How Do Accounting Firms Get Clients- The 8 Hidden Agenda for Accountants!

In the Accounting Firm, one of the biggest obstacles that we face today is trying to figure out how do accounting firms get clients. Nowadays Technology has made it much simpler than it used to be a decade ago.

Guys this is the biggest problem when accounting firms are not getting their clients. Trust me, if you follow the instructions provided in this blog then, you can definitely see the change.

Now, we have so many techniques at our disposal, allowing us to get creative when it comes to marketing our services. If you do at least 4-5 tips to get more accounting clients, you will definitely able to approach your prospects.

For me, as with many smaller Accounting firms and sole tax professionals with small budgets, marketing can be a tough challenge. You need to think outside the box has allowed me to market my services while spending very little money.

Here is the place to Look “how do accounting firms get clients”

Here is a fairly comprehensive list of the 8 Hidden Agenda Of How Do Accounting Firms Get Clients that ways you can attract prospects for your freelancer work for chartered accountants or bookkeeping business.

There are some 8 tips to get more accounting clients for a side business for chartered accountan

1. Maintain a LinkedIn Profile

In the current world, LinkedIn is a big B2B or B2C social media platform. You are ensuring that your LinkedIn page or profile should be optimized to connect people with what you are offered to them and which people want to attract into your network. As you know LinkedIn is the strongest social media platform where freelancers work for chartered accountants that maintain their killer linden page. In LinkedIn where you connect with a lot of clients, In this platform, you can build your network which increases the huge number of clients where you can reach out to.
There are some points on how to get accounting clients online to best utilize LinkedIn, but here are a couple of the most important things:

  • Keep your current photo, professional, and high-quality image.
  • Ensure that Your headline and summary are most probably the most important things of your profile. Use them perfectly to demonstrate expertise and as well as to clarify your services.
  • Post content regularly that demonstrates your expertise as well as educates your prospects.
  • Also, you can Research your prospects on LinkedIn so you can discover what they’re working on and what their needs are.

2.Build your Facebook business page

This image is an example of How Do Accounting Firms Get Clients through Facebook

On Facebook lots of freelancer work for chartered accountants to generate their income. Because,

Facebook, which has over 2 billion users, is the largest social media platform to do side business for chartered accountants. The question is how to get clients for CA firms? With these privacy features, you can easily get separate business from personal if that’s a concern. You can create a business page where you can set up a Professional profile and page, also you can invite clients to like the page, garner reviews, promote events, and much more.

There is a link where you can learn how to create a Facebook business page in a professional way:

3.Create your YouTube channel.

If you love teaching, Then YouTube is the right way to display your content videos that show your expertise. Most freelancers work for chartered accountants and they create content videos to generate leads. Where Your videos do not have to belong three to seven minutes is about as long as anyone’s attention span lasts these days. Just keep the only learning point in a separate video and it can be easily done. You can make the Video by using the smartphone’s camera in video mode or screen capture software in video mode will get you started. Guys trust me YouTube is a great platform to do side business for chartered accountants and you can also do as a full-time freelancer work for chartered accountants.

4.Set up a Twitter account.

There is another social media platform called “Twitter”.Twitter is that enables you to gain brand value exposure and stay top of mind with clients. On Twitter, you can also do your side business for chartered accountants and get more clients. It has a 280-character post format that is perfect for sharing time-sensitive news like accounting software for sale price deadline.
It’s also a great feature for you when you’re attending an event like an accounting conference. Most conferences assign a hashtag (such as #QBConnect for Intuit’s annual conference) that you can use the post to connect those freelancer work for chartered accountants in an accounting conference. On Twitter where you can also do accounting conferences on most of the topics such as how do accounting firms get clients,  how to get accounting clients online and how to get clients for CA firm etc…

5.Upwork (freelancer marketplaces)

Upwork Freelancer marketplaces are great places to find new clients. So there is another question you can ask yourself how to get accounting clients online on Upwork. There is the answer where You can find people looking for a variety of work including accounting, bookkeeping, data entry, and everything in between. It’s not limited to single freelancers either, you can register as a side business for chartered accountants in most freelancer marketplaces. The key to success in freelancer work for chartered accountants starting small and building up your reputation. And you get more reviews, Or you can find more clients and charge more for your work in the marketplace. After you do a great job for a client make sure you get the regular follow-up to the client and stay in touch and see if they need any kind of work done down the line. Also, you have another freelancer marketplace such as People Per Hour and Freelancer. where you can sign up as a side business for chartered accountants and earn handsome money.

6.By Tax Buzz.

TaxBuzz is a directory especially for those who do side business for chartered accountants and tax professionals. It is run by one of my accounting website provider competitors, Client Whys. The cost ranges from free to $500 per year. expect to be upsold. Go here:

7.Write and post Blogs on sites where your clients frequent.

If you are a writer or maybe a blogger you want to tell future clients something, then write a blog and get it posted online. In addition to your own blog, you can submit it to sites that will publish it. Where you can also give the answer to how do accounting firms get clients online easily. There are lots of sites to list that will take your articles, and often, having connections helps you to make new clients. I am giving you 5 tips to get more accounting clients where you find sites that will take your articles such as quora etc. Make sure you’ll need to do some research about submission guidelines and find out the correct editor.
Search those sites that allow you to become part of an exclusive community of bloggers for a fee that you pay, and another, less frequently, You will pay these sites to post your articles. Know you can start with the online version of your local newspaper, and then branch out from there sites

8.You can Join the QuickBooks Community

In QuickBooks Community, you find the  Accountants and small business owners have a place to connect and learn on Intuit’s community platform. When your questions and answer business owners, you have a chance to connect with them further.Where you also ask questions such as how do accounting firms get clients, how to get accounting clients online.  These features are time-intensive, but once you become well-known on these platforms, you pretty much own it. For signup Go here:


So Guys Now is your time to put these ideas into action. Work through the best point and make a call of action to get more clients for your business! And do professionally side business for chartered accountants.

If you have any creative ways that you’ve gotten new clients for your business? Let me know and I’ll add any good tips to the post.

Author Bio-

Gaurav Jain is a Digital marketer who helps small and mid sized companies to promote their brands through Digital Marketing techniques. He is one of the Alumnus of AADME.

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