25 Best Ways To Get Free Traffic To Website and Blogs

Get free traffic to website or blog

Every entrepreneur with a blog or a website has asked themselves “How to increase website traffic? Or “How to get free traffic to website?”

Getting website traffic is important because your customers are the subset of your traffic only.

If you increase your website visitors, you will get more opportunity to share your brand, to give an impression, to build a relationship.

More website traffic also means more opportunities to generate qualified leads, expand your product lines, hire more employees, open new locations, invest in research, and develop more amazing services and products…the opportunities will be endless.

So here are 25 sources to get free traffic to website or blog posts.

Business listing websites: 

You guys might be knowing of directory websites or business listing websites. 

From there you can get a lot of real free traffic for your website or blogposts by building a nice profile over there.

Just one mistake that people often make is their site is based and targeted for the Indian audience and they are building a profile on foreign listing sites. 

Don’t do that mistake. List yourself on local listing sites only. It will not only help you to rank better but also will bring in quality traffic.

Building a community:

I strongly believe in building a strong community around all my portfolios and my clients’ portfolios.

As a digital marketing coach and consultant, I already have a strong community on my Youtube, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Quora.

Those are not just random social media accounts but digital real estates that drives quality traffic to your blog and your website.

If you are able to build a strong community around your product and services, you’ll be able to drive website traffic through social media.


Paper.li is an article listing site where you can list your blog posts and articles.

It is one of the easiest ways to create backlinks for any blog posts or website and is highly effective when it comes to B2B businesses.

Paper.li is one of the free traffic sources for your website or blog.


Reddit is basically a universal forum where you can create subreddit on various topics, participate in discussions, post relevant content, etc.

The best thing about Reddit is it allows you to post naked links for your websites and blogs.

Not only that you can also anchor any text of the content of your choice and link that to your blog post and webpage of your choice and get free traffic to website.


Slideshare is a very authentic high DA website from where you can drive unlimited niche traffic for your website.

All that you need to do is to create and share PowerPoint presentations on the topics of the blog post that you want to get traffic on and generate backlinks for that.

You can also get backlinks from the account section of Slideshare by generating the profile link from there.


Believe it or not guys, but quora have changed my life. 

Not only for me and my coaching and consulting business but also for my clients, quora has been a source of quality traffic with the lowest of bounce rate

What you have to do in quora, create pseudo accounts and ask you, colleagues and friends, to post questions, and then by using your company’s account you have to answer those questions.

Make sure your answer to the question is the best of all. Try answering it with best of the content possible.

Here’s my Quora profile for your reference.

Loading Speed

Improving the loading speed has a significant role in improving the traffic of your website or blog.

There are many tips and tricks you can use to improve the loading page of your website.

But what I prefer is to stick to basics. Get good hosting, remove unnecessary plugins, compress the images before uploading, don’t embed a lot of advertisements, and even videos. 

Do all this and you’ll get quality free traffic to website.


Videos have the highest consumption rate among all kinds of content on the internet.

Every day I put videos on various platforms whether it is Youtube, Instagram, or even Facebook. 

Then I cross promote my products and my client’s products on these platforms and direct them to my website.

The reason I am saying videos because 90% of the content that is going to be consumed in the coming years is going to be videos.

So if you are not making videos then you are missing on a big chunk of traffic for your blog and website.

Take an example of my video that I made in the very same topic that is driving a lot of traffic to this blog.


If you are a service-based business that is having difficulty in bringing traffic to your blog or service page, then you should go for schema.

Schema is code you place on your site that tells search engines “this content is presented in a question and answer format”.

Google wants all the webpages in the first page of google should answer customer pain points.

Trust me guys, if you are not using it till now then you can start using it. It will give your blog a hell lot of traffic.


Pinterest is one of the amazing sources of traffic. It allows you to make boards and pins which is of interest to your niche audience.

When you make your account from Pinterest, you will get the opportunity to create a reciprocal link by installing the code they provide on your header.

