How to charge for Digital Marketing Services in India- Fab ideas for Freelancers and Agency Owners !

Since this is the problem of every digital marketing startup agency to understand how to charge for digital marketing services in india

how to charge for digital marketing services is the most frequently asked question over the internet by many startups to grow their business.

Well, I was facing the same problem when I did the startup for digital marketing services in India, and in this post, I am going to answer to do the calculation of how to charge for digital marketing services in India.

Technically, Digital marketing is a strategy that includes a range of tools and mediums used to make a path to the success of a business.

Cost for Digital marketing for small Businesses:

Different agencies have their predefined digital marketing pricing packages structures to do the marketing activities because it is a technology-driven era, and you can find cheap rates in the market so it depends on what you choose.

Many factors may impact the pricing packages of digital marketing in India like business size and type of the business.

If we talk about the average cost of digital marketing pricing packages in India it is about 20000 Rs to 150000 Rs annually.

So, Below is the Basic Points on which the cost of digital marketing in India or generally depends upon

So in this blog I am going to explain about how to charge for digital marketing services in india where you can work with more clients. So lets go.

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is a technique in digital marketing to get Organic traffic on your website and it can happen only when your website ranking is Good in search engine result pages (SERPs).

SEO is an integral part of the overall digital marketing strategy because it depends on what keyword the user is searching in the search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc. 

So, if you are looking for an SEO company and what are digital marketing pricing packages in India. it will be around 12000 to 35000 per month in India.

An SEO strategy, however, is based on what kind of keywords you want to target.

SEO pricing for digital marketing in India can be calculated easily as

More targeted keywords more will be pricing because SEO packages are depending on the number of target keywords.

Many people always get confused about that content marketing is a part of SEO or not.

The answer is Yes content marketing is part of SEO and it is the part of the digital marketing pricing packages in India as well. 

The reason behind this is that to target keywords we need to write blog posts, articles, press releases, classifieds, advertisements, etc. which is the process of content marketing.

2. Social Media Marketing:

As you already know, everyone has smartphones, and everyone needs everything on their fingertip.

So, in this internet dominating era, Social media marketing is Playing a very important role in digital marketing day by day and cost of digital marketing in India is in growing because of this.

Businesses just need to be active on social media platforms.

Now the question is why it is important?

As you know, everyone uses Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media channels. 

So, these social media channels help to make a personal connection with the customers by sharing content over there.

The average cost of social media marketing in digital marketing pricing packages can go up to 20000 to 40000 Rs per month.

In social media marketing, we can evaluate the cost based on the post per day or posts per week.

For example: if the business needs 1 post per day in their digital marketing pricing package, then you can calculate charge accordingly that how much time it will take to make 1 post on regular basis.

3. Pay per click:

PPC or Google ads are the best digital marketing techniques these days to advertise your business to the target audiences in a specific target location and collect leads from there.

For example, many businesses run campaigns and include digital marketing pricing packages in India with pay-per-click bases or ads on any occasions like new year’s Sale, Mansoon offers, etc.

So PPC helps to get a targeted audience via google ads, or Facebook ads to get instant business.

If you need effective and instant results you can go with the PPC in your digital marketing package without thinking about SEO and SMO plan.

The average price in digital marketing pricing packages could be around 21000Rs. to 28000Rs. per month for small businesses.

In simple words. The cost is depending on the factor of Pay per click. So, if you pay more per click the cost will be higher and more money you need to spend to make more effective your ad.

4. Cost depends on the type of business in digital marketing:

As you know every business is not the same and every business has different marketing budgets for digital channels.

For example, if you are a fast-moving consumer company, you want a robust relationship with the customers so need to give more funds to the digital marketing companies.

And if you are a B2B company that relies on product suppliers or organizations then there seems to be no logic to spend a high budget on digital marketing just a bit of SEO will be enough for such business.

5. Location plays important role in evaluating the cost of digital marketing:

Location is the logical reason here in digital marketing to evaluate the cost. many people ask why or How to Charge in digital marketing is location-dependent Because for local businesses cost will be low as compared to the businesses who want to scale on a national or international level.

For example, if a shop owner wants to sell products in 3 to 4 countries so investment need in all 3 to 4 locations to target your audience in PPC as well as on SEO pricing packages.

So cost is also location-driven in calculations.

Every location can not have the same pricing because PPC rate, labor cost, algorithms, timing change over the locations.

Always make sure that a cheap digital marketing agency will not be good for your business because you are asking the value of time.

Digital marketing is a very tough business where strategy from google change every month and every business need a different strategy because every business’s nature is different.

6. Landing pages:

A digital marketing agency needs to make landing pages that will have lead magnets and good quote forms. So, you can charge base on the 1 landing page. That’s why digital marketing pricing packages always include landing page pricing could be 1000Rs per landing page.

7. Email platform charges like Mailchimp:

In India Digital marketing pricing packages include charges based on the emails send on a daily basis because it has a 3 % conversion rate and very useful to get leads for the businesses.

8. Analytics implementation charges:

Regular improvements are very important for any business to upgrade the strategy so we need to give charge based on the platform where we are looking analytics. That’s why you must include analytics in your digital marketing pricing packages.


So, you can make the packages based on SEO, SMO, PPC ads, and Landing pages required for any digital marketing client. If you still losing confidence, please feel free to contact us to evaluate how to calculate how do digital marketing agencies charge easily.

Author Bio-

Gaurav is a Digital Marketer and blogger. He does freelancing and helps many business firms to get more Business through his brilliant online marketing strategies. He is one of the alumni of AADME.

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  1. Hey Alok! 👋 First off, kudos on the insightful article about charging for digital marketing services. Your straightforward approach and valuable tips are a game-changer for freelancers like myself. I’ve been navigating the pricing maze in the digital marketing world for a while, and your article came in like a beacon of clarity.

    Your breakdown of the different pricing models, especially the project-based and retainer models, was super helpful. I’ve often found myself in that dilemma of whether to charge by the hour or go for a flat rate, and your real-world examples shed light on the pros and cons of each. It’s like you’ve been in my shoes and anticipated all the questions popping up in my head!

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