9 Strategies For Digital Marketing Campaigns For Politicians In India

9 strategies for digital marketing for politicians

Do you think digital marketing for political campaigns in india can win them elections?

When Donald J Trump became the 45th president of the United States of America, one of the first statements that he gave was “social media help me win.”

Although Trump was having a greater dominance on social media due to his lifestyle prior to the presidency. 

But no one could ever imagine that digital marketing for political campaigns can even win him the presidency of the most powerful country in the world.

That’s the power of digital marketing.

9 Strategies on Digital Marketing for Political Campaigns in India

Let us dig some deeper to find out how digital marketing for political campaigns can influence the decision-making process of voters:


Digital Marketing for political parties has the power to reach out to the most fragmented sections of audiences and elusive voters.

As a politician, you can easily make a youth connection by making engaging personalized content across all platforms.

Social media allows political candidates to build their brand in their own way and engage with their voters directly.

Engagement with voters is a very important part of digital marketing for politicians campaigns in india.

These conversations can be then tailored into relevant messages which become resonant with the voters’ views and opinions.


There will be 3 major audiences that political parties can target using digital marketing strategies.

  • First-time voters: 

These are the young boys and girls who have just turned 18 and are going to vote for the first time. 

These are high tech-savvy individuals who spend a lot of time on social media.

So digital marketing campaigns for political parties should have robust social media plans to target these individuals.

The blog is all about digital marketing campaign for politicians in India. It will teach you how plan digital marketing for political parties.
  • Regular Voters:

They are the people who have voted earlier. 

They will be looking for better policy changes and will dig deeper intro reforms and earlier performances. 

To target these people, political parties must be very precise about the content they are making to target.

  • Community Leaders:

They are the influencers with a massive following among a particular group of individuals. 

They are looking for anything of the benefit to their community.  

Political parties can target them and attract their attention by posting content of their interest on the various channels.

This will very much turn the odds in their favor. 

Engaging the youth:

It is the most easily persuaded section of the society which is supposedly apolitical and is always glued to digital marketing channels.

Youth are the most active and opinionated bunch of voters out there.

Therefor connecting to youth should be the top strategy when it comes to digital marketing for political parties.

Political parties can target youth in their preferable domain and mold them according to their agenda.

Analyzing the data:

You might have heard of this saying that data is the new oil. 

We create an abundance of data doing our day to day activities over the internet. This data is then used by analyzers to predict our behavior.

Politicians can use this data and insights to mold the voters as per their agenda.

Using this data they devise various strategies on digital marketing for political campaigns in india.

Here’s a case study of BJP’s digital marketing campaigns that helped them win 2019 General Elections.


In the day and age of one-click shares and WhatsApp forwards, fake news and misleading campaigns can make or break the future of a political party facing the elections.

There may be fake accounts spreading rumors about your party with the malicious intent of harming your political campaigns.

Therefore a politician or the political party must reach to its voters before anyone else. 

They should have verified accounts where they put out well thought out posts and content regarding the political campaigns that really put forward their brand.


Creating your social media page is an essential step in the process that is often overlooked. 

A political personality’s personal Facebook account will not be sufficient.

Setting up a page dedicated to your campaign allows you the opportunity to run ads and give access to multiple administrators.

They may post, respond to messages, or run ads on your behalf. 

Not only does this take some of the weight off of your shoulders, but it keeps your personal account and password safe.

Live Video:

The image shows digital marketing for political campaigns in India via LIVE videos- Respected PM Modi addressing citizens during lockdown

Image Source: scroll.in

Today, politics is playing out in online streaming. 

Between Twitter, live streaming, and 24/7 news coverage, the internet is the place we go to stay informed on political happenings.

In fact, eighty-two percent of viewers say they prefer seeing a live stream over social media posts. 

In another poll, data shows that eighty percent of people would rather watch live video than read a blog.

So digital marketing campaigns for politicians must and should include regular live streaming.


One of the most interesting features that digital marketing platforms provide which can be useful for any political party is the poll feature.

There are various social media platforms that provide the poll features which politicians can use when they are about to make any policy decisions.

It is very different from the opinion or exit polls conducted by various market research organizations.

Polls on social media can help you find out the exact insights of what your voters actually want.

Digital Advertising:

Digital advertising platforms like Facebook and Instagram can allow you to reach your target group of audience at a very low cost.

The advertisement post generally has sponsored written over it, but generally, people overlook it when you are providing any information of some sort.

A digital advertising campaign has the power to reach a large number of people as the inbuilt algorithms of these platforms help your political party to reach your exact target audience.

Politicians and political parties using digital marketing for political campaigns in India is not a new phenomenon but the use of social media in their campaigns has definitely increased.

We have seen this not only in Trump’s political campaign but also in Narendra Modi’s campaign, Britain’s conservative party’s campaign, and many more.

And results have always been in their favor.

All these tell that political parties looking to reach out to their target audience, digital targeting can not be ignored.


Running a digital marketing for political campaigns in India is a big responsibility and a challenge.

You not only have to take care of the politician’s reputation but also the party’s reputation in general.

The content that is being provided in various platforms has to go through multiple proofreads before posting anywhere on social media.

I provide free consulting to political leaders for running their digital marketing campaigns.

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