By using this you can generate a lot of quality traffic for your blog especially if you are an affiliate marketer and you need to sell products to the US market.


Anchor FM is a podcast hosting platform.

The podcast is considered to be the next big thing in marketing. And anchor will help you create your podcast.

The biggest advantage is that it is an auto distribution site and will distribute your podcast to various platforms simultaneously such as google podcast, apple podcast, and Spotify.

You can add the link to your blog in the description of the podcast channel and get high-quality free traffic to website or your blog.

Micro Niche Keywords:

People often do the mistake of starting the website on macro niche topics.

But the correct practice is to start your blog or website in the micro-niche, where the competition is very less.

It is easy to rank on the first page of google on these keywords and you will easily get free traffic to website this way.

 Personalize your blog titles:

It’s very important that you start personalizing your blog titles. 

What I mean by saying this is to personalize your blogs for a particular buyer’s persona in a particular niche.

It is easy to get traffic by this way. So stop writing on broad topics and focus on personalizing your blogs.

Use microniche hashtag in social media:

We can also generate traffic from our social media channels.

The best way to generate traffic from your social media channels is by using micro-niche hashtags in your posts.

Hashtags are the way social media content is organized on social media platforms and when someone searches for related content on these platforms, your content will rank high and you will get easy traffic.

Business 2 Community blog:

It is a very niche-based community blog that allows you to contribute by writing articles there.

You just have to go there create an account and start posting.

But keep in mind going thoroughly through their guidelines. They are very strict about that.


It is a list publishing site that not a lot of people are aware about.

List. ly is a highly credible list publishing site that can help you generate high-quality free traffic to website or your blog.

It’s very simple. Just like any other listing site on the internet, you just have to create an account and start putting out content.

 Run FB ads

Fb ads are the best way of reaching your targeted audience. 

If you have a very credible blog or E-book on your website, start running Facebook ads for that content.

Keep a budget of 3000 for ads and start running traffic ads for that.

Because today FB ads are reasonable to spend on, but tomorrow they might not be. So start spending on Facebook ads to get targeted traffic.

Guest posting sites:

You can guest post unique and high-quality content on these 3 sites to get traffic for your campaign

  • Medium
  • Ezine
  • Hubpages

 Website link in E-mail Signature:

If you are running a company, you give all your employees a standing order that even if a single mail is going via the company’s webmail, then it should have your website link in the signature.

It will drive high-quality heavy free traffic to website.

Social Bookmarking:

Though there are pros and cons of social bookmarking sites, these 3 sites you can trust religiously for your content.

  • Mix
  • Tumblr
  • Scoop it


Udemy is a website that will help you create online courses on various topics.

You can create short courses on various topics and free traffic to website or your blog.

Here’s a chance for you to make money out of your content.

Outreach bloggers:

Reach out to other bloggers in your niche and create backlinks for each others blog.

It is very much similar to 2 YouTubers collaborating for making videos for each other’s channels.

Just keep in mind not sharing too many of each other’s links otherwise you will get suspended.


If you are posting blogs on a regular basis, automatically Google will rank your website over others.

Consistency is the key.

It is the only way to win the trust of any content posting platform out there.

Homepage merchandising:

If you are a business blog, then make sure that all your recent blogs are available near the homepage header or footer.

The feature image of the blog should be available in the home page and hyperlinked with the blog.

Most people make the mistake of putting all the blogs in the blog section which is not a good practice.

So make sure you do it.

Offline branding:

Mention your website on your personal business card or your team’s business card.

Not only in business cards but any t-shirts or goodies you provide should also have your website name mentioned in there.

So if you are an action taker, you can start implementing this right away and get unlimited free traffic to website or blog.


Trust me guys it’s not that difficult to increase traffic for your blogs and website these days.

I’ve been doing for my website and blogs as well as my client’s blogs for a long time and getting the desired result.

And if you want me to help you get free traffic to website or your blog, mail me at alokbadatia84@gmail.com.

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