9 Secrets on How to find Customers for Export Business

Today you are going to learn about how to find potential customers for the import-export business.

If you’re new to selling products and services globally, this is a perfect guide on how to find customers for your import and export business.

Even if you’re an established exporter, this guide will help you to market your business easily how you can reach your potential target audience & how you can find customers for import & export business.

 Globalization has changed the world, Now people are traveling and exploring every country in the world, people are exploring different cultures, tastes and styles; and getting influenced by it.

Digitalization has encouraged many organizations and companies to step into the digital world.

How to find potential buyers for export?

Earlier it was not possible to sell your products and services globally, even after globalization there were so many factors, due to which only some selected people have the privileged to sell and purchase globally.

But thanks to Technology which brings the digital revolution across the globe, Now any business whether large or small, can sell its products & services globally.

And most importantly it’s possible now to reach your targeted potential audience through digital channels.

So without wasting time, let’s understand how you can find potential buyers for the export business:-

1.    Social media:– Social media is the most prominent and powerful way to reach your potential customer from across the world.

How to find customers for import export?

Literally, half of the world’s population is on social media. Facebook, one of the most used social platforms in the world, has more than 2.5 billion users from across the globe.

While on the other hand Platforms like Instagram have 1.386 billion users and all these social media platforms enjoy huge popularity and are connecting the world.

Social Media is a perfect place to do marketing of your products and this is how you find buyers for your export business.

All you have to do is create social media profiles and start making content.

This is how you aware people of your business and once consumers get aware and build trust, there is a high chance they will purchase from you.

2.    Video Marketing:– Start making videos, videos are a powerful and cost-effective way to build brand awareness.

Start making videos and posting them to platforms like youtube.

But remember that videos should be high quality, engaging, and interesting for the consumers.

No one wants to watch a boring video and if someone finds one, they will just ignore it.

3.    Collaboration:– To find buyers for your export business, what you can do is, to collaborate with other enterprises.

You also collaborate with Youtubers and  Influencers to promote your products, and you can do this on a commission basis.

Influencer marketing is a powerful way of reaching your potential customers for export business.

Remember you have to choose influencers and Youtubers on the basis of the content they provide.

For example, if you’re a fashion clothing brand, you have to collaborate with influencers and YouTubers, who create content around fashion.

Because their audience is all fashion enthusiasts, all of them are potential customers.

4.    Paid Advertising:– Paid Advertising is the fastest way to reach your target audience.

If you want to quickly find customers for your export business, try paid ads. It can be Google ads, Facebook ads, etc.

  As you know advertising and marketing play a crucial role in the success of any organization.

With paid ads, you can target your potential customers and make them your buyers.

Today more and more businesses are choosing paid ads to promote their products and services quickly.

Because there is a lot of potential customers are on social media, it’s not a hidden opportunity anymore.

Almost all leading brands and companies are investing in paid ads today to reach their consumers.

Also paid ads are helpful in building brand awareness, so you can stand out from the crowd.

5.    Market Research:– Doing market research is essential for your business growth, You have to identify whether there is a demand for your products or not? And if there is demand, are there any manufacturers or suppliers that already exist? How much competitive the market is?

Do consumers are willing to buy your products or not?

You have to find answers to all these types of questions.

How do I market my export business?

6.    Audience Analysis:- In order to find customers or buyers for your import and export business, first you have to find out who is your actual audience and how they can become your lifelong consumers.

7.    Web Presence:– We are living in a Digital Era, having a professional website for your business is not an option anymore, it has become compulsory if you want growth in your business.

 A Website is important to attract new consumers, also having a website enables you to sell your products and services to a global audience. And this is the place where your consumers will come, explore your products & services, can contact you, and obviously can buy products.

 Now, this becomes easier for you to sell products as well as for your consumers who can buy easily, from the comfort of their home.

8.    Search Engine Optimization:- Just having a website won’t attract consumers if your website is not easily findable and discoverable in search engines.

Search engine optimization is a process of improving the rank of your website on a search engine so that it becomes easily findable by your potential consumers. And this is how you will get buyers for your export business automatically.

9.    Email Marketing:- Email marketing is used to nurture your existing consumers and also to make new consumers.

But emails should be written in a more humanly way and a more emotional way so that your consumers can understand what message you want to convey.

10. Affiliate Marketing:– Affiliate Marketing is the trend in this business world. In order to find customers for your export business, you can use affiliate marketing.

That means if someone promotes your products and services and sells them; they will get a commission for it. Affiliate marketing is used by many businesses nowadays to grow their business.

11. Offers:– If you want to get buyers for your export business, you have to offer discounts, exchange offers, EMI options, and so on, in order to attract new consumers. Offers attract your potential consumers.


“Change is constant”, and it’s the rule of the universe. This is the time for your business to get more customers, build brand awareness, generate leads, reach a global audience, and so on.

 There is a need for a Digital revolution for your business, to be able to become a global brand.

So if you’re looking to exponentially grow your business, get a website that represents your brand and business.

Get a website and start growing!

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