How to find a niche for a youtube channel- Best Guide for Beginners !

Why everybody focuses on finding a niche? What is a niche? How to find a niche for a Youtube channel? There are enormous questions everybody has. Today in this article I will answer them all. 

So the main purpose of this article is that how to find a niche for a YouTube channel?

If you want to start your channel and are confused about what niche will be the best for your Youtube channel, I’m here to make that easy for you!

It doesn’t matter if you are starting your page on Instagram or Youtube or any business organization the questions will remain the same.

Questions like how to find a niche for Instagram?, How to find a niche for a Youtube channel?

The first thing everybody has a vague image about is,

What is a niche?

For choosing a niche suitable to you, you should first evaluate your skills and passions. 

Why am I saying this?

Because a niche is a skilled or targeted area that you serve particularly.

A niche is a passion that you are engaged with for at least five years.

A niche is what you can do without getting paid.

By far now you must be aware of what is a niche?

Now, how to find a niche for a YouTube channel?

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  • Evaluate your passion and skills as told above.

It is very important to know what you’re passionate about what you’re perfect in? what people regularly appreciate you about?

  • Search if you have a market suited for your niche. 

Because without a market for your niche it’ll be just a hobby. 

Not growing into a lucrative business.

  • You must also check the competition for your niche. 

Without competition, there is no one to compete with and you would barely have a target audience. 

So it is very important to have competition that will keep you motivated and going.

Search for other YouTubers of different niches see 

  1. what content they are posting
  2. What improvement do they need 
  3. Analyze there work
  4. And if they have chosen their niches see what content they are making videos on.
  5. Read their comments if the audience is liking it or not.
  • A niche should be specific and small, the smaller the better.
  • Be real. Be authentic. 

Because the more honest you are with the audience the more they’ll engage with you. The more trust they will gain.

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Youtube platform is a very big platform to showcase your talent.

As in this era, the covid pandemic has made everybody aware of the technology we use.

And Youtube is one of the platforms where most people spend time on.

Be it for entertainment or studies, music, gaming, etc.

Youtube as I told you is very vast.

 You can find anything on Youtube.

So, there will be competition for your niche.

The above points mentioned will help you find the answer to your question: How to find a niche for a YouTube channel?

Now let’s discuss some best niche for YouTube 2021?

  1. Tech review videos

This generation spends most of their time using the latest technology.

And our current situation has made everyone aware of the technology we use.

And there are mostly boys who like to explore more about technology be it a launch of a new phone or a gaming PC.

They like to watch them and keep them updated with the latest technology.

And if you keep your work authentic and real the audience will love it.

  1. Cooking tutorials
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This is a great option! 

As I am myself a foodie and spend a lot of time watching cooking videos on any social media platforms.

If you are great at cooking I would say go for this. 

Because as we all are going through this pandemic, everybody is at home.

And to spend their time people are trying different things. And cooking is what most people are doing.

This not only distracts you from the stress but also keeps you happy because at last, you taste your food!

This as per my view this is by far the best option for the best niche for YouTube 2021. 

  1. Dance videos

Dance is a passion for most people.

They love to dance and can do it for hours without getting paid, it keeps them happy!

If you are a dancer or love to dance and want to spread your dance through your videos it will be a great idea for you!

  1. Life hacks videos

Life hacks videos are a lifesaver, to be honest.

They will help you overcome anything.

And I think people at home right now, not able to go out, need such videos to help them.

If you think you can make it easy for people out there and will enjoy doing it go for it!

  1. Health and fitness tips
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To narrow down your preferences is most important for achieving the best niche for Youtube 2021.

Being healthy is very important. People want to look smart and healthy.

And people who are not going to the gym and want to know about some health tips and exercise suited to them, always visit Youtube.

So, if you are a trainer you can go for this option. 

  1. Art and craft videos

If you are good at crafting or making paintings you can start a channel about tutorials for art.

Anybody interested in art will subscribe to your channel. 

  1. Career counselling
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A career consultant is a person who tells what can you do or perceive in your career.

But most consultants charge a fee to consult.

But if you will provide the same content on Youtube and that too free all the kids who are in that phase will surely give it a watch.

As you read above, the ideas for the best niche for Youtube 2021 you must have notice something in common. 

That those were some passions that people love to follow for their whole life.

So to analyze which niche is suited for you is very easy.

If you have read till here you must have all the answers to your questions.

Hope you enjoyed reading it! 

Author Bio-

Roshni Bakshi is a Freelance Digital Marketer and a passionate blogger. He helps business owners to get more qualified leads through her digital marketing strategies. She is also one of the alumni of AADME.

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