Digital Marketing For Doctors in India: A Step By Step Guide

Is it even necessary to do digital marketing for doctors and healthcare professionals?

Acquiring patients is one of the greatest pain points of doctors & physicians in today’s healthcare market. 

Today, hospitals, clinics & doctors spend lakhs in setting up lavish infrastructure and modern equipment to give their best solutions to patients but still they fall short of inquiries.

Until now the primary mode of gaining visitors or patients was word-of-mouth marketing of most doctors like you, but you very well know the potential outcome is not enough to mitigate your clinical expenses.

But the good news from Industry is numerous healthcare organizations and doctors have started using cutting-edge digital marketing technologies just not to raise awareness but also to create strong trust in the market & eventually, leading the race of revenue generation.

Moreover, numerous companies talk about doing digital Marketing for doctors in India but rarely any of the digital agencies are specialized in the medical field.

But for a fact at the same time, patient gain reported that only 4.3% of doctors are using digital marketing strategies to promote themselves & rest depend of traditional methods or external digital marketing agencies for doctors in India.

This means that there is a huge market that has been left untapped.

There are a lot of good doctors out there that patients have no knowledge about. 

So in order to make yourself visible as a doctor, you need to be present at platforms where your ideal patients are spending time to improve your branding, awareness & generate revenue.

Here are 10 Digital Marketing for Doctors in India tips & tricks doctors can use to increase your revenue.

1.       Website

Every doctor and physician must have a website in 2020. 

The website nowadays is considered to be an online visiting card. It is the most important part of personal branding for doctors and physicians.

Patients should be able to navigate any information they want about you online.

Good thing is that with the emergence of online CMS platforms like WordPress, anyone can easily make a website without coding in less than a weeks’ time.

By creating your own WordPress website can upload blogs, collect patient data, can have a live chat option, etc.

Here is my FREE WordPress Website Development Course that you can go through and create an amazing website for yourself.

2.       E-mail marketing– 

It is very important to provide value to patients and keep them informed about various health-related things via email newsletter.

 E-mail marketing is the best tool you can use to keep your patients updated with all the health-related information and also keep track of patient’s reports.

E-mails are still by far the most suited tool for trust-building and should be on every doctor’s internet marketing strategy list.

 As a Doctor, you can also send personalized emails to patients who are in the requirement of special attention.

3. Use social media– 

Social media is the easiest and the cheapest way to build a brand.

It is the easiest way to do personal branding for doctors.

Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have a massive amount of people spending time there and doctors can easily connect and even get recommended to other patients on social media.

You can also share all the clinic-based updates with your patients on social media. 

In a survey, an infographics archive found out that around 60 percent of social media users are most likely to trust doctors’ posts over other people’s posts.

4.  Video– 

If you are looking for digital marketing for doctors in India you can’t neglect YouTube. As YouTube is the most viewed channel in the country. Audiences these days prefer audiovisual content over written text content.

Doctors should put out informative and engaging videos for their patients on platforms such as YouTube.

 It will help you to make a good reputation and have a face value in the market.

5. Patient feedback– 

Testimonial plays a vital role in developing trust among other patients. 

Doctors and physicians must collect feedback from their patients and share that on their website and on various social platforms.

If the patients are not camera-shy, then you can take video testimonials of your patients and put them on YouTube and Facebook. 

It will help prospective customers in their decision-making process.

6. Paid ads– 

The image shows the example of Digital Marketing for Doctors in India through PPC ads

Doctors should run paid ad campaigns for their services on platforms like Google and Facebook that can help them to reach a wider audience 

The best thing about Google and Facebook Ads is that it will allow you to avoid the general public and target only apt people.

Make sure that you go through the entire terms and conditions of the ad platform that you are using for your ad services.

7.  Blogging– 

This a very important activity that doctors can do. 

Doctors must write blogs on a regular basis so that they can create content that their patients can read and share.

It will help them massively when it comes to brand building. Blogging is very effective when it comes to brand positioning for doctors and physicians. 

Doctors can also share some of their patient experience and patient stories that will help others psychologically when they are in a bad health situation.

8.Local SEO– 

Most of the patients tend to go to doctors near them.

So it is very important for doctors to do local SEO for their services. So make sure that you have a Google my business page with all your information filled such as an address, contact number, etc.

Once people know about you, they will automatically reach out to you.

9. Directory listings – Doctors must also be present on directory listings such as just dial, sulekha, etc.

They should also consider medical directories such as Practo, health grades tec.

 It will help a lot when it comes to online visibility.

10. Events marketing– 

Doctors go to a lot of welfare camps and events that nobody knows about. Therefore as a doctor, it is your responsibility to let people know about it.

You can use face and Instagram live. Put various posts on social media sites and your google my business platform.

So that people can know that you are always updated on the latest trends.


In today’s day and age digital marketing for doctors is a must. 

But doctors are really busy people especially in a country like India, where doctors are in such short supply. 

Therefore they can outsource marketing to a good digital marketing agency that is good at creating and executing marketing for doctors. 

Doctors are the people that actually do God’s work, so it is important for them to keep up the good work.

If you are a doctor or a physician who wants to do online marketing for your services, you can mail me at

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