How can a Housewife Earn Money at Home- 5 Brilliant Ideas!

Today, we are living in a society where the money is the predominant factor determining our lives. Thanks to the internet and digital technology as more and more women are publicized their skills through blogs and social networking sites.  Housewives, based on their skill-sets, can successfully do a variety of businesses working from home, according to their comfort and convenience. So here are some of the ideas on how can a housewife earn money at home

Especially, women after getting married need to stay at home to look after their family and kids. In that situation woman become financially dependent on husband. Being housewife does not be condemned to earn little or no money.

Housewives earning from home has its own advantages of being own boss, taking decisions independently and earning money with flexible hours. House wives become financially independent so that the additional income also helps for future. All needed is the right attitude, time management and the preparedness to work hard. Thus, this helps in taking care of family and kids.

This image shows how can a housewife earn money at home

5 Ways For a Housewives to turn into Successful Entrepreneur

  • Home based business

Housewives who are artistic and imaginative can earn money from home by having small business ideas like candle-making, soapmaking, handmade crafts, jewelry making, interior decoration and many more according to individual’s interests. Hobbies of house wives can change into business. Let us see a simple business idea of candle making for housewife to earn money while working from home.

This specifies how can a housewife earn money at home by making candles
Type of businessCandle making
What are the materials for businessfragrance oils, beeswax, candle dyes boilers, containers
How much time spent in a day4 to 5 hours
Capital required25k to 2.5lacs
How much housewife earn30% of profit
Where to sell the productWholesale shops and online
  • Tailoring

How do Housewives make money by tailoring?  People buy readymade clothes but for special occasions such as wedding, they love to get clothes custom made. Women segment is the main market for the tailoring shop. Women love wearing customized and fitted clothes. They buy a lot of readymade garments from a mall or a bazaar. But they need someone to alter the brand-new clothes. Alteration of clothes is always needed by almost everybody. Having a boutique helps tailoring business to increase sales.

The image shows how can a housewife earn money at home by tailoring
Type of businessTailoring
What are the  materials  for businessSewingmachine,needles,sicssors,treads,measuring tape
How much time spent in aday4 to 5 hours
Capital required10k
How much housewife earn30% of profit
Where to sell the productDirectly to customers
  • Day care

A day-care center for toddlers or preschoolers can be feasible for house wives to earn money while working from home. Company of young and adorable children and playing with them is brilliant option. Most couples these days are working and they need someone to look after their kids. Taking care of kids is the best work of the housewives to earn money from home.

This image specifies how can a housewife earn money at home by day care
Type of businessdaycare
How much space required  for business2000sqt
How much time spent in a day4 to 5 hours
Capital required2 lacs
How much housewife earn20% of profit
What materials requiredToddlers friendly furniture
  • Tutoring:

Tutoring online or at residence is the best way of work for housewife to earn money from home. Any specialized knowledge can help to run a home based or online tutoring. This is especially useful for housewives whose has good academics.

Type of businessTutoring
How much time spent in a day4 to 5 hours
Capital requiredNo capital needed
How much housewife earn10 to 20 k
Useful  or at residence
  • Catering:

 Catering is the best option for housewives earning from home as many house wives love cooking, Catering doesn’t necessarily mean huge parties, it can be smaller (more manageable) affairs like birthdays and dinner parties.  Do put some thought into creating an attractive menu and specialized in new recipes.

Type of businessCatering
How much time needed8 hours
Capital required2 to 3 lacs
How much housewife earn20 to 40 k
  • Data entry jobs/Online survey jobs

 Data Entry Jobs is one of the easiest jobs suitable for housewives there are no special skills or knowledge required to work as a data entry operator from home. Online surveys are conducted by marketing companies for their new products or to existing products. So that these surveys help to improve product or service quality

Type of businessData entry/ online survey jobs
How much time needed2-3 hours
How much housewife earn10 to 20 k

Passive Incomes for Housewives to Earn Money from Home


Freelance writing is a field that requires almost no extra equipment as long as you have a laptop or desktop and internet access. You can also get started without previous experience. An expert and knowledgeable writer have unique experiences and perspectives to share on a topic; it is possible to make money through freelance writing.

The image explahow can a housewife earn money at home
Skill requiredGood communication and basic computer
Income earnedmedium


How to earn money at home for housewives here is the best idea of Blogging. It is the first recommended online jobs for housewives as it is the easiest job. Blogging is also called a digital book where one can write, express through innovative ideas.  It is a great gig for those with a passion for a particular topic. It is very easy to start a blog today with CMS such as Word Press and Google Blogger and earn money through advertising or selling products

Skill requiredPassion for writing and basic computer
Income earnedhigh
Useful resourcewww.

3.You Tube Channel

YouTube is one of the largest video blogging platforms and there are 1000s of videos being published every day. Millions of people are ready to watch videos on YouTube. Publish the video in your channel and follow digital marketing techniques which help housewives to earn from home to drive visitors to see videos of the channel

Skill requiredGood communication and basic computer
Income earnedhigh


So, above all are the career options and tips about how to earn from home for housewives and also can build a wise career and make their dreams come true. I wish all housewives to get benefited from my blog. Please drop your valuable comments and your views in the comment section and let me know your thought on starting up a business. Do you want some more ideas on earning money online? You can reach me out jyothi.infotech@gmail.coml on this and I will be very happy to answer your questions and giving suggestions.

Author Bio-

Jyothi is a housewife and also a passionate Digital Marketer. She loves to write the blogs and through her blogging ideas, she is an inspiration to all the housewives who want to be an entrepreneur. She is also one of the Alumnus of AADME.

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