How to Find Investors for Startups in India?

Are you looking for an investor for your startups in India? If yes, then you are at the right place.

Here we are going to show you exactly how to find investors for startups in India.

You will get many ways and examples also that help to find the right investors for your startups.

We will guide you step by step when you contact your investor. But, many startups face the problem of how to search for investors for business in India.

Every startup sees a dream about how to get angel investors in India so, you don’t need to worry, please read this blog from top to bottom.

We will give you a brief guide on how to find investors for startups in India.

Finding investors

There are several ways how to find investors for startup businesses in India.

You can use the company blog or company Twitter and Facebook, Instagram, a news feed, Twitter page.

Once you get the investor contact, you will need to go through several preliminary steps.

So below is a guide to investing in startups in India.

The Series and Investors B2B investors are non-business people and they fund business to businesses.

Startups will be searching for how to get angel investors in India to fund their businesses.

Investor categories

Venture capitalists, Private Equity, Venture Capital Companies, Angel Investors, Corporates, Business angels, Debt funds, Housing Development Finance Corporation (HDFC), Small Finance Banks Types of Investors Type Investors Interested in Entrepreneur Sponsors Corporate Investors Government Regulations.

Broadly differs by state/city/country varies by the size of the deal terms depending on investor base Competition in India Large-Cap Company has a presence in most of India’s top 50 cities, ready for an exit for an increase in scale Small-Cap Company has a presence in small towns and rural areas with no global presence but a promising product/market fit for a lucrative exit.

 Low Cap Company is seeking an exit from a small size deal for growth capital.

Investor Requirements

You will find out how to find investors for startups in India and how to work with them.

 You need to understand what investor’s expectations from you are.

Social media

Thousands of startups and micro-entrepreneurs trying to get big success in the world. You get the startup investment with the help of social media.

find out the secret of how to search investors for business in India

How to find investors for startups in India

Venture capital, Angel investment, Seed investment, Hedge Fund, etc., and startups in India should have them.

But how to find investors for startups in India?

In India investing is a lot easier than in most other parts of the world.

There are many programs and resources to bring in investors and you can easily set yourself up to get started.

Ask the friends and their family

Get investors the help of friends and their families.

It’s a new year. How are you celebrating it? Tell us about your New Year’s resolutions.

Many people make New Year resolution to change their lives and you tell about your future goals and convene you friends and family to invert your startup for getting a high return.

Stock tip for investors

Why Equity? The main reason for a business is to make money.

If it is hard to make money, there will be limited business opportunities for the entrepreneurs.

And If there are no business opportunities for entrepreneurs, their time will be occupied in providing goods and services for other companies. 

Thus, entrepreneurs must think about the big picture.

If a business is not making money, it is not a profitable business. Also, businessmen must know that their business is like an investment.

 If they don’t make money from it, they must expect to lose their money so, it is very important to know how to attract investors.

However, for a small business getting money from investors might not be possible.

learn how to get angel investors in India without any hustle

Find out who your target investor is

Who is your ideal investor?10% Investment 15-30% Investment 75-95% Investment 80% Investment 95% Investment what is The Best Investment Formula for Your Business?

Using a predetermined investment formula for your business would be a great help, the investor will check your business plan before getting into the business.

The investor will like your business if you follow the investment formula. Use the best funding for your business with the help of a few simple steps.

What’s the best way to secure investors for your business?

Why need money for startups?

Why do founders need money for their startups?

In a nutshell, for a startup to succeed, the founder needs money to start the business.

 But, when entrepreneurs ask for money from friends, family, and members of the board of directors, the rest of the founders disagree with the fact of investing their money in the raw idea & many times it leads them to even doubting the brilliant idea of the budding entrepreneur.

So, they won’t give the startup a chance.

Entrepreneurs also need money to pay for the startup’s business needs and for hiring people.

Know your audience

If you want to know your audience, who you are presenting to then you need to know their habits and requirements.

And If your audience does not even follow you on Twitter to check you, know that you are not reaching your customer.

If you understand well how to find investors for startups in India, you need to do research and analysis.

It is good to go out of your way to look for and follow potential prospects but know how to find them.

If you cannot find them, just tell them about your startup, how to find you and how to buy your product, and you will win their trust.

Always have your links open and ready for them.

The transparency you have to be transparent about how you get money for your startup.

You should never let your potential investors in the dark, the company will be tarnished.


The sky’s the limit when it comes to capitalizing on your business idea.

 If you have a decent idea that you are willing to invest time and money to pursue, then there is absolutely no reason why you cannot get the funds, to run your business.

 You just need to start to think outside the box and figure out what you can do to attract more investors to help you realize your business dreams.

Author Bio: Sourav Senapati a Facebook Ads expert and in a process of becoming a Sales Funnel expert too because of a keen interest in this field. He is looking forward to helping Saas-based Companies to generate more leads using Facebook Ads and Funnel Strategy. He is also the Founder of @themarketingmedia which is a Social Media Marketing Agency.

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