13 Tips to Pick the Best Online Digital Marketing Course 2024

Sir how to know which is the best online digital marketing course in India?”

“Sir, I have done a lot of free digital marketing courses, but I am straightaway getting rejected when I am applying for an internship or a job.”

“Sir, I am a working professional and want to know if I should do digital marketing to upgrade my career.”

“Sir, I’ve already done 3-6 month digital marketing training but still, I am not able to qualify for a well-paying job in any company.”

These are the types of questions that I frequently get on my LinkedIn, Facebook, and Youtube on a regular basis.

The core of all these problems is the abundance of fraudulent so-called “ Best digital marketing course in India.” that a lot of people have fallen for and wasted a lot of time and money into them.

The even bigger problem is these “Fake Gurus” with their fake courses on online money making have tarnished the name of the Digital Marketing Industry.

So in this article, I am going to discuss the checklist that every aspiring digital marketer should look for before investing their money on any digital marketing course out there because I firmly believe when you pay for a course, you are not only paying for a course, but you are paying for the life after the course.

Here are 13 points that should be on your checklist before you start looking for best online digital marketing course in India

Live Face to Face sessions:

There are so many digital marketing courses out there that are going to provide you with just recorded lessons or recorded classes.

But trust me guys, learning digital marketing should only take place in a perfect handholding and mentoring environment. 

The reason for this is digital marketing strategies are different for different industries.

Digital marketing strategies that work for the fashion industry might not work for IT or hospitality or even for travel and tourism.

You cannot implement a standard digital marketing strategy that is taught in those videos into your business and your career.

It doesn’t mean that you need to attend classroom sessions only. 

There are various online tools by help of which students and teachers can interact, clear doubts, and give feedback online as well.

Minimum 3-6 months program:

There is no shortcut to success and there is also no shortcut to gaining digital marketing skills as well.

You might have seen a lot of courses claiming to make you a digital marketing expert in just 3 days or even 6 hours.

That is not even remotely close to the actual time it takes to become an expert and this means that they are just after your money and nothing else.

So make sure that the best online digital marketing course you are opting for has a duration minimum of 3-6 months because that is the amount of time that you’ll require to bond with your trainer and implementing digital marketing skills that you learned during the training. 

Not more than 7-10 students in a batch:

I know this sounds unrealistic, especially in today’s market.

But there are some institutions that take in 50-60 students in a batch. 

Even there are some star trainers who have more than 400 students in a batch.

But guys, ask yourself, is it possible for you to ask any doubt or raise any question or let alone get in touch with your trainer.

Absolutely NOT.

And it’s a very basic management fundamental, that a trainer can only properly train 5-10 people in a batch, not more than that.

If you find any coach or institution claiming to be the best online digital marketing course and taking 100s of students in a batch, consider it a scam.

Internship included in  the training:

It is the most important factor that you need to consider while opting for a training program.

Unless and until you implement what you’ve learned under the supervision and guidance of an experienced professional, you won’t understand what is actually required in the digital marketing industry.

It is the reason why most of the students even after spending thousands of rupees on various training programs still don’t get a decent job. 

They don’t have knowledge about how things actually work in the industry, how to do reporting, how an actual project is submitted etc.

It is very rare to find any institution like this which provides internship along with training because it takes time and effort to supervise freshers and it’s not profitable form their point of view.

Assignment based training with timely feedback:

Self-learning is the most important factor when it comes to personal growth.

Therefore before joining any institute, make sure that there are proper assignment submission and review sessions at frequent intervals.

If you have a doubt that how can you check for assignments before joining the institute, use your right to information and ask upfront for assignments from old students and check the quality of work done yourself.

Always remember guys, home assignments are very important and 95% so called best online digital marketing institutions do not give any priority to them.

Get work experience:

No company wants to hire freshers these days. 

Everyone wants someone with legit work experience. You must see that the institution or course that you are applying for is providing that or not.

They are a lot of institutions that are agency attached and they deploy students in realtime client projects.

