Digital Marketing Strategies For the Gaming Industry In India

The gaming industry is skyrocketing. More and more people have started playing games and the online gaming industry is set to grow more than $2 billion in 2022.

With growing competition, every gaming business is looking for an online game marketing strategy. With the world going digital and everyone trying to market their products and services online digital marketing for the gaming industry can be a great fit.

We have seen some great Online gaming marketing strategy be it Angry Birds which also had a movie release and Grand Theft Auto V

There is much to learn from their campaigns that can benefit us.

Now there are different platforms where people play games.

For example – Games like PUBG and Angry Birds are played on your mobile phone but games like WWE and FIFA are played on PlayStation.

Different platforms have different user bases and different marketing strategies can be used for different platforms.

Game marketing can be divided into mobile game marketing, video game marketing, 

Video game marketing strategies differ from mobile game marketing.

In this blog, I will give you some killer digital marketing strategies for the gaming industry which will help you plan and execute them perfectly every time.

So let’s get started – 


learn the market trends in the gaming industry and online gaming marketing strategy

Social media marketing can work wonders for you.

An online marketing strategy for games can be through gaming influencers on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc. 

This is very simple, there are a ton of social media influencers on the internet.

Also with games releasing every now and then the Youtube gaming channels have quite a fan base of young gamers.

Hiring a social media game influencer and asking them to play your game for them and asking him to share their experience with their audience can be a really great social media marketing strategy.

When we talk about this type of strategy, the first thing that comes to mind is budget. Well if you have a good budget for marketing then great. 

But if you do not, don’t worry you can always target influencers who charge less. Now keep in mind if an influencer is charging less money they probably do not have a great budget but you never know.

Other than that you can regularly post on your social media handles, have contests, inform your followers about any updates or upgrades of your game, etc.

A bit of Traditional touch with Digital –

We can do Game Marketing by running ads on television and YouTube. This can help and make all the young ones or whatever age your target audience knows more about it and get excited.

We can also market Video games at shopping malls, gaming cafes, and gaming stores.

As a marketer, you can partner with these cafes and stores which will help your game reach a lot of people.

There is a really big market in India left that has not been explored yet.

There are thousands of game parlors where there are only a handful of games being played.

If you can take advantage of this then the sky’s the limit for you.

Mobile Game Marketing – 

discover the game marketing and video game marketing strategy to excel your gaming business

Say what you want to but the Mobile game industry has become huge.

With budget phones being so easily available in India a huge number of people are buying phones and this number is skyrocketing. 

Also, because of the coronavirus, a lot of young kids now have their own mobile phones. 

Games like pubg, angry bird, etc were massive hits amongst the young crowd.  

The reason that I have a separate point and strategy for mobile game marketing is that this industry is huge. 

Right from Social media marketing, running ads on the internet, having contests regularly on all your social channels everything can and should be done once you have launched your game.

Mobile games are quick to download and even quicker to delete. So make sure you do not compromise on the quality of your game because gone are the days when people used to check the size and time to download the game.

Be quick to communicate with your followers. If they tell you they are experiencing a bug try to fix it asap (as soon as possible).

College cultural festivals, huge student gatherings, etc can be used to market your games amongst students. If you have a great budget you can sponsor college festivals as well.

The Bottom Line – 

Market trends in the gaming industry keep on changing. What is relevant now might not be after a few years. SO you have to be on your toes.

The gaming industry is growing like crazy with more and more people working from home and kids studying at home. They spend all their time locked both in the home and phones and other electronic devices.

Games are not just for kids like they used to be some time ago. The gaming industry is also seen as a great career choice. Also, people who play games are doing pretty well for themselves just by playing games.

Digital marketing for the gaming industry is a perfect fit. Social Media Marketing and a few traditional marketing strategies with online marketing strategies can work wonders for your game.

Game marketing has been going on for years and years but with time it has changed. Games that could not adapt to this digital era and their digital marketing strategies suffered and are now out of the market. 

Video Marketing Strategies have also seen a change, and it is here to stay for a long, long time.

With that being said these were a few of my digital marketing strategies for the gaming industry. Now I know not every game is the same and not every strategy should be exactly the same either.

But I think the little things that we do along with our strategies are what makes us different from other campaigns.

I hope you like this blog and are excited to use these strategies for your game. 

Best of luck! Thank you!

Author Bio: Arjun Sharma helps businesses sell their products and services by putting them into words that convince, persuade and make action happen.

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