How to find Life Coaching Clients in 2021-A Complete Guide!

Practicing a successful coaching business is not your ultimate goal, Becoming an inspiration for thousands of people is your destiny right! You might be an expert in creating an impact on the lives of people with your skills but you don’t know how to find life coaching clients right?

Let me guess, 

Many questions might be striking to your mind right now like, 

how to get your first life coaching client in fewer investments? 


how to market yourself as a life coach?

In this article, I am going to deliver you the process on how to find life coaching clients and help you drive quality customers into your business

Excited to know the secret of how do life coaches get clients?

Let’s dive in, 

What’s in it for me?

Prerequisites on how to get clients for life coaching business

  • Golden Questions to ask yourself 
  • Lead Magnet
  • Building Sales Funnel

Strategies on how to market yourself as a life coach

  • Website & Lead Magnet Placement Strategy
  • Build Blogs, Podcasts & Videos
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Email Marketing 
  • Webinar Marketing

Remarketing Strategy


  1. Prerequisites on how to get clients for life coaching business

Starting a coaching business and running it successfully is no easy task

You need to learn the art of how to market yourself as a life coach to generate profitable business

Before making any plan you must ask some crucial questions that will help you build a long term growth strategy

Let’s dig deep into it,

  • Golden Questions to ask yourself:
  1. Who is your Target Audience?

This is the most important asset to know about your life coaching business

Who is going to be benefited from your life coaching services?

Your target segment can be:

Men, Women, Teens, Students, Doctors, Teachers, couples, etc.

They may be facing problems like stress, self-confidence, social anxiety, depression, or any addiction

So, here you need to make a decision for knowing your ideal customer based upon expertise

  1. How exactly you are helping your prospect to achieve results

The next crucial decision for you is to answer the questions like:

How exactly you are helping your customer to solve their life’s biggest problem?

What specific result your customer wants in life?

It can be an “experience”, “personal goal” or a “feel-good notion”

Promoting yourself as a “Life Coach” or “business coach” is vague if they are not achieving expected results

By documenting the above questions you can determine the USP, Messaging, and Positioning statement of your business

  1. Prioritize your Prospect’s problem above your Offerings

Talking about the prospect’s problem first should be your highest priority

A big loophole for most coaches is their most of business assets like business cards, websites only speak about themselves

For example, many websites of life coaches have headings like: “About me”, “Contact Me”, “Our Blog”

The reader won’t get any confidence or awareness of what results he is going to achieve

They are missing to talk about what exactly their clients want

Remember that your competitor might be showcasing their business the same way

So, Position yourself differently!

  • .Lead Magnet

The next thing to do is start building the lead magnets

A lead magnet is a “freebie” or a “giveaway” to collect the contact information of your prospects

The different types of a Lead magnet for life coaches can be:

  • Checklist

You can create a cheatsheet or a list of:

Tips, tools & resources, Quotes, affirmations, positive habits or activities

  • Consultation

The discovery calls can help you know your prospect in a better way and build a strong relationship with the customer

  • Framework

If you’re looking to position yourself as an industry expert then a roadmap or framework is a great choice as a lead magnet

  • Webinar/Trial Session

You can use a webinar to harness the power of video to inform your potential client in a more in-depth manner

Live Session will help you understand them better and also collect contact details

  • Ebook & Guide book

A guide book can help them learn more about a specific topic and work through a process to get a quick win

These educational guide books can be used on your best life coaching websites as a lead magnet

Determine Sales Funnel

The next step is to create a buyer’s journey or Sales Funnel

It is the journey our potential customer makes before making any buying decision or purchase 

Here we have to create highly valuable quality content in the form of Blogs, Videos, Podcasts

And distribute it over digital marketing channels at different stages of the buyer’s journey 

Now let us discuss the strategies of distributing the content

Strategies on how to market yourself as a life coach

  1. Website & Lead Magnet Placement Strategy

A website is an online portfolio of your business 

Here you have to build the best life coaching website displaying how you can help your prospects achieve their goals

The website must speak about what value your potential customer will receive after connecting with you

Lead magnets on your best life coaching website can prove out as game changer

You have to strategically place the lead magnets on your website to get the contact details of potential clients

  1. Blog, Podcast, or Make Videos

The next step is creating highly valuable content in the form of blogs, podcast, or videos

You can publish blogs on your best life coaching website to educate your potential prospects

  1. Social media strategy for life coaches

Here, you can create engaging educational content like tips, tools, success roadmap, weekly contests, challenges in the form of graphical posts, Videos

This content can be published over Youtube, Instagram, or Facebook to get brand awareness

I hope you are getting an idea building social media strategy for life coaches

  1. Advertisements strategy 

After implementing social media strategy for life coaches, now you can start advertising your services

You can start investing in Video Ads like Discovery and Traffic Ads over Youtube, Facebook & Instagram

  1. Email marketing strategy 

Email marketing is the best way to build professional relationships with your prospects

The leads collected from your best life coaching websites landing pages is to nurture using tools like convertkit or GetResponse

  1. Webinar Marketing strategy

The next step is inviting all the potential leads from Blogs, social media strategy for life coaches, and Advertisement strategy into a Webinar over Zoom 

At the end of the webinar, you can connect with them over a 1:1 Consultation for selling your services 

The consultation with the prospect is where you should be making at least 80% of your sales, and turning them into paying clients.

  1. Remarketing strategy

Worried about how to get your first life coaching client?

You can use remarketing strategy to convert all the potential leads who were not closed in the webinar

You can retarget them via Recall Video Ads of Sales Pitch on YouTube, Facebook & Instagram


I hope the above blog was useful and you got clarity on the questions like; 

How to get your first life coaching client? How do life coaches get clients? How to market yourself as a life coach? Or How to get clients for a life coaching business?

However, it is observed that most coaches fail to convert the clients over consultation call due to a lack of Sales and Leadership skills

If you want to know how to get clients for life coaching business and master Sales and leadership skills then you can always connect

Do you know any other strategies that I missed on how to get clients for the life coaching business?


Have any questions on the above-mentioned thoughts?

Feel free to share your valuable views in the comments below

All the best!

Author Bio-

Sanket Tambatkar is a freelance digital marketer and passionate blogger. He helps entrepreneurs to get more sales through his online marketing strategies. He is also one of the alumni of AADME.

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