How to Define Target Location & Audience for Digital Marketing Agency?



It’s almost like finding a fish in the sea when you don’t research for your targeted location & audience and pitch for your products almost everywhere in front of any customer you know.

The general idea behind defining your target Audience & Location is that you need to know:-

  • Who you’re trying to reach with your message 
  • How impactful your digital marketing agency is targeting your audience 
  • Is that product or service is going to be working in that location or not

They both have their own way of deciding factors for your branding. Let’s start with How Digital Marketing Agency Target Audience

digital marketing agency target audience


“Everyone is not your customerto be most effective in business you need to know who you are selling to.

It’s very crucial to find an audience who can relate to the story behind your products & become your loyal & recurring customers for a lifetime.

Learn these points for your 

  • Demography- Age, Target Audience for digital marketing and they are all yours:-Gender & Location
  • Designation
  • Professional Pain Points
  • Professional Goals
  • Personal Goals
  • Personal Pain Points
  • Channels they follow to research & gather information
  • Books & influencers they read & follow
  • Role in the Buying Journey- Consumer/Influencer/Decision Maker
  • Income Bracket

Few Target Personas in terms of Designations

  • Sales Head
  • CEO
  • Sales Directors
  • Brand Managers
  • Content Specialists
  • Marketing Head/Lead/Director
  • CMO
  • Marketing Managers
  • Product Managers/Marketers
  • Founders
  • Digital Marketing Head

You have to connect with the above Designation via LinkedIn.

The same has been demonstrated in the LinkedIn marketing modules of Leadership 3 in the lifetime mentoring sessions (Inside AADME LMS) 

In a nutshell, any professional in your target industry who is involved in their revenue generation process can be your target. 

The best target audience for your digital company is very crucial and becomes fruitful for your business growth.

*Targeting them will be like selling products in your home & you will also come across their pain points very easily*

find out target audience for digital marketing company


Running an agency without identifying & defining target location is just like hitting an arrow in the dark. 

Thus, you have to deal with it before entering this huge market where many others like you are already ready to grab your fish and eat.

Make sure you know your target location inside and out and then put your best foot forward.

Advice for new digital marketing agencies:

  • Start with your Local Market

                        Prospects in your target location will

  • Same Language             
  • Same Religion     
  • Same Culture value    
  • Common Needs & Aspirations                                             

It’s the base to better regulate your business needs in possible time.

Advice for digital marketing agencies already having a market:

  • Start with the most performing marketing

 It will help you to 

But initially, I will suggest you target your local area because it’s a bit easy to work on your own territory and make a kingdom than directly trying to mark your competitors.

For Example –

Starting your consultancy agency business in Jodhpur, you got some recommendations to start your business there and converting those recommendations into success stories for your agency.

For Example – 2

Let’s take an example of urban clap started with its small unit in Delhi after word-of-mouth marketing and several referral and recommendation they further open their units in several other states in India and are now the biggest and known company.

So anyway as a digital marketing agency you can target your local market at the beginning of your journey it can be proved as a milestone for your career & reap the following benefits

After understanding all the listed benefits you can skyrocket your business and be able to target the best audience and location for your digital marketing agency.


After picking up these pain points you are being able to position your digital marketing agency as a solution, and it will ensure that people are more than happy to spend their money with you.

This is probably the most important step when you want to identify your target audience and location with more effective returns.

Combining both, digital marketing target audience & understanding their needs help you to understand them better and make the life of your customer easier as it.

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