Why is AADME the No.1 Digital Marketing Institute?

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When there are gazillions of convincing digital marketing institutes online/offline, everyone claiming to be the best and profound among all, then it becomes too confusing to find the best digital marketing agency course.

The confusion of which one to choose and which not is not something new.

But don’t worry, AADME(Alok Badatia digital marketing course) is there for you!

AADME is the premium institute that breaks all the stereotypes and helps you become the most actionable & in-demand digital hero of this huge digital forest quickly. 

Established in 2018 & briefly spanned its center all over India with its sole purpose of providing real-time industry exposure to every student with its hybrid & personalized course for every student.

We not only help you build the skills needed to become a successful digital marketer but also provide you with conventional tactics which make the companies lookout to you to help them assist or sustain in the market.

Students of AADME are not only profound digital marketers but also are proficient & full of innovative ideas which is a key ingredient required in any digital marketer.

And these specifications made us do Alok Badatia course review for you because we want you to choose only the best & right one for you.

Don’t believe us?

Well, we neither forced you to believe, rather how about taking a look at the comparison of Alok Badatia course review and other digital marketing courses.

In this blog, we have listed some legit reasons to assist you clear those dark heavy clouds from your brain & make the right decision ultimately.


1.Life-Time Live classesOnly for few monthsLifetime Classes & Support
2.Domain & HostingNoYes
4.Paid projectsNoYes
5.Faculty ExperienceOnly Few YearsIndia’s No. 1 Coach
6.Learning Management SystemNoIndia’s Largest LMS with Lifetime Access
7.Add-Ons: Business ModulesNoYes
8.Funds For Running AdsNoYes, Up to 500 INR Daily Per Student
9.Vocational TrainingNoYes
10.Unlimited LIVE Doubt ClassesNoYes

If you think this is it, then you are mistaken.

I have a few more to offer to your plate just to assure whether the knowledge we deliver is promising to you or not. 

Remember we promise you to make you meet the best digital marketing agency course.

So, let’s check out a few more reasons to magnify your prospect about AADME indeed this era’s best digital marketing agency courses.

What is trending in AADME ?

No matter how much the trends change or resilient the algorithms are to the marketers AADME digital marketing agency training is always ready for the hardest digital storm.

  • Industry style exposure to real-time projects
  • Practical approach towards assignment provided to students
  • Personalize mentorship to every student where they feel stuck
  • Helping Finding niche which students are best at.
  • Amazing placement cell
  • Practical analysis & scoring system to better analyze students capabilities
  • Opportunities to connect with Alumni and learn from them while pursuing the course to get a better knowledge of what mistakes to avoid after entering the industry.


Finding the best digital marketing agency courses always looks daunting but I hope we make this journey smooth for you with our specifications.

But this categorization was only to let you know what all think required to make a digital marketing institute the profound one for you.

Because you need to know what goals you will achieve from the program & that is something we want you to explain.

Trust me, we can play an important role in changing your life forever as we don’t just talk in the air we make it happen for you till the time you feel secure in your career & even after that.

Remember one right decision can make you and one wrong decision can break you!

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