How to Create Lead Magnets for Agency Buyers?

What is a lead magnet and how will you create a lead magnet for agency buyers?

You can’t get your leads till you can’t create your lead magnets.

It’s an offer or a small way of attracting and nurturing your customers in the form of small information about how to create and convert them into your leads.

A good lead magnet helps your customer bond with you till the end of the funnel.

Why do we need a lead magnet?

There are many ways to improve the marketing campaigns but the lead magnet is more cost-efficient and attractive to offer to your customers.

What makes a good lead magnet? 

A good lead magnet helps the marketers to speed up their performance in marketing campaigns & engage a possible number of customers in their sales funnel.

what makes a good lead magnet

 Types of lead magnets are:

  Lead Magnet Idea No1- Educational courses

Online courses are becoming more popular nowadays. People are looking to learn from a good information source.

So you can try your luck by using this lead magnet idea by bringing all your content together and bringing it into a small course.

Example: Lead Generation Courses, Startup Branding Course, Design Training

    Lead Magnet Idea No2-  Free Audit

Free Audit is one of the best ways to attract serious buyers who are ready to evaluate and implement your services.


Free SEO Site Audit

Free Social Media Audit

  Lead Magnet Idea No3-    Reports

It can be used to provide the best-researched statistics, facts, and figures related to your industry to target.

It can vary in length from 5 pages of tips to 120 pages of comprehensive content.


Marketing ROI Report for IT Companies

    Lead Magnet Idea No4- Case Studies

It’s a great way of showing people how people like them are able to solve their problems by using your services & products.

It will help you to showcase the exact standard operation process, details about the resolution & results achieved for any of your clients in a quantitative way.

Example: You can show your customer testimonial in your case study to give your audience an emotional connection.

 Lead Magnet Idea No5-   Cheatsheets

A comprehensive way of conveying about your brand or any specific service.

A crisp, short cheat sheet of 2-3 pages regarding any specific topic is an easy way of making a lead magnet.

Example: 5 ways of attracting your clients through ideal using of lead magnets

Lead Magnet Idea No6- Comprehensive checklist

 It helps to bring down long articles or posts into bite-sized easy steps to help the user get started.

It’s a great way of converting broad topics into something actionable for users.

It is one of the easiest lead magnet ideas to create.


A Comprehensive Tools Checklist That Helps Dentists to Automate Their Inquiries

 Lead Magnet Idea No7-   Quiz

 I like this lead magnet- playful & light way of attracting your leads into your pool by providing them a quiz.

For example: you are branding for a big paint company so you can provide a quiz like which flower best describes your kitchen color palette following the options.

 Lead Magnet Idea No8-  Video content 

Giving your audience access to your event talks, conferences help you build a great email list of your customers.

Example: you can give a short introduction to who you are, why they should choose you, how you can help them solve their problems or maybe brief about the course.

   Lead Magnet Idea No9-  Ebook

It’s the oldest & tried lead magnet by the marketer. 

It’s a simple way of telling about your company & this can be of any length.

All you need is to collect all your older information and make a good informative e-book

Example: A cookbook containing all the hit and trials tips along with some good recipes and call to action button to know more such secrete tips

 Lead Magnet Idea No10-  Email course:

It’s a very good way of driving your leads & warming them up in the initial stage when customers reach your website

Mini 4-5 days email course works as a wonderful lead magnet to get your clients details & helping them in taking the decision of coming back to you

Example: Free email course for 5 days – 5 ways to engage your clients through social media marketing

how to create lead magnets for agency buyers

Lead Magnet Idea No11- Webinars:

It means people are already convinced with you and are in your second stage of the sales funnel now it’s time to educate them a little more in brief with all multiple prospects.

For example: if you are any SAAS-based company you can have a webinar on- 3 ways to know whether your tools are using you or you are using them?

  Lead Magnet Idea No12- Consultation:

It’s the easiest and time-saving lead magnet where you have all the control in your hands to understand your customer and to convince them.

This mostly works when customers are getting more than the price.

Example: Offering 5 free leads for their business

Lead Magnet Idea No13- Swipe file:

 This is the most irresistible and easy way of gaining your audience’s eyes and time with your small smart content.

Example: The tempting power words swipe file including 100 power words for social media platforms to make a strong content copy that you can simply swipe.

how to write a lead magnet

  Lead Magnet Idea No14- Script:

It’s an amazing lead magnet to attract your buyer’s persona if they need something to help them with their writing or reading.

 For example, you can offer them a good script how they can pitch themselves to various employers or companies if they are looking for a job or a good email script to convert cold audience into warm clients

  Lead Magnet Idea No15- Content calendar:

 Everyone is in a need of good ideas in such a situation attracting your audience with 15 days of free content calendar ideas related to their niche could be a great help for them & convincing lead magnet

Example: 15 days content calendar how they can get the maximum engagement of their audience.

   Lead Magnet Idea No16- Social media planner:

 Similar to the content calendar you need to make content out of someone on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis

 Example: 30 days social marketing content plan for an agency or  15 days planner on raising brand awareness for any agency

Lead Magnet Idea No17- Guide 

It’s an amazingly comprehensive collection of the best articles about particular subjects

 Example: The most profitable blogging niches article in 2021

  Lead Magnet Idea No18- White paper

 Sometimes your audience can’t get satisfied with only one thing you have to nurture them to convince them fully.

 An in-depth, rich piece of content in a white paper will be a major value-added to your audience.

 Example: An in-depth white paper on how to build an agency in 90 days will definitely be an attractive lead magnet for a customer.

  Lead Magnet Idea No19- Resource list

It’s a big time saver and dream come true situation for any person if they get the entire list in their hands without any efforts

 Example: Resource list on all the best backlinks platforms with high D.A. and P.A. will save a lot of time for your customers


A lead magnet is something that leads you to your customers

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