A journey that started out 13 years ago. Looking back to a second-year B.Tech student that I was, always outside the class involved in various activities, I came to be recognized as dynamic. No venture ever seemed to satisfy me, painting, dancing, or a rock band.

Starring from one of the premium colleges in Orissa (Gandhi Institute of Engineering & Technology), failure was my best friend. Every step I put forward, pulled me backward. I enjoyed it most because each time I tried, I learned something new, my spirits grew and so did my hunger for success.

How did I paddle across?

First fallout: Failing 12th Boards

Education was never uphill for me. After my 12th boards collapsed, I deflected towards a diploma. 

The flare towards entrepreneurship sparked in me at teenage. Owning a computer repairing hardware unit in Bhubaneswar and no progress in my studies, I knew my life had to change. A voice inside, calling out to never stop, reminding me “Failures are the wings that strengthen oneself for a successful tomorrow” pushed me towards the next step.

Changing the Middle-Class Mindset Kahani Me Twist

After deciding to concentrate in the next 3 months after diploma, I was rewarded with a JEE state-rank of 105. This brought about my admission letter to one of the most prestigious colleges of Orissa, a dream come true for every middle-class aspirant.

On the contrary, the reality is bittersweet. Little did I know that a premium college required an eminent lifestyle. Struggling to meet both ends, my inner voice grew stronger.

My First Search On Google?

Finding alternate paths at every turn, this time I inclined towards Google. The first phrase I typed on the ever loading search engine was, “ How to make money online?’, one of the most popular search phrases today.

The top results that popped up were Search Engine Optimization, Blogging and Content Development. 

The aspirant inside me was excited, the gleam in my eyes told me I had found my magic wand. I rushed to my professor and enquired as to when we would these topics be covered. His face was filled with bewilderment as he had never heard of these terms. That did not stop me, I reached out to all my friends and their friends and halted when Google told me the nearest Institution I could learn this was in Singapore. 

The gleam in my eyes faded, my magic wand seemed to have disappeared and I was shattered. With no option left, I retreated to the semester spree.

A single ray of hope!

Six months passed by, these words echoed in my mind though I made no progress. One day I heard a knock that changed my life forever. It was our college professor bringing me the name of our college alumni who was expertise in the field. 

With the lack of social platforms, finding him was next to impossible.

I was digitally impaired. My mind was set, I had to locate him. I did. I spot his email address from the admin department, drafted a mail, waited. 3 months, opening the mailbox every day was a disappointment until one day, his reply arrived. A meeting was set.

I was on the verge of my second-year exams. Pulled back by multiple backlogs, I had a major decision to make.  I risked, I prioritized. I took that train to Vizag, to meet my mentor who changed my life. 

The moment I reached their house, the sight of Rolls Royce parked outside is an image that’s etched in my memory forever.

 The journey of 13 years began with 16 weeks or 16 weeks to 13 years

The routine continued for 16 weeks. I spent my weekdays battling engineering, come Friday night I was on the train to Vizag. It was a tedious 10-hour journey. Given my middle-class status and lack of funds, the majority of my traverse was beside the lavatory risking being caught for not having a ticket. 

Every single day, every single moment there was a strong belief system echoing within reminding me that these are the seeds that will reap bigger fruits one day. 

I feel grateful for my mentor, who was newly wed, yet welcome me with open arms into their house. He taught me the importance of knowledge, the commitment towards success to be put before anything else.

First Milestone- First Apartment!

I was blessed with the opportunity of paying off my college fees by blogging and freelancing. Took the liberty to light up my father’s smile and gifted him my first apartment before my 23rd birthday.

There was no looking back!

Corporate Crisis!

Corporate life spares none in today’s era. Having bootstrapped 2 companies in 2012 and 2013 that fizzled down without any hustle will always be a feather in my cap. Reverting to a number to emails and learning from foreign tours, my journey saw no end.

Though stranded in the corporate compass, I ensured my hike would be one to remember.  Associated with top brands like Wipro, Vodafone, and LeTv, I was offered a position with the government services. 

My take away from a decade Industry experience, “Money is a temporary possession, whereas the people you earn by your side in the journey are your reward for eternity”

A Vision that I wake up to!

Life is a vicious circle, so is learning. Having achieved the status to teach new aspirants, I now intend on contributing to society, everything I learned and more. I envision building 100 self-sustaining entrepreneurs, training 10000 students and building a solid network comprising of ambitious marketers.

Moving forward in life, I believe one needs to constantly remind themselves that “ It’s not about the degree of knowledge one possesses, rather about the impact one creates”

 A Bigger Leap – Training Chief Ministers & State Secretaries

My speeches and writeups brought home laurels. Recent of which is “Innovative Idealist”, by Ambedkar Education Trust, Bangalore.

This opened many doors such as a seminar taken up by the CMO and Ministry of Health of Jaipur, “Digitization of governance”. Post that, I was moved to Delhi for the promotions of an IT ministry product, “eOffice”.

Hung on my wall are my proud certifications from Google under numerous fields.

No matter what position I reach in life, I shall always remind myself of my step downs, my setbacks, the rejections that pushed me towards my current position.

  My Present

It’s 2019 as I draft my anecdote. I’m partnered with 3 successful startups. Founder of Digistallion, a marketing agency in Bangalore. I hold my place as the mentor of AADME. My significant creation, my YouTube channel, “Alok Badatia” with 19,000 followers and over. 

Life is a series of ups and downs. Anyone would be regarded foolish only to expect ups or be depressed with the downs. Once you set your mind to it, there’s no stopping. 

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Want To Learn From India's No.1 Powerful Digital Marketer
Want To Learn From India's No.1 Powerdul Digital Marketer