Cold Calling Strategy for Agency Building

In this article, we will discuss a winning sample script for selling a product or service of your digital marketing agency.

People suffer a lot while doing Cold Calling and they can’t decode the strategy to crack the deal and while cold calling to Local customers, Domestic customers, International Clients, no one shows any interest.

No Worries!

After reading this you will have a winning cold call script to get an appointment.

cold calling sales techniques

100 Rule- If we want to remove the fear of rejection then simply set a target of 100 calls even if out of 10 only 1 client gives you a positive response then out of 100 you will have 10 positive responses and that leads to success.

Some facts about Cold Calling in sales:

  • According to the research, calling time is very important and the most effective time to do Cold Call is between 4pm to 5pm.
  • 69% of Buyers have accepted cold calls from new providers.
  • Wednesday is the best day to do a cold call.

Some mistakes about Cold Calling in sales:

  • Don’t sound like a robot. Tailor your message according to the prospect.
  •  Don’t speak too much. Listen to your prospect also. Let them speak their problems, their difficulties and their pain points. 

What is Cold Calling?

Cold calling in sales is a small component of your sales process or sales marketing process that you do with the expectation of the customers. 

First, we need to change this expectation. The idea of a 

Whenever you cold call your customer he or she says- “I don’t need this service please do not disturb”

This is what happens in many cases.

Now for a second swap the roles- 

  • Would you be interested to talk to a person in the middle of your lunch?
  • Would you be entertaining that person?

Definitely NOT! They are simply disturbing you.

The cold audiences are those who are strangers, they don’t care who are you? How game-changing your product is? Or how game-changing is your service is? 

Then, why somebody will show interest in you if they don’t know you? 

Cold calling is not for sale and keeps in mind that rejection is a part of cold calling, Success comes in between this rejection.

In short, you are trying to prove yourself to someone who is complete stranger to you & start pitching your services without actually knowing the real intention or interest of the customer. 


Real Agenda of Cold Calling?

People often underestimate the potential of cold calling because they mostly approach the customer in an incorrect way with a false mindset.

The first thing you need to understand is that cold calling is all about rejection, and Success in cold calling comes in between the rejections.

learn the sample script for selling a product

The real purpose behind cold calling is to let your central idea be heard by the client, nurture them enough & convenience them enough to come down to the bottom of the funnel i.e. sales.

To make it easier, I broke down this into 3 points:

1. Central idea 

The central idea is all about not selling but build a relationship by capturing the real intent of that person to qualify your purpose.

You need to understand not everyone is your customer so it is better to know the internet, interest & then pitch the customer to “surely qualify”.

2. Call to action

The whole purpose of cold calling is to make your customers take action.

 And to make them action-ready you need to be ready with all three points given below to build an engaging and intact bonding by providing some hook that makes them helpless to listen to you or come back to you:

  1. The first purpose: of call to action is to get a meeting slot 
  1. The second purpose: is to share your email address – this is to help them remember you in future in case of their upcoming requirements.
  1. The third purpose: is to share an industry case study- as the whole sole agenda of digital marketing is to seduce your customer with the lead magnet like whitepapers, case studies, articles, free training, free strategic events or anything

3. Core script & Info

If you try to come up with a fresh approach for each & every prospecting call, you would waste a hell of lot of time to reach the same place you would be in if you used a template, to begin with.

A perfect example of it is creating cold-calling sales scripts for conducting your customer outreach campaigns.

Wrong Cold calling example-

Don’t do this: “Hey I’m Ankur! Calling from ABC digital marketing agency and we help companies like you to generate leads and inquiries. Can we have a meeting to present our strategy or do you need any service digital marketing service?”

The cold calling script DEMO PERSONA is as below so that you have a better idea of how you can tweak this script or make your own to approach clients.

Correct Cold calling examples and sample script for selling a product

SCRIPT: I understand that Amit (Say this line because your client might say that he or she is busy right now). But my purpose is to actually share a global digital marketing trend and case study for the education industry that your fast-growing competitors use to generate more revenue. We have compiled it for your team and it’s a very useful study and an eye-opener. so, if you’re available tomorrow sometime at 5 o’clock or maybe 6 o’clock, I could meet and present it in detail.


To crush your call you don’t need to study rocket science, all you need to focus on is:

  • Provide your prospect with option
  • Hear them out to build the bonding
  • Stay motivated by keeping your goal in your mind even when customers disagree with you.
  • Make your call like a “casual happy conversion” not a selling call
  • It’s all about them- don’t focus on telling about yourself
  • Include social proof to solidify your statement
  • Your soft tone of talking will bring a great impact on them listening to you


The sole purpose of cold calling in sales is to break the ice between customers & you and build a bridge of relationship between both of you by serving the specific purpose.

If you want to really build the connectivity stronger then you should be ready with the script that “gauge customer interest” & bring them down to the same page that you are.

Because Most of the time you definitely will find some set of objections from your customer side.

So, No matter which industry you’re in, you can tailor cold calling guide scripts according to the best of your knowledge to increase your success rate & boost your business.

I hope you have now got the cold calling sales techniques and now Go Ahead and take the action and get amazing results for you.

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