How To Start Facebook Ad Agency By Following These 5 Steps!

learn how to start facebook ad agency & how to set up a facebook ad agency

Worried about how to start a Facebook ad agency with zero ideas while also working a 9-5 job?

Tired of working all hours during the day for other businesses and not receiving the rewards you deserve? Right?

Is this your feeling?

This could be the reason you want to know how to start a Facebook ad agency.

Then, above all else, let me tell you that you have taken a very bold step for your career, and let me congratulate you on this brave move as well as for your entrepreneurial journey.

It is now my responsibility to guide you further with proper directions on how to start a Facebook ads agency.

learn how to start facebook ad agency & how to start an advertising agency

Now, I’m assuming you’re aware of the significance of advertisements for businesses.

Businesses generate an average of $2 in revenue for every $1 spent on advertising. The average Facebook user views 12 advertisements per month.

By 2021, Facebook’s total ad revenue was $104.8 billion.

And over 200 million businesses have their presence on Facebook.

You can also start a Facebook ad agency and own a chunk of this huge dessert.

What exactly does a Facebook ad agency do?

  1. Expand and manage social media engagements through strategy, content creation, community management, paid social advertising, and influence.
  1. Facebook ad accounts maintenance and optimization. This ensures that brands get the most out of their ad money by constantly modifying the performance of their ads to reach more people and yield better results.
  1. Reporting on campaigns.
  1. Defining the companies’ objectives involves specifying your key performance indicators (KPIs) in order to establish clear objectives for the ad campaign.

In a nutshell, they provide services –

  1. Creation of Facebook ads content
  2. Developing strategies
  3. Measuring the growth of Facebook page
  4. Closely tracking Facebook ads
find out how to start your own advertising agency & how to set up a facebook ad agency

Before starting up with your agency you should keep in mind that

  • It is beneficial to have prior experience with Facebook advertising. Your customers will want to know how much experience you have and how you can help them.
  • well-optimized website that can serve as a portfolio for you because a website can tell what you have and makes it easy for clients to find your agency. Don’t be worried if you don’t have a large number of clients or a lot of work to show at first. You can display your services and Facebook advertising experience (demo ads) and boost your website as you achieve more clientele.


Here’s how you can start your Facebook ad agency in just 5 steps

Step 1: Selecting down your niche

Initially, you must concentrate on getting your first Facebook ads client, so narrow down your niche and try to stick to it, gaining hands-on expertise in that specific niche so that your portfolio appears stronger.

Establishing your niche allows you to control your ideas and lay the groundwork for your advertising business.

Consider what industry you want to specialize in, as there are numerous –

  • Restaurants
  • Clothing stores
  • Service-based businesses
  • Salons
  • Real estate agents
  • Breweries
  • Non-profit Organisation
  • Technology sector
  • Skincare
  • Fashion
  • Medical clinics
  • Interior designing

There are many more to narrow down and focus on as a beginner until you have worked with at least 5 clients, but once you have worked with a couple of clients and have a solid portfolio, you should stop focusing just on one niche as this is restricting your growth and that you will miss out on many clients despite being an expert.

You are now a Facebook ad master after gaining a good amount of knowledge.

Being highly focused even after gaining expertise limits you from seeing the possibilities around you, and it also carries a risk if something happens to one of the industries on which you’ve built your business.

STEP 2: Create a business plan around the selected niche

Starting a Facebook ad agency requires a solid business plan. You must be focused on what you want to achieve with that business in the coming years, as well as what you need to do to make it profitable and sustainable.

  • Identify your target audience
  • Identify your target audience understand your target audience’s requirements
  • Understand what type of Facebook ad content they thrive on 
  • Understand your business goals
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Identifying your target audience and designing their profile will help you in increasing sales, leading compelling advertising campaigns, and building brand loyalty.

Understanding your target audience’s needs will help you in the long-term growth of your business because if you effectively serve your client’s needs and increase their revenue then its effect will be directly proportional to your business too.

Understanding what type of content will benefit them is the most crucial thing which you need to know before planning out the ad campaign as you should keep a close eye towards which variations they are actually using currently or need to use which have the capability of increasing sales and also in positioning the company as an industry leader.

Organizing your business goals gives you a long-term vision. It focuses on your thinking skills and helps you in planning your time and resources so that you can make the most of your living. 

Getting organized helps you to increase your productivity rate and revenue simultaneously.

