The Best Way To Do Digital Marketing For Ayurvedic Products In India

Are you an ayurvedic product manufacturer or distributor looking for ways of digital marketing for ayurvedic products?

Or do you own an ayurvedic clinic or hospital and looking for more patient appointments?

We at Digital 365 are here to help you learn some strategies or tips for digital marketing for ayurvedic products, hospitals, and clinics.

The Ayurveda market is one of the fastest-growing markets not only in India but all over the world. 

There has been a steady rise in the demand for herbal products all over the world.

Now simple economics says that where there is demand, there is supply. 

Therefore the competition in today’s ayurvedic market is cut-throat. And you need to market ayurvedic product and services heavily in order to stand out from the crowd.

digital marketing for ayurvedic products

You have to try and test various digital marketing strategies for ayurvedic products to find out the best-suited channel for your product.

The best thing is, not only you can market your product or services locally, but also internationally.

The two sub-verticals of ayurvedic business.

  1. Ayurvedic products
  2. Ayurvedic clinics and hospitals

The Best Way To Do Digital Marketing For Ayurvedic Products In India are as follows:


Website in today’s digital age is like the property you own online. 

It is the first thing that your client comes across when they search for you online. 

Therefore it is essential to create a website with your brand name before anyone else does it.

Optimize for mobile: 

Mobile-friendliness is one of the most important factors when it comes to ranking on Google. 

Nowadays most successful businesses are optimizing their online property for mobile devices. 

Always keep in mind your business website and SEO strategy.

Business listing: 

Make sure your website is listed on search engine listings like Bing Business, Google Business, or other business directories is one of the most powerful strategy of digital marketing for ayurvedic products.

Google and Bing’s listings are always free. 

But if you want higher visibility, you can always go for listing in premium directories if you have a high budget. 

You can contact us if you are not well versed with listings. We will consult you on that very topic.

Email Newsletter: 

Once you have established a rapport with your client, it’s always nice to keep the E-mail newsletter going. 

Through the newsletter, you can keep your most loyal customer updated with the latest trend in your niche. 

You can also upsell your product and services.

Online advertising: 

It is the most suited channel for digital marketing for ayurvedic products and services. 

We have successfully created google and Facebook ad campaigns for a lot of brands and these campaigns have given the highest ROI.


If your website fails to rank on google for key search phrases, you lose clients. 

As simple as that. 

Therefore you have to implement SEO strategies of digital marketing for ayurvedic products or services.

Always hire seasoned SEO practitioners for this because wrong SEO practices may end up hurting your site.

Social Media: 

Social media is the cheapest way to build a brand and advertise as well.

Your loyal audience will definitely follow you on social media and this can result in reaching a larger audience than traditional marketing will ever be able to do.


Videos are the most heavily consumed content on the internet and Youtube is one such platform that not only provides you a platform where you can create and store great video content, but also the world’s 2 most used search engine.

So start making educational video content for your products and services on Youtube and do the proper optimization. 

Tips for promoting your business online:

  1. Do both paid as well as organic marketing. Choose a perfect blend of organic as well as paid marketing channels and allocate budgets to both of them.
  1. Never feel shy to promote Ayurveda. Some clients may call you hoax. Others may call you unethical. Don’t listen to them. If you believe in them, do promote your product and services as loudly as you can.
  1. Make sure you publish your result of research and development online. If there are any legal documentation involved with your product or service, do publish them online as well. It will establish trust among your clients.
  1. Always ask for a testimonial. Never hesitate to ask your clients about their experience using your product or service. Do document it and share it where ever you can.
  1. Hire a good marketing agency. Because they will be able to market your product and service better than you as they have experience in this field. But monitor all their activities as you are allocating them your hard-earned money.


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