See if the institution that you are applying for is providing work experience on realtime industry projects or not.

100% Job Assistance and Work Support:

There are a lot of trainers these days who are freelancers and work for their own.

See if they are embracing their students enough that they include them in their live projects.

Are they preparing you for job interviews? Are they informing you about recruitment on a timely basis? Are they conducting proper mock interviews and mock exams?

Check if the institution claiming to be giving best online digital marketing course has 100% job assistance for each and every student or not.

Niche oriented personalized training:

This type of training can only occur when the batch size is small and the trainer is able to engage with everyone personally.

If you are a business owner, startup founder, blogger, or an affiliate marketer, you need to understand that a generalized digital marketing training is of no use to you.

Because every niche is different, has different buyer’s persona, has different products or services. Therefore digital marketing strategies are different for every niche.

See if the trainer or institution is providing handholding support when it comes to implementing digital marketing strategies in your niche, in your industry or not.

Startup Handholding:

Everyone reading this blog must be having a business idea that they feel that they can grow and generate sales using digital marketing.

Let me tell you guys, this startup ecosystem is very sensitive. 

If you are in the initial stage then you need to work with proper marketing strategy and a proper marketing budget.

Otherwise, you will soon run out of cash and even your startup can go bankrupt.

So, see if your trainer or institution is providing proper startup training and handholding or not.

Learning Management System:

It is the most important factor that you need to consider when it comes to selecting any institution.

There are a lot of institutions or trainers who you’ll find that will ask students to write notes while teaching or provide them with PDF.

Guys, digital marketing training is completely tool based training where you need to learn a lot of tools.

See if the institution is providing you with the recorded video materials for learning those tools or not.

So that if in future you are applying for any job or running any campaign for anyone, you can refer to the LMS and make sure that you have lifetime access to that.

Also, ask if the best online digital marketing course has a dedicated LMS, do they upgrade that on a regular basis or not. 

As digital marketing is an ever-changing, ever-evolving field, the course material needs to be updated on a regular basis.

Trainer’s Industry Experience:

This is also one of the most important things you need to consider while selecting for any digital marketing training program.

Does your tutor or trainer has proven digital marketing industry experience or not.

How many companies he or she has run digital marketing projects?

In how many digital marketing assignments he or she has worked on?

What is the exact professional background of your trainer?

Everything you should be aware of before investing in a digital marketing course.

To do that, all you need is a google search. 

Yes, guys, you need to consider that the trainers who are training you, are they ranking on Youtube, do they a legit social media following, are they themselves doing Podcast? 

All these you have to consider before investing in any institution or trainer.

 End to end training: 

In today’s job market, if you guys are thinking that just by learning SEO or Facebook Ads you will start calling yourself a digital marketer and applying for jobs, it is very unlikely that you will get one.

Because in companies, you will find that they apply various digital marketing strategies, not just one single strategy.

So they always are looking for candidates who can implement a 360-degree digital marketing strategy for their products and services.

Therefore you need to consider whether your institution is providing end to end digital marketing training, with in-depth lectures and practical assignments or not.


The final thing you can consider is a stipend.

How amazing it would be if you can get a stipend along with the training?

You can easily maintain your pocket money and above all, you will understand the cost of labor.

Best Online Digital Marketing Course

Is the institution giving you the opportunity to make some money for the labor that you are putting in during internships?

There are very rare institutions or trainers that provide you with this opportunity and you should definitely consider this before investing in a digital marketing course.


So these are the checklist one should consider before investing in any digital marketing training course.

There are very few institutions that have all the above-mentioned perks and benefits that an ideal digital marketing course should have. 

Even the institutions that have all the perks and benefits charge hell lot of amount for their services.

But I have good news for you guys.

If you want to learn digital marketing from all the above-mentioned perks and benefits, Alok Academy of Digital Marketing Education (AADME) is your one-stop solution to do that.

We firmly believe that good quality education should be accessible to everyone.

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