How to Build Sales Funnel for Affiliate Marketing?

How to Build Sales Funnel for Affiliate Marketing

How to Build a Sales Funnel for affiliate marketing Business or you are a business owner and want to grow your revenue then you must know about sales funnel. So building a sales funnel strategy is not about getting people. You need to understand how the affiliate marketing sales funnel works before learning how to improve your affiliate marketing funnel. Herewith the help of answers of customers’ queries we guide you that how to build sales funnel for affiliate marketing.

Let’s Understand How to Build Sales Funnel for Affiliate Marketing

Before starting to learn how to build sales funnel for affiliate marketing, let’s clear the fundamentals of marketing & sales funnel,

What is funnel? 

A funnel is a series of pages that lead to a conversion event. Prospects often enter a click funnel through a link on a social media post, a paid search ad, or an email. That link takes the prospect to a landing page specific to a product or service your business sells. This landing page and sales funnel strategy will move to next step in buyers’ journey.

How to Build Sales Funnel for Affiliate Marketing

What is affiliate marketing? 

Affiliate marketing is an online sales tactic that lets a product owner increase sales by allowing others to target the same audience.

 Affiliate marketing is when you earn a commission for the online promotion of another company’s product or service

Why Affiliate Marketing Sales Funnel?

How to Build an Effective Affiliate Marketing Funnel: Before diving into the details of the affiliate marketing sales funnel, it’s good to know what a sales funnel actually is.

A sales funnel for affiliate marketing is a defined path that a consumer takes before purchasing a product or service. It includes different steps for potential customers so that they can easily move towards purchasing the core product thus generating your sales.

The purpose of a sales funnel in marketing is to sell a product or service or to entice leads for a marketing campaign.

Sales funnel for affiliate marketing

What is a sales funnel and marketing funnel?

Marketing funnel advertises a product or service to give leads a reason to buy. Whereas, the sales funnel deals with the leads (from the marketing funnel), enticing them to buy, not once, but as often as possible.

A sales funnel describes the steps an individual takes on the way to becoming your customer. It consists of three parts:

The top of the funnel is the marketing that attracts prospects to your business (e.g., the advertising on your physical storefront, or the landing page of your website).

The middle of the funnel involves all the parts of your sales process prior to the sale (e.g., people trying on clothing in your store, or website visitors reading about the benefits of your products).

The bottom of the funnel is the final purchase (e.g., customers paying for clothes at checkout, or website customers entering their credit card info to complete a purchase).

Sales funnel Marketing strategy:

Prospects will pass through four stages of the marketing and sales funnel stages, from when they first learn about your product or service until they purchase (or don’t purchase) your product or service. The four stages represent a prospect’s mindset, and each stage requires you to take a different approach with your messaging. You can remember the four stages using the acronym AIDA, below is the marketing and sales funnel stages with AIDA.





sales funnel marketing strategy

Effective sales funnel online marketing:

Offers increased value to potential customers with each step of effective sales funnel online marketing in the process.

Provides good solutions to the customer’s problems. Maximizes the leads (actions taken by the visitor). Makes you a go-to person in your niche with a trusted opinions. 

8 Strategies to Get More Affiliate Sales:

  • Use call to action buttons
  • Use tables
  • Use exit intent pop-up banners
  • Hunt for new offers
  • Create Keyword-list based on Affiliate Keywords
  • Build relation with Affiliate managers and ask for commission increment
  • Build upon your Reputation
  • Get more Organic Traffic – Use SEO

Types of Affiliate Marketing Sales Funnel 

There are different types of affiliate marketing  sales funnels you can consider for promoting your affiliate product:

1. Course Funnel

In a course funnel, you create a low-priced online course just to get more people enrolled in your main affiliate product.

It is a conversion boosting hack where you convince your customers to buy a small-priced course that supplements your main product.

More often, when a student enrolls in your course, he needs to buy your affiliate product to implement what you teach in your course.

There are several platforms like Teachable, Thinkific, Podia, etc. which allow you to host your courses and craft them strategically.

These platforms let you easily focus on marketing your courses without all the technicalities.

You just have to make sure that you are providing enough value to your customers to boost affiliate conversions.

In some cases, when customers buy your course, it is better to drip feed the lessons to them so that they don’t binge-watch your course.

You plan the entire course and provide access to the next lessons on specified timings.

2. Webinar Funnel

A webinar funnel is all about attracting your target audience, inviting them to attend your free webinar and then leading them towards the objective. The objective can be to provide valuable training or to promote your product.

If you want to maximize the show ups in your webinar, you may consider hosting the webinars at low prices like $1 or $2 or as per country currency where you are showing.

This trick works because people show commitment to the fee they have paid and at least watch the webinar if not purchase the product. In this way, you can get a great show-up rate and can promote your brand or product to the maximum audience out there.

In most cases and for most of the new businesses, hosting a free webinar works.

However, sometimes it is most appropriate to host webinars at a low prices to maximize the attendee rate and quality. 

Usually, in free webinars, you get a show-up rate of around 30% to 35% percent whereas, in the low-priced webinars, it can reach up to 70% to 80%.

Suppose, you are hosting a free webinar. You get 100 registrations but only 25 people show up.

On the other hand, if you host the same webinar at a low price, you will see 70 to 80 people attending the webinar.

3. Book Funnel

Among all the successful sales funnel, a “free plus shipping” book funnel works wonders, especially when you have a limited customer acquisition budget. Here, you provide the physical books for free and charge only for shipping.

When looking to buy a great book, everyone loves to see the ‘free plus shipping offer. It is a great way to make people interested in not only your product but your brand as well.

Wrap Up

If you ask me which sales funnel works the best for affiliate marketing, I’d say it totally depends on your product and your business.

Different sales funnels are best for different niches and work in their own way.

So, before selecting a sales to funnel for your next affiliate marketing campaign, it is better to understand your affiliate marketing funnel product,  first and after getting a good understanding of each funnel, map out your promotional plan and book a free call.

This is how you will be able to decide the perfect affiliate sales funnel for your campaign.

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