A lead magnet for a digital marketing agency

A step by step guide on lead magnet for digital marketing agency

When it comes to attracting new businesses, a powerful tool required in an agency is a Lead Magnet.

If you are worried about how to generate leads for a digital marketing agency then you are in the right place, you don’t have to go out and chase them all down yourself.

Instead, use a lead magnet for a digital marketing agency to bring new potential prospects. 

I know you have seen or heard about them, but are you using them in your agency?

Here are some Lead Magnet tips for your digital marketing agency that will teach you how to create a lead magnet and make them work for you.

 lead magnet for digital marketing agency

Why does your agency need to use lead magnets?

You are here which means you have heard of the lead magnets before, and maybe you have even suggested them to your clients. 

But let’s take a moment to review why lead magnets are important?

A lead magnet is a tempting offer that provides value to a prospect in return for their personal or business information, including their name, email address, company size, and so on.

The inducement can take many different forms-some agencies offer downloadable content like ebooks, while others offer free consultations or access to exclusive video content.

whatever you offer, it’s always a  two side benefit situation.

Your visitor gets some valuable informative content for free and in return, you get permission to stay in touch with the lead with the help of email.

If you are providing informative and useful related content then lead magnet is an investment.

It can give you prospective buyers for the years to come.

Lead magnets are a chance for you to outstandingly grow your agency’s revenue. 

find out the best way of lead magnet tips for your digital marketing agency

What is the strategy that makes a strong lead magnet?

Only giving information will not build strong leads (or not at least many leads). 

strong lead magnets need to be built keeping the following characteristics in mind.

You should be very specific:

Whatever the format of the lead magnet is, it should offer a relevant, reliable, and valuable solution to a specific problem.

For example, if you are in the business of digital marketing, instead of creating a guide on how to do digital marketing.

Something that can be searched for online easily,  get very particular like you can try is how to create a funnel for your business, lead magnet tips for your digital marketing agency, or how to generate leads for a digital marketing agency. 

You must offer one big promise: 

Narrow down on that one main point your ideal customer wants to solve, and then show how he or she can solve it.

Instead of offering a 15-week marketing course for a freelance web developer, which is too large in its offering, make a video on how to generate leads for a digital marketing agency on your website that goes viral instead.

You deliver what you promise:

Once people take part in your offer, you have to keep that in mind that they get what you have promised as soon as possible.

You need to have a system in place for this. For example, will you deliver the offer over an email?

Or will your offer be ready to download on the landing page itself, straight away after you have received the visitor’s contact information? ( This is where technology comes to play)

Give them free information:

If it’s going to cost them, people will be hesitant to use your offer. Your lead magnet should be free of cost, except for asking someone for their contact information.

Also, the lead magnet needs to have a specific value.

Your potential customers should be able to use it willingly without having to look for extra information.

They should be easy and quick to consume:

There’s no point in offering a 3 or 4-month email course because no one is going to give you so much time to gain value from your offering.

A 300-pages ebook will not meet your purpose either.

A lead magnet should be easy short and quick to act on.

know how to generate leads for digital marketing agency

How to build a  lead magnet that converts?

A strong lead magnet is a fruitful situation, both for the agency as well as its target customers.

Conduct in-depth research into your targeting market:

You need to understand your audience’s needs,  wants and aspirations, so that you can think of offers that cater to their problem,  thus making your lead magnet highly attractive to opt-in.

The way you design your lead magnet can be just as important as the offering you create:

A landing page dedicated to the right layout and design element is difficult in capturing the audience’s attention.

Catchy headlines and large, bold call-to-action buttons make your offering more likely to be taken up and clicked on.

Depending on the persona of your buyer, choose which format of the lead magnet works the best.

Here are some examples of high-value lead magnets.  


Use webinars to educate your listeners as well as set up your command on a subject.

Audits and analysis:

These are a rigorous form of consultation where you perform research on your prospect’s business and give them a customized report on how well they are doing and what improvement they can do.

Email course:

Provide a mini 3-day course to warm up your prospects by engaging them frequently over the next couple of days once they have given their contact information to you.

Guides and cheat sheets:

Give step-by-step instructions on how to make your offering more sticky by providing your prospects with planned information.

White papers and ebooks:

Guide your prospect’s perspectives by your thought and leadership in the industry and increase the chances of a prospect wanting to be interested in you for more guidance and mentorship.


Lead magnets are an invaluable asset for your website, unavailability of it is a major miss on your part.

Many of the online customers won’t get the incentive to visit your site again if you don’t create such opportunities and keep in touch with them A lead magnet in your website will help you connect to qualifies leads, build a reputation for your brand and eventually get you to work that to aspire.

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