How to start freelancing in digital marketing?

learn how to start freelancing in digital marketing
Don’t you want to be your own boss?

Do you want to know how to start freelancing in digital marketing?

I am sure, given a chance, you would definitely want to take matters into your own hands. 

If you are wondering how to start freelancing in digital marketing, you have reached the right place. 

Here is the guide on how to start freelancing in digital marketing in 2022. Without further ado, let’s get started.

explore how to become a freelance digital marketer

Let me start by telling you that I was in the same position as you. Freelancing in digital Marketing is not as easy as it looks. 

As in any case, getting started is the hardest part. Freelancing like anything else is a skill you need to develop.

Once you have a handful of clients that trust you, they will keep coming back as long as you deliver quality work. 

People don’t like change. Use this to your advantage and make sure every client comes back to you. Not sure how? Keep reading!

There Are 3 Main Barriers to Cross to Start Freelancing

The first. Am I going to make enough revenue to sustain myself and my family? Freelancing is a risky business. 

That is why we recommend that you already have a few Freelance Digital Marketing Jobs before you are ready to quit your job. 

If you are not planning to do this full time I recommend you start making a safety fund for when you want to make the transition to full time. 

This way your monthly expenses are secure when you are just getting started.

how to become a freelance digital marketer

Secondly, am I going to continue to make the same amount or more every single month in order to maintain a stress-free lifestyle? 

When you are thinking about how to become a freelance digital marketer, the very next thought should be how can I maintain recurring clients. 

As a freelancer, it is of utmost importance not to waste time chasing new clients.

This brings me to my third point. How do I manage my time? 

The whole point of freelancing is to work on your own hours and preferably increase your earnings in the least amount of time spent. 

What use is it if you are more overworked than the day job that you wanted to get away from? This will bring about a very important chapter in freelancing in digital marketing. Pricing Strategy!

Feeling Overwhelmed?

It is quite natural to feel like this is all too much to take. Not to worry. 

We will discuss some tried and tested strategies that have helped a lot of freelancers achieve their vision and become successful in achieving the work-life balance that they have always wanted. 

All from the comfort of their homes. 

find out how to do freelancing in digital marketing

Show Me Your Portfolio!

The first question you get asked when you start freelance digital marketing from home and send your proposal across to a party with interest in your work is, Show me your portfolio. 

Show me what you have done till now. Well, if you are just starting out you have nothing to show. But hold on, you are forgetting one missing piece in the puzzle.

It’s your very own personal website. As a Freelance Digital Marketer, your personal website is the best tool you have. 

Whatever services you are going to offer, implement them first on your own personal site and business. Show your clients the numbers and results you have generated for yourself.

 At this point, if you are not able to produce the results you hoped you would, it’s time to go back to the basics and improve your skills. 

This is a very healthy exercise to do at the beginning of your journey to make sure you are ready for your freelance digital marketing jobs.

how to do freelancing in digital marketing

How Do I Get My First Clients?

So when you are starting out it is important to build trust with people who are buying your service. 

One way to make this easier is to work with people who already trust you. In other words, people in your hot zone. 

It can be friends or family or anyone with whom you have an established relationship.

 I am sure someone in your circle is running a business that requires your services. Offer these services for free for a trial period. 

Let them know that you will provide them with these services as a way to build your portfolio. 

Once they are convinced with your ability you can then start charging for your time. 

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Attractive Packages

When you first start freelancing in digital marketing and even after you have established yourself, it is a great hack to offer a very customized and attractive service package to your customers. 

For example, if a client comes to you for your SEO services you can inform them that you offer a special discount if you pair that service with, say, a weekly blog for instance. The customer will be more inclined to get a package deal at a discounted price. You are then maximizing the value you offer. 

how to become a digital marketing freelancer

Offering something like a Search Engine optimized weekly blog gives the client another reason to buy recurring services from you as they already have an existing account with you. 

Referral System

This is a blockbuster tactic. 

After you have your pool of reliable clients, you can create a referral system where you offer unique discounts and free gifts to your customers if they refer your services to another party. 

This is an absolute win-win situation. 

how to become a freelance digital marketer

More likely than not, your existing clients will recommend other credible businesses to work with. 

This means you are more likely to build long-term relationships with big group companies. 

More long-term relationships equal less stress of finding new customers. Once you have this system up and running, you can streamline your work and focus on efficiency.

how to start freelancing in digital marketing

In Conclusion

You are taking a bold but beautiful step toward personal and financial freedom.

That being said, I hope I could get you started dealing with the question of how to start freelancing in digital marketing. 

So start implementing these tips in your own journey and fine-tune them to your taste to get the best results. Finally, I would like to say, Happy Freelancing!

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