Starting Digital Marketing Agency- Mindblowing hacks to skyrocket your career as an Internet Marketer!

Starting digital marketing agency in India? You thinking of starting a digital marketing agency but are you confused? Don’t worry you are at the right place. This is the age where a new era of digital marketing has started and is booming. 

Many businesses have increased their sales through digital marketing. Most people fail while starting digital marketing agency because they fail to understand these basic things.

India is the fastest-growing country for startups so they all require an online marketing solution to stand out. Just hold tight, sit back and relax as I am going to share a complete journey for starting digital marketing agency. 

But before we jump ahead let’s understand a few stats –

  • More than 90% of people visit the site for an overview before visiting the store
  • Marketing has a 50% share for growth according to small businesses.  
  • 60% of the world population are online globally.
  • Social media has 4 billion people active on it.

Finally, here are the steps for starting digital marketing agency.

1.Portfolio- You have to build your portfolio first for a digital marketing company startup. This portfolio will give your digital marketing company startup a high priority and value. You can do this by getting strong at different digital marketing services. 

This will also ensure a strong brand value for your digital marketing company startup. You have to have strong control over areas like SEO, content writing, email marketing, and PPC ads for successfully running a digital marketing agency.

You can also showcase your happy client testimonials and the reputed companies you have worked with to increase their businesses. This is the most important step before planning to start your own digital marketing agency. 

2.Challenge-How to set up digital marketing agency is a big challenge. Setting up a digital marketing agency in India is a task. Many business owners are still unknown to the new digital era of marketing. 

They still find marketing online an added plus point but not that necessary. These businesses have failed to recognize the power of digital marketing. This pandemic situation has made these businesses realize the need to go online to some extent.

 Running a digital marketing agency requires patience for results. So, to make businesses understand this is a task. Due to strong competitors i.e., digital marketing company startups growing you have to work hard to grab clients.

3.Name, logo, and cards-This is the basic yet important step for setting up a digital marketing agency. The name of the company should speak for itself. It should tell the businesses what the digital marketing company startup is about. 

Some examples are SEM, AHREF, Digital 365, etc. There is much online free Software to help you with the name. While thinking “how to start your own digital marketing agency?” don’t forget the logo is the face of the company. 

Take help from online tools or simply hire someone to design an attractive logo. Also, print business cards that help you to set up a digital marketing agency whose network grows over time.


4.Website-After starting a digital marketing agency the very next step is setting up your website. Your website should have an attractive landing page. 

Each of your landing pages should be connected to the respective services your agency provides. Don’t forget to add your portfolio to your website

Running a digital marketing agency without having a contact us and privacy policy page is a mistake you don’t want to make.

5.Niche-To set up a digital marketing agency that specializes in a particular niche is of utmost importance. Many business owners prefer contacting a niche-specific digital marketing service. 

You need to strengthen your niche, it may be like a hotel, software, B2B industry, etc. It will help you get clients on board easily. 

To start your own digital marketing agency with a specific niche will increase your skill set in that niche. Thus, making you stand out from several agencies.

6.Payment-Setting up a digital marketing agency’s payment method is entirely up to you. Many digital marketing agencies charge on a performance basis i.e., the number of leads generated. 

You can also charge a one-time payment for short service or fixed monthly payment. You even have the option to apply your service charge plus the amount spent on ads. Remember to charge concerning the quality of service you provide.

7.Social Presence-You have to build a strong social presence for running a digital marketing agency in an effective manner. Look out for social platforms to engage with your happy clients. 

A positive social profile will build your network automatically for new clients. You can also post guest articles related to your services to connect with more people. 

Find your winning platform and post achievements, company culture photos, and videos. It helps to win the trust and build that traction for running a digital marketing agency.

8.Taxation-To start your own digital marketing agency you need to understand the taxation system in India. The corporate tax varies for both domestic and foreign companies.

The updated corporation tax rate for FY 19-20 (AY 20-21) for the domestic corporate sector is effectively 25.17 %. The tax is paid on net revenue i.e., gross revenue – expenses and depreciation. 

There are several startup incentives and taxes differ for them. So, after setting up digital marketing agency hire o good CA that would guide you to save money.

9.Team-You need a good team to start your own digital marketing agency. Your team requires a content writer, graphic designer, coder, SEO specialist, and social media manager to set up a digital marketing agency.


For smooth running, a digital marketing agency should have a team of experts that will determine the success of the agency. 

Ensure your team is aware of the latest updates and encourage them to come up with new ideas.

Make a choice-Now that you have filled yourself with the knowledge you will have that confidence to setting up a digital marketing agency. 

Don’t be in hurry, have patience for success. Just focus on being consistent. Still thinking “how to set up a digital marketing agency” the above video will help you further in your journey. So, go deeper into your dreams.

Author Bio-

Rajas Nawar is a digital marketer and a blogger. He is into freelancing and helps many business firms to get more qualified leads through his online marketing techniques. He is also one of the alumni of AADME.

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