Step 3: Join social media forums

Having a strong social media presence can help in the creation of your brand image. 

Consider it similar to online networking. You can meet new people and showcase your work on the platform. 

Instead of viewing it as a continuous sales pitch, consider it an opportunity to portray the work you enjoy doing as well as your personality too.

5 steps how you can attract people on social media for your services:

  • Determine which one problem you can solve.
  • Make a list of your prospects for whom you want to solve the problem.
  • Create a message related to the services you provide like what you do and for whom you do it.
  • Make a visual representation of your solution.
  • In your advertising, use a visual representation of your solution.
find out how to start an advertising company & how to start ad agency

There are groups on Facebook and LinkedIn that you can look into depending on your niche. You can also conduct searches to find and contact your target customer.

Creating and showcasing your skills or knowledge through content is a great way to attract Facebook ads clients.

Step 4: Setting up your pricing policies

For structuring your Facebook Ad Management services, there are basically four different pricing models to choose from.

  • Ad Spend as a Percentage – Around 10 and 20% of the monthly ad budget. This is best suited to larger ad budgets.
  • Flat Fee – If you have a focused campaign over a limited time frame, a flat fee can be charged.
  • Hourly Rate – Charge based on how much time you spend managing and tracking your time.
  • Monthly Retainer – It is based on the number of ads you run each month.
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Here You can choose what is best for you and the businesses you serve.

So, You must set financial goals for yourself and understand where you can add value in order to determine the best way to charge the customer.

And You can charge on additional sales you bring for them through Facebook ads or set a fixed monthly fee.

Depending on your expertise level you can charge $12 to $30 per hour.

Step 5: Begin expanding your Facebook ad agency

Now that you’ve gained a lot of experience and knowledge about running Facebook ads in the niche for which you planned, you should concentrate on how to scale up your business and get more clients based on different niches.

  1. Offer value pricing– For many facebook ads agencies, value pricing can increase earnings.

 If you can find jobs or projects that provide a lot of value to your clients and are efficient at completing them, you can earn a lot more than if you accepted the job at an hourly rate.

  1. Offer a package of services- Determine ways to expand your business by repackaging what you do. Find ways to bundle your high-value services. The goal is to create a “package” with a high perceived value that can be repeated and re-sold to the clients without adding additional work.
  1. Build case studies of your successful clients- Client case studies are without a doubt one of the most effective promotional strategies carried by advertising agencies. They can be used in a variety of ways, such as lead magnets, as part of an email campaign, and also help your team members close more deals. Make several case studies based on buyer personas and in a storytelling way.
  1. Start Guest Blogging– Your agency will almost certainly benefit from ranking for specific terms. Like for ” Best Facebook ad agency near me” or “Top Facebook ad agency in your city”? Ranking for high-purchase-intent keywords will drive hot leads to your website. Guest blogging is an excellent way to increase the number of high-quality links and organic reach.
explore how to start facebook ad agency
  1. Automate your reporting– Use an automated platform to create reports and schedule them to be sent out every day, week, or month. Integrate all of your requirements, for ads. If you want, you can even give clients access to a custom-branded dashboard to eliminate reporting entirely if you use AgencyAnalytics to build reports.
  1. Partner with other agencies- It can be very beneficial to collaborate with other specialized agencies in order to provide a complete package to clients. This allows you to benefit from other companies’ expertise and portfolio without incurring any risk.
  1. Expand your marketing channels– Don’t restrict yourself only towards Facebook ads as there are many channels to run advertisements for your client’s business-like native advertising, Pinterest advertising, influencer advertising.
  1. Outsource your work- Outsourcing your work allows you to spend more time building your network and scaling your business. It allows you to concentrate your efforts on what you do best. Hire a virtual assistant to manage your schedule. Hiring an accountant to manage your taxes. And lastly, grow your business by outsourcing your Facebook ads work.

Final Thoughts

Now you are all set to start your Facebook ad agency by following all the above steps. Taking the time to put together your business plans, properly setting up your content, budget, and authorization of your business are the responsibilities to carry out before setting up a Facebook ad agency.

discover how to start your own advertising agency

Simply believe in yourself. You’ll be able to make this work.

Author Bio: This article has been written by Nidhi Tiwary. She is an AADME Alumni & an aspiring content writer & has good hands-on writing well informative & engaging articles.

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