SEO Strategy for Real Estate Website- Outstanding Hacks to Rank your Business on First page of Google!

As a seller, are you aware of your customers? In today’s trend 90% of customers spend a lot of time in online research and your competitor targets them through SEO and they get leads for real estate without spending money on ads, so in this blog, I have described  the best SEO strategy for real estate website

Have you ever wondered about why you’re not getting traffic on your website, What are the major things you are missing to get the right audience, and what might be the reason for not getting the conversions?

Then don’t miss this blog because I have highlighted the fantastic ideas about how to rank your website on the first page of Google and how to do SEO for your real estate order to pull the right traffic to your business.

What is SEO?

Before you are going to do SEO for your real estate website you need to understand what is SEO so basically SEO stands for search engine optimization, SEO is the process of improving the quality and quantity of website traffic to a website or a web page from search engines. SEO targets unpaid traffic rather than direct traffic or paid. 

Seo is a better way to get leads for your website without investing in ads. It’s a freeway and shows the high intent of any customer who is going to buy any product online.  

How to do SEO for real estate website

 You can get serious clients by Doing SEO for real estate website learn how to do SEO for real estate websites Below stay ahead of your competitors and keep your potential clients informed, satisfied, and ready to take the next step. 

1. Begin with an effective responsive website 

  To maximize your listing on the search engine result page you need a website that’s responsive. Your maximum potential clients are using search engines via mobile devices and expecting to find real estate listings. 

A responsive website is a fundamental for seo strategy for real estate websites.

2. Do your Keyword research properly 

Keyword research plays an important part in real estate SEO. You need to know the search term that will lead potential clients to your website. Once you know these Terms, you will properly insert keywords on your seo for real estate websites.

There are many tools to do Keyword research For your Real estate website but One of the best tools is google keyword planner which is provided by Google and a free tool this is a good way to find what your customer is searching for in Google that will give you potential customers. 

7 real estate SEO Tips for your website 

Get the most value from using SEO for your Real estate listing with these five real estate SEO tips.

1. Include local keywords

 Although your property is only technically located in one city or in one particular area, think about that keyword which describes your area. For example, I am looking for property in “Bengaluru” then I will search for that “property to buy in Bengaluru” lust like that and if you are not listing in Bengaluru then you lost your potential client. 

2. Optimize your image   

The image plays an important role for real estate seo. They can make potential buyers want to contact you. But even though they can work wonders with human visitors to your site, search engines cannot process visual content. 

The only way search engines can tell what your photos are of is with file names and alt description. Be sure to include these as a part of your real estate SEO, and make sure they are relevant to both the photos and content also.

3.Create Local profiles 

Be sure to create local profiles on all the big directories for real estate SEO. Then, consider reaching out to other online communities that will benefit from your listing. 

4.Use the address in your header tags and body 

Be sure to include the local or street location address even zip code as a part of your real estate seo strategy.

This will draw attention to the listing and make it easier for the search engine and then search engines provide your potential customer with the help of this. 

5.Promote the Posts on your Social channels 

Posting links in your social media platforms like facebook and instagram will help you to engage your customer in social media. That will help you to keep your brand on your customer’s head. 

    6. Create video content 

   Content is often the easiest to produce, but if you can you should invest in creating and optimizing video content. It can help you distinguish yourself from the competition. Because today 80% of content consumed on the internet is video content so create a video of your property and generate more leads for your business or add video on your website it will help you for SEO for real estate.

    7. Write quality content on your blog 

           Having a website makes sure you have a particular blog section on your website and deliver good quality content on your blog section when your readers come on the particular blog post if they find valuable content your reader definitely takes any actions on your website this will help you do SEO for real estate websites. 


Now you know how to do SEO for real estate websites. 

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