
  • Advanced Affiliate Marketing
  • Display Ads
  • Video Ads
  •  Social Media Marketing and optimization

And more…

Course Fee 

The fee for the advanced digital marketing courses in Raipur is ₹38,000/-.

Course Highlights 

  • 200+ hours of training in 4 months
  • 100% classroom training program 
  •  Doubt Clearance session
  • 16 industry-certified certificates
  • 25+ projects and case studies
  •  flexible timings
  •  learn at your own pace
  • placement assistance

Contact Information

Address– Jeevan Plaza, 3rd Floor, Shankar Nagar Rd, Govind Nagar, Raipur, 492001
Phone– +91-7879178968

9. Flash Academy

Flash Academy aims to provide quality education. Following this aim, the team adopts innovative and interactive teaching methods to make the institute an example of posterity. 

This digital marketing institute in Raipur has a glorious standing of more than 9 years with practical training, support and encouragement to students which they need to reach their full potential. Flash Academy offers a wide range of career & short-term courses suitable for students & working professionals with different learning needs.


  • Digital Marketing Overview       
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Graphic Designing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Website Development
  • Search Engine Optimization(SEO)
  • Google Ads(Search Engine Marketing(SEM))
  • Video Ads
  •  Remarketing Tag


Flash Academy provides digital marketing courses in Raipur at  ₹7,500.

Course Highlight 

  • 100% Practical Exposure
  • 9 Super Specializations
  • 200+ Free Tools
  • Internship Program
  • Flexible course timings

Contact Information

Address: B-8, Sector-1, Beside City Center Mall, Devendra Nagar, Raipur,492001
Phone No.: 9993088772
Email address:

10. Internet Marketing School

Internet Marketing School emerges as the undisputed frontrunner when assessing the most extensive course, exceptional training, and a robust track record in placements compared to its counterparts.

Today, it stands as one of the most sought-after digital marketing courses in Raipur. Providing a blend of online and classroom sessions, coupled with real-time industry projects, empowers students to maximize their capabilities under the mentorship of seasoned professionals.

Course Syllabus

  • WordPress 
  • Content Marketing 
  • Mobile Marketing 
  • E-Commerce Marketing 
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) 
  • Email Marketing 
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Digital Marketing Strategy 
  • Lead Generation 
  • Online Reputation Management 

and more.

Course Fees

The Internet Marketing School provides a Premium Program in Digital Marketing (PPDM) at  ₹40,000/-

Course Highlights

  • Practical Training Sessions
  • Batch Flexibilities
  • Small Batch Size
  • Advanced Curriculum
  • Industry Experts
  • Live Instructor-Led Sessions
  • Get Secured With Certifications
  • Internship

Contact Information

Address–  C-10 2nd Floor, Sector 5 Mandi Road, Devendra Nagar, Raipur, 492004
Phone No.- 07489579924

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Job Opportunities for Digital marketers in Raipur with salary 

Raipur, a thriving business hub, offers abundant digital marketing opportunities for both professionals and newcomers.

India’s rising economy fuels startup growth, necessitating a strong online presence, and increasing demand for digital marketers’ expertise. So now let’s see some of the prominent digital marketing job roles in Raipur and their approximate salary ranges as below.

PositionSalary Package (per Annum)
Digital Marketing Intern₹ 1,20,000 – ₹ 1,80,000
Digital Marketing Assistant₹ 1,80,000 – ₹ 2,30,000
Digital Marketing Executive₹ 2,30,000 – ₹ 3,30,000
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist₹ 2,80,000 – ₹ 3,80,000
Social Media Marketing Specialist₹ 2,80,000 – ₹ 3,80,000
Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Specialist₹ 3,00,000 – ₹ 4,20,000
Content Marketing Specialist₹ 3,20,000 – ₹ 4,70,000
Digital Marketing Manager₹ 4,50,000 – ₹ 6,50,000
Head of Digital Marketing₹ 7,00,000 – ₹ 10,00,000
Digital Marketing Consultant₹ 4,50,000 – ₹ 8,00,000 (on project basis)

Note: Salary figures are approximate and may vary based on factors like experience, skills, company size, and industry.

So, choosing the best digital marketing institute in Raipur will increase your job opportunities.


In conclusion, digital marketing institutes in Raipur offer a dynamic array of digital marketing courses that cater to various skill levels and interests. Whether seeking comprehensive certifications or specialized training, the top 10 courses highlighted in this blog provide a solid foundation for aspiring marketers, equipping them with the tools and knowledge needed to thrive in today’s competitive digital landscape. 

But remember that courses are in one place, the most important thing you need is dedication and curiosity to learn this, do practical of all the things you’ll learn, and then you can succeed in the field. 

If you want to clear all your confusion and kickstart your career then book your trial class with AADME and enter the dynamic realm of digital marketing with confidence.

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Can these digital marketing courses in Raipur accommodate beginners with no prior experience in the field?

Look for courses that offer foundational classes to help beginners grasp the fundamental concepts of digital marketing.

Is digital marketing a high-paying job?

Yes, digital marketing is considered a high-paying job, and it is one of the high-paying jobs of this digital era.

Is digital marketing difficult?

Digital marketing requires knowledge of search engines, data analytics, content management, and staying updated with digital algorithms which are covered by the best digital marketing institute in Raipur. It takes time and effort, but it is not difficult.

Which is the best Digital Marketing training institute in Raipur?

AADME is the best digital marketing institute in Raipur with placement assistance. They offer lifetime mentorship.

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