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explore digital marketing strategy for edtech also find out How can I promote my online education business?

Education technology is quickly becoming an important tool for modern education.

The use of digital tools like digital lesson plans, e-books, and digital textbooks is on the rise.

Digital learning allows children to learn at their own pace, meaning all students, even those with slower learning speeds, can keep up with the class.

There’s a certain digital marketing strategy for EdTech, and if you don’t use it correctly, you could potentially lose a lot of money and waste time. 

This blog is about the digital marketing strategy for EdTech, and if you do it correctly, you’ll see a lot of success.

EdTech market size in India 2020-2025

How can I promote my online education business?

Report By Statista

In 2020, the market for kindergarten to twelfth-grade education has a market value of $1.16 billion. In comparison, the Skills Development Market is worth less than $500 million. In 2020 the total market is worth 2.8 billion, but by 2025 the total market is expected to grow to 10.4 billion

You must have gone through many blogs searching for marketing strategies for educational startups. 

Read the full blog to get to know the online education marketing strategies.

Here I’m sharing the best Digital Marketing Strategy for Edtech:

  1. Under Stand, The Buyer’s Journey
digital marketing strategy for edtech

The first and foremost important part of the marketing strategy for edtech is to understand your buyer’s journey.

Buyer’s Journey means the path from where a buyer goes through to purchase. In the education industry, the buyer’s journey is longer than any other business. 

You have to figure out from where your customer is entering the funnel.

You work with your team and understand where your customers spend time to get aware or to purchase.

Because they go through different stages before purchasing any product or service. 

Stages Of The Buyer’s Journey (Go To Market Strategy For EdTech)

  • Awareness Stage 

In this stage your customer is in research mode, So you have to create content in such a way that helps your customers in the research part.

Because if they find your content helpful in their research part the chances of getting conversion is high.

For Example- You can create:

  • Blog Post
  • Videos
  • Podcast
  • Informative Creative

  • A Consideration Stage

In this phase, you create content around Offers and target them to your audience.

You create content with the information of your product or service through which they relate their problems and find their solutions.

For Example- You can create

  • Ebooks and Whitepaper
  • Case Studies
  • Quizzes and Assessments
  • Conversion Stage

In this phase, your customer has a purchase intent and they are ready to buy but they need some assurance.

So to do that, you can provide them with free things.

For Example

  • Free Demo
  • Guide
  • Webinar
  • Testimonials
  • Comparisons
  1. USP
best marketing strategies for edtech

In online education marketing strategies, USP creates a very important role.

USP means Unique Selling Point. The one thing that makes your business unique and better than your competitor’s

Specific use of USP is to make your business stand out when compared to other businesses in the market.

USP is the best go-to-market strategy for edtech.

Some USP Ideas!

  • Your way of teaching
  • Pricing Option
  • Branding
  • Availability 
  • Location
  • Perceived Value
  • Associated Services
  1. SEO
marketing strategies for educational startups

You must have gone through many blogs searching about how to promote your online education business.

Let me tell you the best one i.e SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Your decision-makers are actively searching content around their problems and you have to perform SEO activities to get ranked on their search queries.

And this is the best and free source to get quality traffic.

So, if you optimize your blog or website well, It will help you to rank on search engines like Google. 

You have to do On-Page SEO, Off-Page, and Technical SEO to get a better rank on search engines.

This is one of the best marketing strategies for EdTech. This will help you in long term. 

  1. Digital PR
online education marketing strategies

Digital PR is one of the best marketing strategies for educational startups.

EdTech’s business success depends on credibility. 

If your article gets published on a reputed platform and your business is promoted by a well-known influencer then initially you get more benefits.

  1. Social Media Marketing
marketing strategies for educational startups

There are 3.78 billion social media users and you cannot ignore this for your business.

This is the best digital marketing strategy for edtech. 

You have to find out your target audience and the platforms where they spent their time the most. After this step, you have to start making useful content for your audience and also start to engage with them

It is compulsory to present on all social media platforms it builds brand awareness and trust in your audience.

If you want to go to market strategy for edtech then social media is the best way to start with.

  1. Video Marketing
online education marketing strategies

According to Oberlo’s report, 54% of consumers want to see videos from the brand or business they support. 

So, I think this encourages you to start making videos for your edtech business. Video marketing strategy for edtech, You show your educational product or service to your potential audience and get more engagement because people engage more with videos.

You can start creating videos on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram with a strong strategy that helps you to generate thousands of leads

  1. Chatbot Marketing
digital marketing strategy for edtech

Chatbot marketing is the best marketing strategy for edtech when you are offline. This means when someone comes to your website and they want to ask some questions then a chatbot comes into the picture. 

You can set pre-framed questions and answer with the help of a chatbot.

This is the best way to interact with your website visitors and collect their contact details without filling up the form.


I hope this blog post gave you a few helpful tips about digital marketing strategy for edtech. 

EdTech is an active, growing, and ever-changing industry. In order to be successful in this industry, you must have a strategic digital marketing plan.

If you have any questions about online education marketing strategies or want some help figuring out your marketing strategy, please feel free to DM me on Instagram @dmjitender. 

Good luck to all of you!!

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