How to get a Digital Marketing Job as a Fresher- That will turn your World Upside Down!

There is No doubt that marketing skill plays an important role in any industry either it’s education, real estate, travel, healthcare, food, etc. And in this era, which we call the Digital era where all the things are getting transformed into digital or online. Here in this era, there are huge job opportunities regarding marketing which we can get through our digital marketing skills. Digital marketing skill has become one of the most highly demanded skills in 2021. So Let’s come and know how to get a digital marketing job as a fresher.


This question must have ever come to your mind that “what qualification do I need to get a digital marketing job” so the answer is the only qualification you need to get a job is your skill in digital marketing. 

Most employers will want to see that you’ve validated your skills by successfully completing a certified digital marketing course.

The course will help you to clear all the fundamentals of digital marketing and By taking on a more advanced digital marketing course or a qualification that focuses on a specific area of digital marketing, you will increase your levels of employability.

Remember that whenever you are going to pursue a digital marketing course you need to grab an internship because as a raw fresher no one is going to offer you a job it will be more beneficial if you ensure that from wherever you are going to pursuing your course they are offering an internship as well which is usually being offered by some of the topmost reputed institute of Asia like AADME etc.  

After completing the course & internship the most important question that arrives in the mind of is that how to get a digital marketer job which we will discuss in the next steps.


As a fresher when you go for an interview remember one thing there is not going to be your skill test it’s going to be your personality test or a clarity test.

Most people think that cv is just a document for an interview while it is not true, a cv is a tool that you can use for showcasing your efficiency, strength, and achievements in front of the interviewer.

Digital marketing is an industry where thousands of people are applying on a daily basis where the recruiter selects the suitable candidate from hundreds of crowds. standing out from others you just need to make your cv catchy so let’s learn how you can make a digital marketing cv for freshers.


Headline plays a very important role in cv for standing out from others where you need to mention about your expertise which matches to your recruiter demand because as you might have been seen that whenever you might have been applied for any job in Internshala,, times job,, linked job, there are thousands of applications(cv) are already present there.

It will help for standing out of them when you put relatable headline as per your recruiter demand because when recruiter makes a search then it gets SEO optimized and then it helps requiter to shortlist and you to stand out.

As similar when a recruiter looks at your resume’s headline it gives a very attractive impression to the recruiter and helps the recruiter to make a decision quickly whether your application/cv is useful for them or not. so try to make your headline bold and highlighted.

(ii)Add experience

Add you’re any experience in the cv either it’s about your previous internship or any freelancing project or any kind of achievement or details about any live project where you have been done some work because it will be very difficult for you to grab a job as a raw fresher so try to grab an internship opportunity. Add work experience and time period


Add a professional headshot picture in your cv. It generates more clarity and attractant to a recruiter to read your entire cv completely.

(iv)Contact details

give your contact details, email address on the top so that recruiter can easily contact you back

(v)Tools and software list

Mention the name of tools and software that all you have used and have a good grip on all of them.


Add all the certifications that you have got yet. it may be your digital marketing institute certificate, google certificate, and any certificates of your achievements in the digital marketing field that all you have got.

(vii)Qualification details

Add your academics and professional qualification separately

Interview preparation

Learning the skill is definitely a good thing but what next it’s time to leverage our skill and contribute to our society for grabbing this opportunity we need to go through interviews so let’s learn how we can crack the digital marketing interview.

As we told you As freshers it is going to be your personality test more than a skill test so focus on being confident, be clear about the basics of digital marketing.

The most important thing having good communication skills first focus on these things later on we have some extra advanced tips to crack digital marketing job which is written below

(i)Research website & social media

Before sitting for the interview make sure that you have been gone through the companies website and social media profile which will give you a clear picture

in your mind about the company and will make you confident for interview

(ii)Talk to industry expert

A day before the interview you can talk to industry experts who are already in the digital marketing field they can be your mentor.

Your digital marketing coach or someone who is already working on these fields because from there you can know about the exact trends of the industry which will give a very good impression in front of the interviewer.

(iii)Develop your social presence

This is the industry where you are going to make the social presence of others so first ensure that you are having your own social presence in Linkedin etc.

It gives a professional impression in front of the interviewer and increases your chance of being selected in interview

(iv)Don’t use Buzzword

Don’t use buzzwords in time of your interview e.g- I can implement growth hacking to improve your ROI.

How gamification in Linkedin will help you in engagement, don’t talk about bid strategy because as a fresher it is not going to be your job there you will be hiring for taking the instructions so don’t showcase yourself as over-smart or an extraordinary man.


Try to grab an internship opportunity because as a raw fresher no one is going to hire you.

Most of the time that question may have arrived in your mind that how to get a digital marketing job without having any experience so you need to remember that as a raw fresher.

It is difficult to find a job so Try to grab an internship opportunity because these internships will give a practical experience and lots of new things.

You will be learning in your internship which will give more weightage to your cv and will increase your chance in getting selected in the interview.


Mention tools on your cv which you have used where you have an expert in using those tools. display your capacity through tools

(vii)Polish your basics

Try to clear your basics of digital marketing because if you got failed in answering the basic questions then it will be difficult for the interviewer to hire you


When you go for an interviewer ensure that you are going in the perfect outfit wearing formals and all try to maintain professionalism because remember these interview is going to be your personality test more than a skill test.

(ix)Stay motivated

Don’t get upset or demotivated when you fail in any interview keep practicing until you got selected.

And before going to an interview we always think, what questions will be asked by the interviewer so let’s solve that mystery and know the questions asked in digital marketing interview 

Q1. What is Digital Marketing according to you and why are you interested in pursuing a career in it?

Q2. What makes digital marketing different from traditional marketing?

Q3. What are the differences between Digital Marketing and Branding?

Q4. Why do you believe that online marketing will be more beneficial to our company compared to offline marketing?

Q5. What are the most efficient and useful Digital Marketing tools?

Q6. Explain what is SEO?

Q7. What is the difference between On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO?

Q8. How do you plan on optimizing our site ranking and increase the traffic on our website?

Q9. How to do Keyword Analysis? What keywords would you pick?

Q10. How much hours are you willing to devote and what salary do you expect?


 Definitely when you are in search of a job then these questions may have come to your mind multiple times that ‘what is the salary of digital marketing fresher’ so being fresher we need to focus on learning and getting experience.

 All though if you have enough knowledge and expertise then you may expect the amount somewhere around 5k to 10k depending upon your experience it may be more as well.

I believe this blog will be really helpful for you. And I hope at the end of this blog you have an idea about the questions asked in digital marketing interview and ready to crack it confidently. So get ready for your upcoming interview. All the best. 

And if you want to improve your digital marketing skill or want to learn digital marketing skill from scratch to advance where you want to learn basics to advance mystery and want to be a job-ready by polishing your digital marketing knowledge and interview preparation then you must visit for further details of advance diploma in digital marketing program which will be live conducted by Mr.Alok kumar Badatia.

Author Bio –

Md. Junaid Quraishi is a passionate digital marketer and a blogger. He loves to read and write blogs, also into freelancing where he helps business owners to get more sales through his digital marketing strategies. He is one of the alumni of AADME.

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