How do I start a digital marketing agency course?

Explore How to start digital marketing agency

Do you know that the Digital marketing business is worth a $350 billion dollar business in 2021? And it is growing year by year. So, starting a digital marketing business is really promising.

As there are a lot of businesses that are struggling to get business, you can sell them your digital marketing services.

In digital marketing, there are a lot of services and for every service, there is a big market. So, earning potential for anyone who knows the digital marketing basics.

In this article, I will guide you step by step to build a digital marketing agency from scratch, and possibly after reading this article you can avoid mistakes and risks before starting an agency.

how to start digital marketing agency business & How to start digital marketing agency in india

Is Digital Marketing is good business to start?

Before getting into the topic, let me tell you why the digital marketing business is good to start.

There is high demand for digital marketing services: As the number of small businesses is growing day by day so does their competition.

So digital marketing service demand is growing.

You can operate your business from anywhere: Everything is done in digital marketing with the help of computers and the internet.

As long as you have this, you can do your business from anywhere.

You just need a skilled team that is very professional.

Be your own Boss:  Digital marketing gives you an opportunity to become your own boss without investing too much money.

You don’t need prior experience: You can start with one of the skills which you are an expert in.

After some time, you can build your team and grow it.

How to start a Digital Marketing agency?

There are steps to follow when you start your digital marketing business.

1. Build your Digital marketing skills and self-confidence.

2. Find out your Niche

3. Register your business

4. Build an online presence

5. Built your portfolio

6. Do competitor research

7. Set a business model

8. Start with a Digital marketing blog

9. Built market authority

10. Built you, team

1.   Build your Digital marketing skills and self-confidence

Building skill is the most important thing, it takes time to build skills.

The best way to build skills is to work for an agency. Working in the real world is the most important thing.

Take a mentor, which can teach you how to work on real projects.

You have to know everything about digital marketing, not just one niche.

Because for building business you need every skill which comes under digital marketing.

You should know how WordPress works, social media, how to run Facebook and Google campaigns, copywriting skills, Canva skills, email marketing skills, video marketing, content marketing, affiliate marketing, and SEO.

Without knowing these skills, it will be very difficult.

Being an expert in every niche is not required but you should have a good fundamental knowledge of every skill.

Self-confidence: Building self-confidence is very important. Without this, you can sustain yourself in business.

You should know how to handle customers, how to talk with them, and how to retain them.

Self-confidence comes after a lot of practice.

2. Find out your Niche

 If you research your competitor, you will find out they are experts in one skill.

Building a personal brand in one skill sets you apart from most of your competitors.

Build your personal brand around one niche.

Start with one skill after that you can build your team.

find out How to start digital marketing agency in india & how to start digital marketing company

A digital marketing agency typically gives these services:

  • Web design and web services
  • SEO services
  • PPC services (Facebook ad, Google ads, Shopping ads)
  • Content marketing services
  • Social media marketing services
  • Email marketing services
  • Lead generating services

As a start-up, it is difficult to give each service, so building a niche is very essential.

3.   Register your Business

Before starting any business, you should first register your business.

It looks professional in your client’s view.

These are the steps you can follow

  • Decide the name of your business
  • Register domain name
  • Register your business legal entity
  • Get a business number
  • Create business card
  • Get GST number for tax

These are the necessary steps to embark on any business.

4.   Built online presence

The first actionable step is creating a website where you explain your agency and services.

Your website should look professional and give all the information that your client is looking for.

a guide for how to start digital marketing company

Create a dedicated landing page for each of your services and build your strong presence.

Building your presence on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest is also very important.

You should have a dedicated profile for each platform.

A strong social media presence will build trust in your business. You can directly get quality clients from social media.

5.   Build your portfolio

In this ocean of agency owners how your client will believe you.

He needs something to trust in you.

By viewing your portfolio, he will get convinced.

The best way to convince your client is to show whom you work with. Practically this means.

  • An about us page talk about your business and achievement
  • Success stories
  • Case study
  • Known companies you’ve worked for
  • Previous work experience
  • Testimonials
  • Certifications
  • Video testimonials
  • Partnership agreements

If you are starting with no experience, you can ask for testimonials by giving free services.

After having enough experience, you can add to your profile

6.   Do competitor research

This is the first thing that every business does, before doing any business.

Identify who your competitor is, what services they are selling.

Take inspiration from your competitor.

See their social media profile, what they are posing on a daily basis, how they are interacting with their clients.

Research what they are doing and not doing.

Take inspiration from what they are doing well and improve your service by improvising it.

7.   Set a business model

There are a number of ways you can charge your clients.

One option is that you can charge them per hour or monthly.

You can take only one niche or give a complete solution for business growth.

By building a team, you can give clients a to z solution for any business.

Build long-term relationships with clients, so you can upsell your services to them.

8.   Start with a Digital marketing blog

Your brand authority will increase if your clients can find you organically in search engines.

Blogging is the way in which you can build more trust in your brand. Because people buy brands not services.

If you continuously give value to your readers by writing valuable content.

People will trust you more.

a guide for How to start digital marketing agency

So, start giving solutions to what people are searching for on the web. If they find your blog organically there, this will increase your page authority in Google and you become trustable in the eyes of people.

9.   Building market authority

Making a personal brand is very hard, you have to work day and night but it will help you in the long term.

People always trust brands.

So, build your social media presence where you are helping people.

You have to continuously be on social media to become trustable.

Always believe in giving value to your clients to make you become invincible in the market.

10.  Build your team

You cannot do everything in any agency. Having a good team will help you to expand your business.

explore How to start digital marketing agency in india

Hire a good team that gives top classwork. You just have to focus on expanding your business.

If you outsource your menial work, you can increase your revenue.

All the big agencies hire quality people who can run their business in their absence.


A digital marketing agency is a great business to start. You can provide services from the comfort of your home. 

Being your own boss and making good money are the advantages of it.

I hope this article gives you a glimpse of how you can start an agency.

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