Find clients for doctors in India – A step-by-step guide!

How to get clients for doctors in India? 

How to attract patients to the clinic with the help of digital marketing?

These are very common questions that you might ask on the internet if you are a doctor running a clinic or someone who plans to do so in the future.

Let me tell you it’s not rocket science to run a successful business, but every business is different.

I believe running a clinic is tricky and a unique business.

So, we should use a unique marketing approach while planning to find clients/patients for clinics/doctors in India.

Now you should also replace your questions from how to get clients for doctors in India? How can I prepare a brilliant strategy to get clients as a doctor? 

Or how can I use online marketing techniques to create a digital footprint for my clinic? Instead of How to attract patients to the clinic with the help of digital marketing. 

Our primary focus should be to use platforms that help us.

If we are active on such platforms, we will get clients as people will know who we are. 

As I have worked at a pharmacy and I have been in regular contact with doctors, I understand what the pain points are and after months and months of research, I have found a few strategies and techniques that have worked for many people.

With that being said let’s get started with a few digital marketing strategies and techniques to help you find clients as a doctor:

Build your local presence –

learn how to attract patients to the clinic with the help of digital marketing and how to do digital marketing for doctors in India

It is very important to have a presence in your locality. 

You want everyone in your locality to know about you and your clinic, don’t you?

You can do this using various things. I highly recommend creating an account on google my business. 

Add all the details of your clinic.

Address, your specialty, your qualification, etc. Google my Business has helped a ton of businesses and is gaining popularity here in India. 

Having a local presence has become a necessity.

There might be so many clinics in your locality you must stand out. 

This is one of the best digital marketing techniques to attract patients to clinics in India.

Reviews! – 

know how you can do social media marketing for doctors and attract patients to clinics in India.

Now that you are done with google my business and have a local presence the next thing you need to do is up to your review game. 

Now, this can be tricky. In fact, digital marketing for doctors in India can be tricky as a whole so be very careful while reading this blog. I don’t want your strategy to suffer because of some silly mistakes.

You can get some reviews from your past and present patients.

Now you can also take some reviews from your friends and family if the health advice given to them by who have been valuable to them.

The more reviews the more trust you will gain on the internet.

For example – If you are an ENT specialist and have a clinic in Shastri Nagar and I want to visit an ENT specialist in the same locality.

I would search for all the ENT specialists in that area on the internet i.e. Google or any other search engine, 

Based on the reviews and ratings I would decide to visit a particular clinic.

Now there are other factors too for an individual to decide on a clinic but having excellent reviews and ratings is the most important because that’s the first thing a visitor notices and eventually decides based on that. 

Social Media Marketing –

find out digital marketing for doctors in India and how to attract patients to the clinic with the help of digital marketing.

This one is my favorite. Social Media Marketing for doctors in India can work wonders if done in the right way. 

Now all the social media marketing techniques and strategies on the internet often talk about social media marketing and spending time on platforms where your prospective lead spends time on which is absolutely correct.

But as a doctor, my clients are going to be on every social media platform.

So I can use every platform to create awareness about what I offer and how I can help you better than anyone else.

Being active and putting content on social media platforms is important to attract patients to your clinics in India or wherever you are.

Create a website – 

discover how to do social media marketing for doctors.

Website is the most important thing nowadays and everyone must have it even if you are just an individual.

A website can help you tell everyone who you are, what you do, etc. You can also use a website to give knowledge to everyone.

Posting informative blogs weekly can help you attract more patients to your clinic.

A website has many uses, and it is hardly possible to mention every one of them in a few words.

So yes……. Just create a website it will help you a lot.

Email Marketing Campaigns – 

discover how to do digital marketing for doctors in India

Remember I told you about creating content on social media platforms and posting blogs on your website?

Well, these small things can add up and create a list of people who would want to follow you and know more because they love the knowledge you share. 

Now once you have an email list, you can send out regular emails about different things in your domain.

Now, these things have to be beneficial and must add value to your readers’ lives.

Once that’s done you can inform or remind them about the services you offer or the information of your clinic where you help patients with their problems.

The Bottom Line – 

I believe everything comes down to adding value to other people’s lives.

Once we do that, we can get what we want. Every marketing technique and strategy comes down to adding value to the lives of the people you want to serve.

So like I said before, don’t ask how can I get clients/patients as a doctor in India?

Or How can I attract patients to the clinic with the help of digital marketing?

Instead, we must provide answers which would help your clients, and then they would themselves want to come to you.

So with this, I would end this blog and I just have one more piece of advice for you.

Don’t stop too early digital marketing or anything takes time but it will give you results and you will be thrilled with those results.

Thank you for reading this blog!

Author Bio: Arjun Sharma helps businesses sell their products and services by putting them into words that convince, persuade and make action happen.

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