How To Start Blogging In India?

In order to start your blogging career in India, you don’t need to quit your job and study.

You can start blogging as a side career, once you have started earning you can make blogging your full-time career and you will not have to ask again How much does a beginner blogger earn in India or How to start blogging in India.

Before we discuss how to start blogging, let me tell you how much a beginner blogger earns in India.

I know you must be very excited to know the income of a blogger.


this blog will teach you about How to create a blog for free and make money and How much does a beginner blogger earn in India

if you are asking about How much does a beginner blogger earn in India then According to the site, the average salary of a blogger is 18,622 per month in India.

A beginner blogger earns around $300-$400 a month.

However, more experienced bloggers can earn up to $3000+ as well.

this blog will teach you about How to start blogging on YouTube

Here are few ways to How much does a beginner blogger earn in India:

  • Create a course in Udemy
  • Offer your services
  • Sell affiliate products
  • Conducts workshop
  • Display ads

Don’t expect income in the first 3 to 4 months. You should keep patience and do your work honestly and seriously.


you will learn How to start a food blog for free

You want to start your blogging career without any investment, you are at the right place. Here I will guide how to create a blog for free and make money from that blog.

I will suggest you to start your blog from free blogging sites and here are their names:


Best place to make your blog free. This site is a kind of free blogging site. You need to build your site by yourself and also have to host your site yourself.

You will have full control over your site as you are hosting your site as well as how you can make money from your site.


It is a very handy website builder which is managed from the front-end. Best feature of this site is that you have the following drag and drop option so no need to handle anything in the back-end.

You will get free hosting as well so you just need to arrange the layouts, pick a template and ready to use.

It has many free and premium themes and templates. You can use elements, multimedia widgets and many more functions. 

Once you think your site is ready, publish and start your blogging career. 


It is a multipurpose platform where anyone can write after making an account. As compared to other sites, Medium is exposed to your articles with a wide range of audiences.

It is simple and easy to use, you just need to sign up and start writing. This platform is really big as more than 60 million readers visit this site every day.


It is a very popular and oldest free site for personal blogging. You just need to create an account and pick one of the default themes and you can pen down your thoughts.

Blogger has a simple appearance, provides lots of themes with different skins, advanced color filtering and various widgets.  

More options are:


With these sites you can make free websites as well as you can earn from these sites. Just need focus and patience because it’s not an easy task to do and start earning with 1st articles. Do your job properly and see the result for a minimum of six months.

Best blogging sites in India to earn money

learn Best blogging sites in India to earn money also learn How much does a beginner blogger earn in India

Everyone is interested in writing and if you get money for that it cool? Yes, you can earn with writing. Here I want to share some websites which pay for your writing.

  • HUBPAGES: It is a community of writers and readers. Select your niche, build an audience and start writing and earn from ads. 

It is an online publishing platform where lots of topics are available like entertainment, art, sports, politics etc.

  • SHOUT ME LOUD: This platform is all about bloggings, SEO, affiliated marketing and all aspects of digital marketing.

 If you have good knowledge of digital marketing then this platform is best for you. Just sign up and start writing of your choice.

  • WRITERBAY: It is basically for freelancers who want to start their career as a freelancer. You have passion to write and good in writing as well you can go for this. pass their contest and start writing.

They have already listed the disciplines for writers proficient:

  • Accounting
  • Art and architecture
  • Business
  • Communications
  • Economics
  • Finance 
  • Law and many more

Select your topic and start your blogging career.

Some more websites are:


How to start blogging on youtube?

find out How to create a blog for free and make money

YouTube is the most popular social media platform. Its popularity is increasing day by day. Even in a global pandemic the interest of blogging on YouTube has increased along with that competition has grown a lot so do audiences.

In this article I will guide you that will help you grow as blogger on YouTube

  1. PREPARE YOURSELF: Your first move to target your potential group, research and understand what will your channel deliver to the future audience. 

This will help you adjust your content accordingly and without time loss you can focus on your task.

Pay special attention to the comment section and avoid negativity that comes from inexperienced bloggers.

  1.  KEYWORD RESEARCH: For smooth and swift growth finding and adding proper keywords are necessary. Keywords help your potential audience to find your content easily.

If you find it difficult to where to put keywords here is examples:

  • In your video titles  and descriptions
  • In your channel information
  • Channel tags section
  1. WORK ON BRANDING: Your profile should look professional which helps to attract audiences. You should create your brand through these hooks:
  • Color scheme tell your channel recognition
  • Logo will your brand identification
  • Stylish details  
  1. STICK TO YOUR NICHE: Don’t change your niche frequently when you are not able to attract an audience, this will lead to delay in your goal.

 Niche can’t be based on your audience choice. It should be your choice of work where you will give your full efforts.

 It will harm your reputation also and you may lose trust of your audiences.

  1. WORK ON YOUR SPEECH: Speaking skill will also attract your potential audiences. Deliver your speech in a clear and pleasant way.


you will learn How to create a blog for free and make money

Want to learn how to start a food blog for free but have no idea that you are at the right place. I am going to guide you and get your food blogging career hike in no time.

Food blogging can be a very exciting experience as long as you are ready to put your time, effort and dedication.

For food starting a food blogging you need to follow few steps:

  • Choose your food blog niche 
  • Catchy brand name for your food blog
  • Get a domain and hosting from free blogging websites
  • Design your food blog in a professional way using free tools and templates
  • Create a menu and main page for your food blog
  • Plan your content very intelligently so that you attract your potential target 
  • Focus on food image because the best food blogs have great and amazing images which appear mouthwatering to the visitors
  • Promote your blog with popular and famous food bloggers.


If you are passionate about writing and Want to know more about free blogging and want to start your career as a blogger.

This article will  tell you about a few sites where you can earn money and make your blogging career full time.

Please click this link to get more knowledge 

If you have any query please comment in the comment box.

Author Bio: Sweety Vishwakarma is an enthusiastic digital marketer and a passionate blogger. She helps multiple budding business individuals to get more sales through his online marketing strategies. she is one of the alumni of AADME.

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