Top 5 Digital Marketing Strategy For Coffee Shop

learn digital marketing strategy for cafe also digital marketing strategy for restaurant

Do you know according to a research done by Specialty Coffee Association, digital marketing strategy for Coffee Shop have seen a 5,380% sales increase in curb side and pickup orders?

As we are well aware that small businesses and especially cafes are getting aware of various Digital channels and mediums to promote their business. When it comes to digital marketing strategy for café, local mediums such as Google My Business and Maps play an important role.

In this article I am going to discuss on digital marketing strategy for café and digital marketing strategy for restaurant. 

so, don’t miss a second to learn the digital marketing strategy for coffee shop in this article.

Folks! Let’s get started.

Complete Guide on Digital Marketing Strategy for Coffee Shop

Digital Marketing Strategy For Coffee Shop

Google Maps

As most of the coffee shops are based locally. I agree there are even cafes who serve even outside their local region. But here I am talking about the majority coffee shops.

If you are a complete newbie then I would recommend to start with Google My Business, because most of the consumers are getting more and more aware of digital channels and platforms and you would easily get your first 100 customers from Google My Business itself.

Now, you might think of it as very simple process. Yes, it is!

But when you would actually implement it, that’s the real game.

When it comes to digital marketing for coffee shop, this is one of the best strategies you can implement as a beginner as you don’t have enough funds initially.

Facebook groups

Now, let’s suppose if you have implemented few strategies on digital marketing strategy for coffee shop from some FREE guidebook or cheat sheet, then you can look forward to investing on ads (Facebook ads, to be specific). If you don’t have an investment mindset or have some fear when it comes to running ads, then I would suggest to join some popular groups where the audience is based on your city.

Here’s a simple strategy which you can plug and play-

  • Provide 100% value on the 1st day.
  • Provide 85 to 90% value on the 2nd day with a small pitch in the end.
  • Then on the 3rd day, 20% of value and then a strong CTA.

Let me know the results you got after implementing the strategy in the comment section of this blog.

When it comes to Facebook ads on digital marketing strategy for coffee shop, then it is an extremely humungous topic which I would like to cover in some other blog.

Let’s see what we have next in digital marketing for coffee shop.

digital marketing strategy for restaurant

Influencer marketing

There must be some food influencers (specifically Instagram) based on your city. Try to find them on Instagram by location. Also, by influencers I meant micro influencers who are having 2k to 5k followers max. Even fashion influencers would work like charm.

Here’s the strategy-

  • Tell them to visit your coffee shop.
  • And record a vlog showing your coffee shop.
  • And give them some freebie like any “avail any coffee for FREE”
  • Done! You just got a reach to a thousand people without spending on marketing.

Without more personal advice, let see what we have next on digital marketing for coffee shop.

FREE Coffee for couples

This is one of the popular digital marketing coffee shop strategies since decades, but it simply works like a charm.

Now, you might be thinking as it is a popular strategy then there might be a lot of competition. Yes, I completely agree.

But let’s suppose you have 100 couples coming in for FREE coffee then I can assure you that at least 20 people are going to visit your café every single month, week, or even days.

As of 2022 and beyond, this digital marketing for café strategy is going to be effective if you are a beginner or don’t have enough funds to invest on marketing.

digital marketing for coffee shops

Local digital publications

Another good digital marketing for café strategy could be approaching local digital publications. 

Local digital publications would be having around 100k followers on their Facebook and Instagram page. Also, they would be having some sort of pricing for posting your business banner or essentials on their status and feed posts.

This strategy of digital marketing for coffee shop is not discussed much but it is by far one of the best strategies to implement.


Contests could be organised. You can partner with some trending games by sending an email or directly calling their team and when someone would play the particular game then they are going to get a auto generated voucher. This one strategy of digital marketing for coffee shop can attract a huge young audience.

Here we come to the end of this blog of digital marketing strategy for café.

However, the strategy shared is completely useless if not implemented. If you don’t know about some of the terms used in the article, then I would highly recommend you to go through some basic content on videos or blogs then you would be able to understand or grasp the content in this blog much more efficiently.

Again, let me tell you that the strategies are tried and tested more than 100 times on various businesses on all niches. Hence, you can simply plug and play in your strategy of digital marketing for café. 

I am thinking of writing an article on digital marketing strategy for restaurant, let me know in the comments. Then, I would try my level best to write an article in the upcoming months.

Also, would like to add two points which might be handy-

  • Keep an investment mindset while running ads.
  • Don’t lose faith and believe in yourself


At the end, I would like to tell you that this content is up to the mark, and I am 100% sure that you would face a bunch of difficulties when you would apply the strategies in your business. Hence, don’t lose hope when facing the difficulties in technical stuff.

Also, I want some feedback on how this article helped you after you implemented in your business. Let me know in the comment section of this blog.

Wishing you success in your café!

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