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Learn digital marketing for cloud kitchen and cloud kitchen marketing strategy

Do you know according to Allied market research, The global cloud kitchen market size was valued at $43.1 billion in 2019 and is estimated to reach $71.4 billion by 2027 with a CAGR of 12.0% from 2021 to 2027? a CA

Marketing for cloud kitchen is extremely essential in 2022 and beyond and if I will talk about marketing in general then is the medium through which people become aware.0% from 

Now, the question is if you run a cloud kitchen and you want to grow further or if you are just thinking to start one, then you are completely confused on what to do and how to proceed!

Digital Marketing for cloud kitchen plays an important role as it is not a regular restaurant where we can put hoardings or banners to attract customers. In order to perform effective digital marketing for cloud kitchen then a digital marketing specialist should be hired or on a project basis for long-term growth-oriented results.

If you have done any sort of business courses or even a business degree i.e., MBA then you might be aware that digital marketing for cloud kitchen is extremely important as it is not a kitchen on the real cloud. Just kidding!

In this blog, I am going to discuss the top 3 strategies of marketing for cloud kitchen which can help you if you are going to start one or already running one.

Let’s get started!

But before, let me tell you briefly about cloud kitchen marketing plan, marketing plan as the name says that planning done before planning or applying a marketing strategy as in this case is of cloud kitchen. Now, marketing plans help an internet marketer to perform marketing strategies with a growth mindset and most importantly helps to do the task in a much more efficient way. More about it in a different article or video.

There are a lot of cloud kitchen marketing ideas or strategies but here I am going to discuss only three which would be beneficial for beginners as well as experienced in digital marketing for cloud kitchens.

Step by Step Guide on Digital Marketing for Cloud Kitchens

Google My Business

As cloud kitchen is mostly based on local or micro presence, Google My Business plays an important role when it comes to digital marketing for cloud kitchen.

Let’s suppose you are listed on Swiggy or Zomato or even both. Also, you are getting orders from both or either one of them. Now, you might think that if all my orders are coming from Swiggy or Zomato then why the hell should I list on Google My Business.

Here’s the answer, when you list your business on Google My Business then when someone will search “restaurants near me” then your cloud kitchen might show up (depends on reviews of your past customers).

Again, you might think that “I don’t own a physical restaurant”. Yes, you are absolutely correct. 

Here comes the strategy, when someone will search and see your cloud kitchen, then they are either going to directly call you or chat on WhatsApp.

When you will receive a call or message then you can redirect them to Swiggy or Zomato (depending on where you are getting more sales) by saying “Thanks for calling XXXX. As you made an enquiring on XXXX we have a special offer. If you will order something from Swiggy or Zomato above 499 INR, then you are going to receive a freebie from our end.” I can say that this one cloud kitchen marketing strategy can earn you a fortune at least initially or if done right in the coming years as well.

Hence, as you would be serving local customers then Google My Business is going to help you to generate leads and inquiries. Let’s move to the next cloud kitchen marketing strategy. 

Social Media

marketing for cloud kitchen

As you are well aware there are a bunch of social media platforms from Facebook to Snapchat. 

Now, the question comes which social media platforms do you need to focus on?

I would suggest:

  • Create a Facebook and Instagram by creating a page
  • Join Facebook groups based on your city or nearby. 
  • Most importantly, join popular groups where people engage every single day.
  • Look out for local social media publications and listings wherein you can get featured on their story and status. 

These would help a lot in branding locally.

Next, you can go to Instagram and you can follow these steps:

  • look out for influencers locally or nearby with around 2k to 5k genuine followers. 
  • You can give them free food for lunch or dinner, and they will record a video mentioning your kitchen. 

This is going to beat most of your cloud kitchen marketing strategy. Hence, you just saved video production and publishing cost. Just kidding!

Then when you will gradually scale then you can start running IG story ads which is going to give tremendous results in 2022. 

The strategy should be firstly to run ads on all placements like feed, story, discover, and after 2 weeks you would gather enough data. If you are not able to understand, please refer to some tutorials or blogs on Facebook ads. For beginners, consuming a lot of content on marketing for cloud kitchen can help you a lot in the long term.

Now, the magic happens. It’s time to run remarketing ad campaigns wherein you can run ads at less than half the investment than you invested initially as you would be targeting people who have watched or consumed 90% of your content.

One more thing, which I would like to add in social media ads especially Facebook is that a proper cloud kitchen marketing plan should be ready before investing any funds on ads.

You can implement this strategy right away if you are aware of Facebook ads or have run some campaigns in the past. 

Let’s move to the next and last point.

Local SEO

cloud kitchen marketing strategy

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is optimizing your web pages according to the search engine for example Google.

More than 90% of corporates and companies perform SEO on Google as Google has the highest number of traffic compared to Bing, Yahoo, Brave, etc. Now, you might be thinking, “Okay, but I am serving local customers then how can it help me?”

Let me explain to you the concept of Local SEO and the strategy to rank on Google.

  • First of all, go to Google Keyword planner and brainstorm and type in the probable local keywords relevant to your business. If you can’t brainstorm, then you can go to and enter your niche or industry and you would get some ideas.
  • Next comes is identifying low and high competition keywords, I would recommend hiring a freelancer on project basis or full time SEO specialist to do keyword research as marketing for cloud kitchen needs a lot of time and research.

Here we come to the end of 3 strategies of digital marketing for cloud kitchens. Remember, creating cloud kitchen marketing ideas is easy but implementing the idea strategically is the real game.


As we saw 3 strategies i.e., Google My Business, social media, Local SEO. If you have a basic understanding of these three then you can directly plug and play the cloud kitchen marketing ideas in your business. Also, if you are a complete beginner then I would recommend you understand the whole digital marketing concept (at least the basics) then you would be way ahead of your competition. 

I have seen most of the entrepreneurs in the cloud kitchen industry aren’t much aware of marketing for cloud kitchens. Let me tell you this if you want to play the game for the long term then you shouldn’t just focus on an agency rather you should be at least aware inside out of what is happening and what is currently going on.

However, there are a bunch of other strategies as well, but these could be a good starting point. I would like to write an article on cloud kitchen marketing plan in future if there would be enough response on this article.

Wishing you success in your cloud kitchen!

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