How to Generate Leads for Startups in India

How To Generate Leads For Startups in India also learn Marketing Strategies for Startups

Did you know the big challenge of an Indian Start-up? It is How to Generate Leads For Startups in India. 

Generating leads and winning consumer attention is no easy task.

Some studies show that you generate more leads, 

but you still win if you have an average product..

This demonstrates the importance of the best lead generation strategies for start-ups.

Here, the question is How to Generate Leads For Startups in India?

well, This blog is a complete guide on How to Generate Leads For Startups in India.

Quick Facts

85% of experienced marketers believe generating leads is the most important part of their marketing arsenal.

However, only 42% of business owners have an adequate plan or method of generating leads online. 

There are many ways to generate leads, but not all marketers understand how to generate leads, and start-ups need them the most. 

Since many people don’t know how to generate sales leads, we’ve put together the best lead generation marketing strategy for start-ups that every business owner and marketer should know.

What is Lead Generation?

Leads are potential customers who show interest in your product or service.

Lead generation is the process of getting people in your target group to show interest in your product or service. 

So, lead generation is simply the process of filling your sales funnel with people interested in your business.

Anything that gives someone permission to contact or remarket them.

So, how do you generate leads for your business? You can generate leads from both sources i.e online and offline. 

No single method is available that will help you attract potential customers.

However, with the right combination of methods and the best lead generation strategies for your startup, you can definitely win the lead generation game.

Some of the important points for quality lead generation are:

Define the nature of your business

The very first thing you have to do is, define your nature of business.

And for that you have to answer the following questions:-

Which industry does my Start-up belong to?

Correctly identifying the Industry your Start-up lies in, is very important.

In a broader sense, it helps to analyze the entire economic and industry’s future prospects.

What are my product and services?

Many times people are unaware of what their product is meant for.

In order to market your product in the best possible way, there must be an exact identification of the product usage.

What is my business model? (e.g. B2B or B2C)

The marketing techniques for B2B & B2C products are done in somehow different ways.

So there must be a clear understanding of whom to market & how to market.

What is the buying behavior of my consumer?

If there’s a detailed and clear buyer persona, then probably understanding the buying behavior would not be a difficult task.

But still understanding the behavior in terms of the Consumer funnel, is very important.

And that’s why having a well-experienced marketing consultant is very necessary.

Define Your Persona 

After defining the nature of business, you have to define the most important element i.e. your buyer persona or ICP (Ideal Consumer Profile).

A buyer persona is a research-based profile that depicts a target customer.

Buyer personas describe who your ideal customers are, what their days are like the challenges they face, and how they make decisions.

A good understanding of persona will help you in your lead generation marketing strategy.

Lead generation marketing strategy

There are two types of lead generation marketing strategy that businesses follow:

  1. Inbound Lead Generation 
  2. Outbound Lead Generation 

Inbound Lead Generation

Inbound lead generation is one of the effective ways to generate leads for your business.

It help’s visitors, convert them to leads when they visit your company website or social media handles.

To generate leads for the company, marketers can choose content marketing, social media marketing, or search engine marketing. 

With the help of a lead generation marketing strategy, the company can target customers who are already actively browsing the Internet for the products or services the company engages in. 

Inbound lead generation is known as one of the best lead generation strategies. for startups because it works well when there is a lot of online search volume related to that product and service.

Outbound Lead Generation

Another lead generation strategy you can use is outbound lead generation.

Outbound lead generation is the process of generating leads when you blindly push business-related communications or messages to your target audience. 

Bulk emails, cold calls, display ads, and more are some of the methods used to generate outbound leads. 

Outbound Lead Generation is the best way to generate b2b leads and is recommended even if your company’s product or service has very low online searches, or if your company is very new and hasn’t been built online yet.

Ways to generating Leads 

  1. LinkedIn

Through LinkedIn, you can generate quality leads. Especially, if you are into the B2B model then LinkedIn is one of the best lead generation strategies.

  1. Webinar

Nowadays, organizing webinars can way create a quality pool of leads.

Apart from lead generation, webinars also serve as great Marketing Strategies for Startups to connect with their audience.

  1. Infographics

Infographics are creative & attractive informational graphics.

Pinterest is one of the best places for Infographics pinning and posting.

This is also used as a lead generation strategy.

  1. Blogs

Blogs are generally long pieces of content giving detailed information about your product. They are combined with texts as well as graphics. It serves as a great way of lead generation.

  1. Paid Ads

Through paid Google ads and Social media ads, you can generate potential leads at the consideration and the purchase stage.

This is the best lead generation strategy for startups

  1. Co- Branding

By partnering with other brands, you will be able to get featured on their platforms.

It helps to cross-share the audience with the other brands and way generates more leads.

  1. Listing on Directory website

Directory websites are the online place where businesses like yours, get listed.

People go through those websites and generate leads in a very efficient manner.


Connecting with more and more people and letting them know about your business is essential to the success of your business, with the right lead generation strategies.

Startups can win the game of How to Generate Leads For Startups in India.

Effective lead generation methods are essential to the long-term success and survival of startups.

Whether inbound or outbound, choosing the method that works best for your company will help you build a stable lead flow. 

However, the goal can only be reached by adhering to this method and continuously optimizing the results.


You don’t have to try all of these. In fact, it would probably be a bad idea to do so.

why? Because all startups are not alike.

These lead generation strategies have worked wonders for our company, but they won’t necessarily work wonders for you. 

Only one or two of these strategies can succeed. this is ok Carefully evaluate each in the context of income, resources,  marketing objectives, and competitive landscape. 

As long as you believe in the effectiveness of these lead generation strategies, there is no universal formula for growth.

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