How to Make Digital Marketing Project Architecture?

Have you ever thought of one action plan that will work on every digital marketing strategy you ever make?


You have come across a digital marketing project architecture that will solve your funnel-building strategy like never before.

know the right digital marketing funnel strategies.

So with years of experience and building thousands of digital marketing funnel strategies.

I always used to ask myself how to make digital marketing project architecture till I found a solution to it.

And now I am sharing it with you.

If you follow this digital marketing funnel-building strategy your lead generation will be sorted for life.   

And one more added benefit to it is that you can even pitch this same

Digital marketing funnel architecture to your potential clients.

This will give your client a holistic approach to how you are going to manage their project.

And give them a sense of security that their project is in the right hands.   

So coming to the point 

What is Digital marketing project architecture? 

This is something that gives you a blueprint on how you need to move forward while:

  • Building your brand, or
  • Pitching a client, or
  • Even generating revenues for your company.

You must need to have all those Growth-hacking strategies that can speed up your success.

It gives you an ultimate roadmap towards your success and growth by using a tried & tested step-by-step process. 

Why do we need to build it?

You are trying to get your business or startup noticed online.

Do you know in this digital era higher the chances you will fail until you don’t have that exact project architecture by your side?

Research reports showed that almost half (45%) of companies don’t yet have planner strategies & that is the reason why their business fails.

find out how to make digital marketing project architecture

Giving you an ultimate guide of Digital marketing project architecture to boost your online presence and will help you with all kinds of shortcuts & resources.

How to build a Digital marketing project architecture?

To build this architecture you need to understand the strong psychology behind the marketing funnel. you need to understand the market that your marketing funnel will serve.

These are surely not tools or techniques that most people understand from the term.

I will give you a blueprint on how you can build a strong profitable marketing funnel.

The very first step is to understand a sales funnel Architecture & how it works:

The sales funnel Architecture is each step that someone has to take to become your Customer/Buyer.

If you need to understand it fully then let’s start with understanding the sales funnel and how it works:

explore the digital marketing funnel-building strategy

Digital Marketing funnel Architecture

TOFU (Top of the Funnel)

This helps to build online awareness of any business so you need to promote your content here & drive the traffic to the landing page. 

The first & foremost thing is to check if the existing client is present on all the platforms like Social Media, Blogs, Online ads, Youtube, and PR if applicable. 

Next, run a strong social media & content marketing plan to accelerate momentum on top of the funnel.

The top of the funnel plays a very important role if it is done right then the rest part becomes very easy.

So make sure TOFU is sorted then you can come next part of the digital marketing architecture that is Middle Of the funnel. 

MOFU (Middle of the Funnel)

In the MOFU you need to remarket your customers who visited your website previously to recall the product that you pitched them before because nobody will buy a product from you on their first visit.

Nurture them & build relationships & engage with your customers before they buy your products.

find out digital marketing project architecture

The main goal of the MOFU is to build your contact list where visitors of your TOFU convert as inquiries.

Here you have to build a seducing landing page that engages your visitors & compels them to fill in the form in exchange for an offer, technically called as Lead Magnet.

You need to show them the following content pieces: 

  • Testimonials ( what other customers of yours are saying about you)
  • Email sequences ( provide some free value to your potential by emails)
  • Case studies ( tell a success story of your past projects )  
  • E-book ( Again nurture your potential customer by giving some value)
  • Free trials to bring them down & engage in the MOFU.

Below I have given you an idea 

You have to send them an email or cheat sheet showing how valuable your product can be for them or what they are missing by creating powerful content & bringing them to your landing page or various social media platforms.

Retargeting will surely get you paying customers then we move to the bottom of the funnel. I also call it the delight phase.

BOFU (Bottom of the Funnel)  

This includes people who are pretty convinced or ready to buy your product so they go to your landing page and buy your products.

This is the blend of both paid and organic methods.

Not every person who will come to your landing will not buy so the second course of action for those people is explained below:

Your customer checks out to your landing page, talks to your salesperson, and decides to buy or maybe not so if they don’t buy you need to retarget them again.

If they buy from you & move into the delight phase then you need to nurture them with your- affiliate programs, Product usage blog posts, newsletters, etc.

know the digital marketing funnel strategies.

In today’s time, most of the companies crib because the company fails to generate the optimum momentum on the TOFU which results in “No sale”.

Now the question is how you will engage your customers at every stage of the funnel.

So content plays a very important role in this to feed the need of every stage of the funnel.  


What are the Secrets to engaging your customer at every stage?

Secret #1

Make a list of all the questions that people are asking online.

Secret #2

Answer the questions in various formats-Video, Podcasts, Blogs, Cheatsheet, E-books.

Secret #3

Publish & promote wherever your prospects are spending time to clear their doubts to solidify their buying decision in the respective position of their buying journey or funnel.

Now let’s find out what all you need to prepare from the content perspective:

You must be listening like Content is the king, no it’s not it is a kingdom.

learn digital marketing funnel-building strategy

Only if you know your customer very well then you will know exactly what type of content you have to share on different platforms.

So you can get their attention at the very beginning stage of the buying journey.

The secret to good content is that your audience should relate to it.

And what’s the best method to get inside your customer’s mind?  

It’s a market research 


creating an ideal customer profile for your product or service.

Now to Conclude

Your architecture is the core frame structure of your marketing funnel so it’s very important to be available at every stage for your customer  

If you think this is it then this is only the framework that I have shown you now there is a lot more than this that you need to know, learn and implement before your customer buys from you.

Let your clients find you and your work before you find them.

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