Highest paying digital marketing skills in India

When we hear the word digital marketing we feel it’s a change in marketing strategy or it’s a new trend.

But whatever the technique is it’s a function like other functional areas of business or company like Human Recourse, Finance, Accounts, Marketing.

As we know because of the pandemic the approach towards business and lives have changed with remote work.

And online shopping, leading to increasing demand for technology and the internet. 

 Increasing demand for Digital Marketing Roles in India

With a rapid rise in online trade and e-commerce with remote work physical doors of business in India have shut down.

Because of that it gave rise to the Highest paying digital marketing skills in India.

With this approach we all have accepted a change in the system, technology related to the skills.

Almost all the brands and businesses around the globe have adapted to the new phase of a life cycle.

This is the indication that the digital platform is growing and is likely to accelerate further in the coming year.

As companies invest more in digital and branding strategies and function no doubt the revenue is going to increase more than the expectations.

And this will led to an increase in huge demand for digital marketers in India.

There will be an increase in job demand for digital marketing jobs up to 2 Lakh only in India for 2021.

There are many sub functional areas in Digital marketing.

So a question must arise in your mind that what are the highest paying digital marketing skills

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Expert:

Until there is online search in the market the demand for SEO experts is also will be high.

SEO experts making it easy for the brands to make their content reach the audience without any hustle.

How an SEO specialist can identify the best keyword selection for the content to rank the site, landing page, and article is what companies are looking for.

No matter whether it’s pictures or a well-written content to make it reach the targeted audience you need an SEO expert.

No doubt with the high demand for content generation there is a huge demand for SEO experts as well to make it available to their right audience.

If you are someone who loves doing the technicalities of SEO then this field is for you.

2. Content and copywriting skills and Strategist:

In marketing or any promotion of a brand, say it’s traditional or digital marketing, content plays a very important role.

No matter whether it’s to attract clients or to increase the value of the product/ service of a company. 

This profile needs a very engaging and superior skill of

  • writing for a website
  • landing page
  • e-mail
  • blogs
  • article
  • social media post
  • sales letter
  • presentation, and so on

It’s a combination of superior writing and creative writing where a writer interprets himself as a client and understands the psychology of customers and demand for the product/service.

According to that, he lay down the strategies for the content to reach his audience based on sector, location, gender, age.

3. Social Media Manager (SMM):

As there is the increased use of the mobile and online majority of the people use social media browsing brands need someone to present them to their target audience.

Hence it’s very easy to reach them!

One should have the best knowledge of the campaign and time slot when the posting is to be done.

we can easily track our audience according to the engagement of the usage of social media platforms by having a research report on the behavioral study.

To be a social media manager one should be an expert in:

  • creating designs
  • should have very good knowledge of color psychology
  • visual effects
  • copywriting skills, and
  • customer psychology according to the industry

Further, it will divide into Social Media Optimization making your social media marketing ready for driving traffic out of using social media platforms.  

4. E-commerce Specialist:

During this pandemic, most of the businesses adopted the chance of being physical retail to online presence.

And this the place where they definitely faced some issue or major crunch in business.

But after accepting the change most of the retail and physical business came to the online platform.

Which resulted in cost-cutting related to physical shops because there is no need for an outlet.

And even when compared to traditional marketing online marketing is budget-friendly.

Hence gave rise to the e-commerce industry. 

E-commerce specialists should be skilled enough to retain the visitors to act for their desired fulfillment by planning a strategy.

He needs to have good communication skills wherein he must relate to the sales, logistics, and marketing departments.

This is one of the top paid digital marketing skills that you can possess to build an interesting career.

5.     Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Experts:

In order to be a Pay-Per-Click expert, one should have:

  • a deep understanding of campaigns and
  • they will try to bring the content of the business to the top of paid search results.

It is a very complicated job wherein experts need to have deep knowledge of Google Ad word and Google Analytics, to run a campaign with measurable results.

And should also have the knowledge of financial strategy to run a paid campaign.

At present, it is one of the Highest paying online marketing skills in India.

Learn the Highest paying online marketing skills in India and Top paid digital marketing skills
6. Email marketing:

It is not like in the older strategy where a bunch of mail is sent to mass and is considered email marketing.

However, the strategies in the same sector will keep on changing as per the demand of need in marketing.

But the medium is the same with different strategies and approaches.

It is the initial stage for the customers to engage with the products and services provided to know the company.

Wherein content will be designed as per the psychology or persona of the receiver.

By this they will initiate an engagement, e-mail should be having a free e-book or a problem-solving message with a call to action step.

Experts will be able to collect the details of viewers and thereby be able to lead them to further funneling process.

7. Graphic designer, Video and animation creators:

Multimedia marketing campaign filled with:

  • design
  • professionally edited videos
  • animated videos
  • where it will grab the attention of the people

At present video marketing plays a very important role.

It may be animated or a video of a person.

Especially according to the study short videos will attract more with Crisp content that is able to take a call to action for viewers. 

8. Search Engine Marketing:

It is a critical role where an SEM specialist works on Google Ad word and Google Analytics to rank the site or blog on the first page.

And if you have that skill it’s a very demanding role in the current digital marketing Industry.

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9. Web designer/UX/UI designer:

It is one of the Highest paying digital skills at present.

User Interface will help the business to get leads :

  • where a website or app is designed in such a way that it should be user friendly to non-digital users and
  • also attractive that user will spend time on the site

The phycology behind this is to when a user spends more time there is a lot of chance to take a call action.

10.  Split testing:

It is the skill where an expert will test multiple versions of the webpage for different hosts several URLs.

You can say this as a modern era testing technique where more then one version has been ready and tried among different users to get the experience.

This is consider one of the fastest and effective methods of catering to user’s likes and dislikes of products and services.

Hence one can measure the rate of winning versions!

It will help to decide the goal of boosting conversions.


If you are looking for better growth in marketing or a growth career then you can choose digital marketing where technology always changes with innovation and even marketing.

So, this will be a combination of both where the IT and advertising and marketing sector will be benefited from IT for its innovation and technical aspect.

An advertisement for its creativity, Marketing for its changing approach from time to time.

I have penned down a few Highest paid digital marketing skills 2021 which will be useful for the youth

  • who wants to build a career and
  • who wants to switch their career

Author Bio: Shravya A J is a passionate content writer, social media professional, and digital creator. She loves to write blogs and create video content on health and mind wellness, and help to cure problems of psychological issues faced by people through online platforms. She is one of the alumni of AADME

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